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  1. I also played with the resonance control to rid of the hiss. 5150's are incredibly noisy when idling.
  2. I think it's worth the price. I have a XT Pro and a Bean, and the improvement is really eye opening. The amps sound much better.
  3. Why are you using a TS in front of a 5150? I ask, because I own a original (1st yr) 5150 head and combo. They are wild with nothing in front of them.
  4. I have a first year 5150 half stack, I remember playing it for the first time and wondering how EVH came up with this amp. It sounded nothing like him. It took some experimenting with tubes to get it right. The Combo was much smoother sounding.
  5. I have owned some old Oranges, and they are great for those in between sounds, very responsive to your volume knob and your touch. They love a pedal in front of them too.
  6. I want it just for the Pete Anderson Custom. He's been using POD 2.0's live and in the studio for over 15yrs.
  7. I'm with you. He's got a $1500 pre, an audio interface is a must here.
  8. For $500 you get a whole lot. I think the amp models sound very good, and I have an Fractal. I work in the business (I'm a Luthier), we get amazing deals on gear. I got a customers used Axe FX II & controller for an insane price that I just could not pass up. I would never pay $3k for it new. I have a POD XT I use for direct recording. The HD500X was really a curiosity buy. I think it's is a huge leap forward and I've had just 5 hours with it.
  9. The disadvantage is your not in a room with a half stack moving the hair on your arms. But not many of us can (or want) do that. It solves more problems than it creates.
  10. Same here. In POD Edit, I selected no cab, then fed a power amp that has resonance/presence controls, sounds good.
  11. I only have a few hrs with mine. I'm a while away from adding packs. But these sound good.
  12. Panama was recorded with the original Plexi, not a 5150 II I find it a bit weird that the model is called PV Panama, it was recorded with a Plexi, that's all.
  13. Try this? Run one side with no effects. Run the same (or a different) second amp with effects (keep the dry/wet mix @50%) and use the mixer to blend them together to your liking.
  14. Panama was recorded with a Plexi.
  15. Ultraworld


    I have a LOT of amps, and some like some compression, others just like a clean boost. I would experiment with that.
  16. I don't know if this applies to the HD, but I heard Dweezil's sound check last year, I stood right in front of him and he sounded awesome. He's using 2 Fractals, because a single unit didn't not have enough processor for his patches. He also uses pedals in front of them. BUT he was using a pair if JBL powered PA speakers and he sounded great. Here's a link: I don't know what they cost, perhaps find one used? Hope this helps.
  17. I own a first year 5150 half stack, also a first year Combo. They are nasty, noisy beasts that sound good one way, dimed! EVH has never recorded with one, he's never even used one live! To this day, he has a head off stage running into a Palmer, into a H&H pwr amp out to 4x12 cabs. Today he is using this set up (using the same H&H's) with a 5150 III. I think the 5150 III would be a more welcomed addition.
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