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  1. Hello omnius666, What you are looking to do can be achieved with our James Tyler Variax guitars. You have 11 instantaneous alternate tunings on board and you can customize your own. Perfect for stage or studio. Check out this killer video of the JTV (and other Line 6 products) in action: Here's another killer video of various alternate tunings in one song: More info:
  2. Hello, FYI, here is the link to the FX00 forum section.
  3. joecozzi

    cant pair

    Yes, that version of Android is compatible with AMPLIFi. Have you updated the firmware on your AMPLIFi unit? It has to be version 2.0. I noticed that you wrote: Usually, if you are updated it should read "amplifi_3f_150. Check by pairing AMPLIFi remote with your unit and checking the "settings" in remote. Click on "device flash" and make sure it says version 2.0.
  4. Hello, Just covering all the bases: 1. Have you tried updating to the latest iOS? 2. Have you tried updating the MOBILE POD app to version 1.7 3. Are you using the supplied Line 6 Sonic Port cables?
  5. Hello, 1. Have you tried updating to the latest iOS? 2. Have you tried updating the MOBILE POD app to version 1.7 3. Are you using the supplied Line 6 micro-USB to lightning connector? If you answered yes to all of these questions and you are still having problems, I recommend contacting Technical Support directly to walk you through more troubleshooting options. Europe: Technical Support: +44 (0) 1788 566 555, Mon-Thurs 9am – 5pm GMT and Fri 9am – 4pm GMT US Main Phone#: (818) 575-3600 Customer Service: 8am - 5pm M-F Pacific Time Press option 2 for Customer Service
  6. Hi sinistralx, Just stumbled upon your post here and I just wanted to let you know about a website called "Idea Scale" by Line 6 where users can make recommendations like the one you're making here. Somebody has already pointed out the lack of overdrives and requested it. Feel free to log in and click on "agree" to give this request more attention. Follow this link:
  7. Hi head-monkey, Other users have reported success after following the instructions provided in a Sonic Port VX support doc. You should try the following: Check your iPhone or iPad to be sure the latest version of the iOS operating system is installed update if necessary, instructions to do so can be found HERE. Disconnect the Sonic Port interface from the iOS device side of the connection and reconnect it, making sure the Sonic Port’s iOS cable is firmly connected to the Sonic Port first then connect it to your iPhone,iPod, or iPad’s device’s 30 pin or lightning input . Check Settings > General > Accessibility, and then turn Mono Audio off. If the interface is still not being recognized by your Apple® device, it may be necessary to backup and restore your current iOS installation using Apple®’s instructions located HERE. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi paulblaesing, Make sure that the volume of the iPad Air 2 is up. I could be muted. When you have the Sonic Port VX connected, you'll only hear audio coming from its headphone and main outputs, even if the iPad is turned up. But if you disconnect the SP VX, and the iPad is muted, you will not hear anything. Let me know if this helps.
  9. Hello, Are you referring to the "Mobile In?" If so, yes, you need an Apple branded lighting to 30-pin adapter cable for it to work. Source:
  10. Hello, Are you using the supplied Line 6 micro-USB cable into your Apple adapter?
  11. Hi johnrmonett, The Guitar Port and Tone Port units were not designed to work with iPads. Consider instead the Sonic Port line of products: Sonic Port: Sonic Port VX:
  12. Hi kenmac1, First off, what version of Monkey are you using? You have to have at least Version 1.64 for it to work with OSX.6.8 Here's a link to the latest version dowload: You can give your JTV a factory reset manually, without Line 6 Monkey by following these steps from the manual: Factory Reset Options If, for some reason, or just for the sheer mad joy of it, you would like to restore the 50* factory settings on the Guitar Model Selector knob or a specific preset or all presets on the Alternate Tuning knob/roller, here’s how you do it. Warning: This will erase ALL settings prescribed within the options below. So be sure to ask yourself “Do I really want to do this?†If the answer is yes, go on ahead with your bad self. NOTE: Factory reset will not restore the Custom 1 or Custom 2 banks. The only way to restore those is to reload the flash memory via Line 6 Monkey. To Reset Guitar Model Selector: 1. Set the Pickup Selector Switch to it’s middle position, 2. then press and hold the Guitar Model Selector knob while you plug in a 1/4†cable to power up the guitar. Your Guitar Model Selector LED and Alternate Tuning LED will both flash red. 3. Next, press and hold the Guitar Model Selector knob again. The Guitar Model Selector LED will flash red, rapidly 3 times, indicating all 50 guitar models in the Guitar Model Selector memory locations are now restored to factory settings. Guitar will now return to normal operation.
  13. Hi everyone, I have confirmed with Line 6 that B-stock JTVs do qualify for the $150 rebate. As long as the customer buys from an authorized dealer, fills out the fields on the paperwork, submits it with the required bits (receipt and UPC) they are good for the rebate. Offer expires December 31st, 2014 and paperwork must be postmarked no later than Jan 15th, 2015. Here's a link to the rebate form:
  14. Hi TheShogun, These are all great ideas. Line 6 developed a site where users can submit requests like this. It's called "Ideascale" Here's a link to the AMPLIFi portion of the site. I encourage you to submit this exact post as a new idea! It will reach the right people:
  15. Hey everybody, Have you tested another friend/relative's unit to see if it worked well? I experienced an issue like this before. It was my actual device that was causing the issue. My connection would drop intermitantly on my ipad, but would work perfectly on my friends identical iPad. I replaced my iPad (under warranty) and never experienced an issue again. Hopefully, you have a friend that you can use as a test to make sure. You mentioned that you installed and re-installed the App. Did you make sure to "forget" the device in the bluetooth pairing menu? This has cleared things up for me as well several times. Hope it helps.
  16. joecozzi

    Search limit

    Hi meekie61, Yes, you are correct, there is a limit of 30 tones in the search. There is no "wild card" to display the entire database of tones. We have a established a webiste called "Ideascale" where you can request for this to change and make any other recommendations for future AMPLIFi revisions. People have made some great suggestions, but at first glance, nobody else has noticed this 30-tone limit. Here is the link to the AMPLIFi category, if you wish to contribute your suggestion to the right people:
  17. Hi petepraise, We have developed a website called "Ideascale" where users can make recommendations on all Line 6 products and even request tones for artists that they like. Though AMPLIFi gives everyone the tools to design tones for their favorite artists, we understand not everyone prefers to do so. Instead, use this link to request tones for your favorite artists or songs:
  18. Hi mullerm, This idea has been recommend by someone else on our "ideascale" website where users like you can make recommendations for feature improvements and requests. If you have the time, log in to the site and click on "Agree" to vote for this idea so that it gains greater viability. You may use this link:
  19. joecozzi

    Update 2.0

    Hey everybody, Great feedback. Line 6 has established a website called "ideascale" for these type of feature recommendations. I encourage everyone to "agree" or vote for this topic in the following link:
  20. joecozzi

    cant pair

    Hi grimavictor, 1. What version of Android are you using? AMPLIFi requres Android version 4.2 - 4.4 to funtion. 2. Have you updated the Firmware of your AMPLIFi unit to version 2.0? You must do that to be able to use the AMPLIFi Remote app with Android. If not then follow these instructions: Hope this helps.
  21. Hi Rex_Mundi, From what you describe, it sounds like the Remote App is not paired properly to the AMPLIFi cab. Make sure that when you start the app, that in the Main Menu under AMPLIFI 150, it says "connected" rather than "none." You may have to start the process over by closing the app and "forgetting" the device in the bluetooth settings, then re-pairing to make sure, 100% that your are good to go. Regarding #3, what sound generating app are you using? I know that if you are using Garageband, for example, you need to engage the "Airplay - Bluetooth" switch in the Setting menu (the wrench symbol at the top right of GB). If AMPLIFi is paired properly you will be able to hear sound through AMPLIFi Let me know if you have any more questions.
  22. Great feedback everyone. This is the best place to get those ideas heard:
  23. Great recommendation ColonelForbin, Most players prefer the "Reference/PA" setting when using guitars and vocals at the same time, so as not to change the low-mid characteristic of the vocal. In this case, it is wise to adjust your guitar patches to sound well in this full-frequency range mode. I would just like to add that another benefit to hooking the mic up to the L2t directly, is that now you'll have access to the on-board 12-band feedback suppressor for the mic separate to the feedback suppressor of the stereo inputs on the back panel where you connect your POD 500. For example, you could disengage one or the other or have them react with different intensities.
  24. Hi dusand, The M20d already allows each member of your band with an iPad to control their own monitor mix, different screens or different parameters in addition to the mixer’s own touchscreen without the use of more L6 cables. Just connect you favorite IEM to the monitor outputs. Check out this video to learn how you can quickly and easily adjust a monitor mix from the stage via an iPad, compatible Wi-Fi adaptor and free StageScape Remote app.
  25. Questo problema è molto insolito. Non sono sicuro di quello che sta succedendo. Vi consiglio di inviare il mixer a un centro di assistenza.
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