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  1. Fixed - mods please delete
  2. Helix owner who just got HX Effects :) . Trying to wrap my head around the best way to set this up for my use given the 6 footswitch constraint. Snapshots are certainly one way to accomplish this but it's a different paradigm if looking at the HX Effects as a pedalboard replacement and access to those fx that are present but not assigned to a footswitch. It hit me that presets are probably the way to go as I don't need access to all fx for every song so why not simply add/remove them as needed by using different presets? The idea is simple, some songs I don't use my delay, some I don't use the tremolo, chorus, etc. etc. So my thought is to build presets for the various situations, which is akin to taking pedals off my board for songs where they aren't used. To me that feels more aligned with how I'm thinking of using the HX Effects like a std. pedalboard. I will of course experiment with Snapshots as well but right now this feels like the best answer for my situation.
  3. Apparently not. Line6 has hoarded all apparel and refuses to sell it I guess... :huh:
  4. What happened to the apparel? I can't find any of it in the online store anymore. Was it removed? Will it be back?
  5. JN99

    Lost all User 1 presets

    Well I'm only going to say that simply importing presets as I have always done, resulting in the Helix wiping out every single user preset on the device is likely not attributed to user error. And the process you described is not what I was doing anyway... I was importing new presets not editing an existing or creating a new one. Anyway, can't be fixed once it's happened and it seems to be known or that was at least intimated by Frank. The real lesson is - back up everything. I just hadn't done that yet since I am still mostly experimenting with different presets and hadn't gotten to the point where I wanted to backup yet. However, didn't really expect this would happen either of course.
  6. JN99

    Lost all User 1 presets

    Known by/to others but I don't know if that means it's known to the extent the defined steps to reproduce on demand (or avoid) are known. I certainly don't know the steps, no. This is from info I got on the Helix fb group and Frank Ritchotte weighed in so I take that to mean it's valid info.
  7. JN99

    Lost all User 1 presets

    No backup as I was still pretty much in the experimentation phase and hadn't gotten to a point where I had things "cleaned up" and ready for the first backup. What I did have though was one preset I'd worked on and tweaked to a point where I was very happy with it and that was of course lost so lesson learned all the same. :( I am running latest FW & editor. Apparently this is a known bug in the editor and a new version is in the works that should address. File under Happens, S**t
  8. Ok, Helix acting up and I'm a very unhappy camper. I was simply trying to import some (8) new presets and it was acting weird. It looked to have copied them but all 8 ended up exactly the same - even though the preset names were all correct. Tried again, same thing. Tried one at a time, worked or seemed to then reverted to all 8 being the same again (this even as I watched each one appear to import correctly. I then tried overwriting with a blank preset and it wouldn't copy the new preset properly; appeared to copy the blank "new preset" but left the name blank. decided to restart Helix and much to my dismay when it restarted EVERY single preset I've ever imported or created (all in User 1) was gone. All the presets in user 1 are now just blank, no name, no contents, nothing. Everything is gone, sooooo disappointing! The 8 I was trying to import were all that was there but still all 8 copies of the same preset with different names. This is such a major bummer but the real question here is what the hell happened???
  9. Can't up vote the idea because I can't get registered at ideascale :angry: Oh well, will try again later. Interesting read and although I don't use fuzz I wonder where else this might be affecting tone and find it curious that this (auto setting based on the first active block) is done on both 11r and Axe FX but not on the Helix. That would seem to indicate this is a somewhat glaring oversight, no?
  10. It's still a shortcoming to me, and while your use is interesting it doesn't really suit my needs. With all the flexibility and power the Helix offers I'm surprised something as (seemingly) basic as footswitch assignments are limited to a pre-defined set of options. I hope this will be addressed with future firmware and full open assignment options will be supported :) So I think the answer is yes I can assign multiple parameters as well as multiple fx/blocks any way I want to a single footswitch that will be available across all snapshots i.e. to be used as a lead boost I can kick on for any snapshot. That sounds liek exactly what you're doing with your ambient footswitch.
  11. Still rather new to the Helix and coming at this from my experiences using an AX8, which I've had longer and I am more familiar with. I'm comparing the two to decide which to keep, but that's a thread for a different day. So my questions. 1) I've gathered that the footswitch layouts are limited to a set of predefined options, which is kind of a bummer for me. The closest to what I want is the snap/stomp option. However, what if a preset only has 2-3 snapshots as is often the case for mine? The 3rd/4th snapshot is still displayed and its footswitch still "active" even through the snapshot isn't set up. Is there any way to disable or reassign these unused snapshot footswitches? 2) With the AX8 I use what's called Control Switches as a sort of lead boost that can be activated on any scene (the AX8 equivalent of snapshots). On the Helix I think it's pretty similar with the Controller Assignment but haven't worked it all out yet. On the AX8 I set a footswitch to control/adjust multiple blocks and various parameters across blocks. Typically I engage an EQ block, add a little dB boost, and also bump the input gain on the amp. I haven't tried yet but I'm assuming I can do the same on the Helix, engage a block and adjust a couple parameters all with a single footswitch and one that will be available across all snapshots in a preset? Number 1 is still a bit of a shortcoming, at least with how I set up my presets. Now if only they Helix would allow full flexibility in footswitch assignments similar to the AX8, that would be a very nice feature add.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Yeah, I knew the E meant edited and that surprised me since I am not editing the preset, I'm using it. Switching a footswitch to use the preset and change between cabs, etc. just struck me as an odd thing to trigger that. Haven't noticed that it does or does not do the same thing if say I kick on an effect in a preset but based on what rzumwalt replied, it will. Essentially any action at all within a preset while in use would trigger the notification, which as I said strikes me as odd behavior.
  13. It's not a prompt per se, it's the indicator that the preset has been changed, a small E by the preset name on the Helix, an asterisk in the editor. I wouldn't expect to see that every time I switch between cab/IR.
  14. Sorry to dig up a *really* old thread but I was looking for how to do this exact thing and found this answer and tried it. Required a lot of fooling around to finally get the bypass set for both cab and IR to allow the switching but I finally seemed to get it to work as desired/expected. However, whenever I use the footswitch to make the switch to toggle between cab and IR I get the prompt that the preset has been edited and needs to be saved :huh:
  15. Given the $300 price difference I'd really like to get that answered. Hopefully someone from Line6 will chime in.
  16. Since Native hasn't been released yet, this is really the second scenario in phil_m's post. Since I'm looking to buy a used Helix at the moment I am really curious to understand if the registration will transfer to me and allow me to buy Native at the discounted price for Helix owners one released. I believe that is $99 vs. $399. If it's not going to work that way and I won't be able to buy Native at the discounted price it essentially negates any savings of a used Helix purchase and therefor any reason to consider buying used for anyone who also wants to purchase Native. And once released, it will also be nice to understand licensing and registration on Native - does it also transfer with the Helix or remain with the original purchaser? Is the Native license is in fact "tied to" the Helix unit as suggested?
  17. Looking at buying a Helix and eventually will probably want to pick up Helix Native. So if I buy a used Helix, does registration transfer to that new owner and is the new owner eligible for the $99 purchase price of Native that I understand will be offered to full Helix owners? Thanks.
  18. None of this is working for me, I can play test tones fine but no playback of audio files or audio tracks on video. Has essentially rendered my music PC a doorstop. Any other ideas?
  19. Thanks for the reply Guru but I'm a little lost as to where to check/do either of these things. Where/how do I find the Line6 Audio-MIDI devices control panel and how do I enable dual tone mode in PodFarm? I've seen presets come up in dual tone mode but not sure how to enable it as such without the preset. OS is Win 8 if it matters. Thanks!
  20. When I run PodFarm standalone I only have the option on one input (A) in the mixer and the dropdown does not have a Mic + instrument option - it's either or. If I run through my DAW (Reaper) I am able to enable the option in Asio settings and record/monitor both guitar an mic simultaneoulsy by selecting the asio input configuration of instrument + mic. Is there a limitation on doing this directly in Pod Farm or some other way to enable this outside of the DAW? Ultimately what I am trying to do is use the UX1 as the mic source for webcam recordings and to feed both guitar and mic signal in. I can enable the UX1 as the "microphone" via my webcam software but there seems to be no way that I can find to enable the UX1 to use both mic and instrument inputs in this case.
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