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  1. 1. If I want to record my guitar and vocals into Windows, which software and setup should I use? I recommend Cubase. It's an excellent recording software that is compatible with Windows. You can connect your guitar to your Sonic Port VX and connect that to your computer. If i were to record guitar using windows interface, is there anyway I can get effects like mobile pod? In a software format, you could use POD Farm. Hundreds of albums are recorded using this software: 2. Ok, if iOS is really important, I would run mobilePOD using my iphone, can the output transfer whatever sound mobilepod creates into the recording software I have in my windows computer? SO guitar -> sonic port (connected to iphone) -> computer YES! If you, by chance, already own another interface for your computer or you have a 3.5MM input, you could use MOBILE POD tones from your iPhone and output the sound from your Sonic Port VX via the TRS balanced outputs to your other interface, or from the headphone output of the SPVX to the 3.5MM input of your computer. 3. Lastly, regarding iphone usage. Is there anyway I can just play songs on youtube or spotify and record singalong or play guitar along via sonicport at the same time? Unfortunately, they way the YouTube app is setup it turns off when you minimize the app, so you can't go back and forth. I imagine Spotify is the same, although I haven't tried it. The MOBILE POD app allows you to access the music on your iPhone so that you can play along. If you want to record yourself playing along to the music, you'll have to open up MOBILE POD inside of Garageband or Cubasis (any core audio recording app) and use the "inter-app audio" instrument.
  2. Remember to update the firmware! :D
  3. Here is a direct link to the user guide:’s%20Guide%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20A%20).pdf
  4. Have you tried any other instruments with your Relay G50? Trying to determine if it's your unique pickup or a Relay hardware issue.
  5. Hi showngo2000, "The Anthem is a Low Impedance pickup (about 650 Ohms), but it does also have a lower output than a lot of other active pickup systems." Source: What kind of amp are you plugging the receiver into?
  6. A "THRU" just mirrors what's coming into the "MIDI IN" of your amp. Unless otherwise specified in the manual, the "Thru" is typically not a MIDI OUT.
  7. Hi bluesgunnar42, Currently, looping is not an option for any AMPLIFi product. However, many users have requested this feature on our "Idea Scale" website where people can make recommendations: Log in and vote this idea up:
  8. This is definitely unusual behavior. Please contact our Customer Service for help resolving this issue: Via Support ticket: or The US support team can be reached at 818-575-3600 (option 2), Mon-Fri 8am - 5 pm PST. Our busiest hours are from 11am to 2 pm. The UK support team can be reached at +44 (0) 1788 566 555, Mon-Thurs 9am – 5pm GMT and Fri 9am – 4pm GMT.
  9. In Music Studio, if you go to the "Setup" menu and look under "Audio" you'll see a box for 'Bluetooth / Airplay.' If you select that box you'll be able to play Music Studio through your AMPLIFi unit. Keep in mind Bluetooth output and audio recording exclude each other on iOS. Bluetooth mode will be disabled if you record an audio track.
  10. If you are using the supplied 14pin to lightning cable and the micro USB to your Apple adapter, it should work properly. This could be a broken cable or other hardware. Please contact us so we can replace the device. The US support team can be reached at 818-575-3600 (option 2), Mon-Fri 8am - 5 pm PST. Our busiest hours are from 11am to 2 pm. The UK support team can be reached at +44 (0) 1788 566 555, Mon-Thurs 9am – 5pm GMT and Fri 9am – 4pm GMT.
  11. YES, the mini USB can be used to connect to the computer for sound. However, they cannot both be used for audio at the same time. The mobile device always takes precedence over the computer.
  12. Hi KamilJ, You said the software is v2.0 which means AMPLIFi Remote is but did you update the firmware on your FX100? It is also now v2.0. Please try that. Here is a video on how to update the firmware:
  13. joecozzi

    cant pair

    Did you conncect your AMPLIFi 150 to a PC via USB? Did you follow the steps in this link?
  14. You will still require a MIDI splitter of some sort because neither the M5 or the Whammy have MIDI Thru. Also, you may want to have the M5 and Whammy communicate on different MIDI channels to avoid any confusion.
  15. Hi rudomat, Yes, as long as that unit recieves CC#64. Yes, it's the same for RX and TX. I connected my M9 to a POD 500x and it worked without making any adjustments. But I had to program my 500x so that the M9 would understand it using C#64. I am assuming any MIDI capable Delay pedal will recieve it as well. Check the owner's manual of the FX in question.
  16. Hi kimhot00, Not sure what you are asking. M5 power supply is 9VDC 500mA.
  17. Hi alantcurrie, Your Headmaster is programmable, so you can have control of the M9 using your current setup. It appears that the switches that you step on are currently programmed to Scene 2B (FS1) and Scene 1B (FS2). You can rearrange it however you like. Keep in mind the M9 has 4 "Folders" with 6 scenes in each folder (24 scenes total). The chart on page A-2 of the M9 manual tells you what PC # changes correspond to the scenes you want to access. Simply program the Headmaster to deliver those PC # changes and assign them to the switch of your choice. Link to M9 Manual:
  18. The M9 is not programmable in that sense. The PC messages do not line up with the ones used to control your Whammy. You would have to use an external MIDI controller to control both at the same time. A Line 6 POD 500x would be able to do it.
  19. Responses in RED. 1.) Since you are saying that each band member can control his own mix; How many iPads can simultaneously control M20D? Not sure what the official number is, but at least Five. One for each monitor output (FOUR) and one for the engineer. At least FIVE. 2.) Can I create restrictions for each user so he can only control his own mix without affecting any other parameters? The only restriction in place is access. Each user requires a PIN that M20D generates so an audience member can't tap into the system. But as fas as individual windows, No. The engineer cannot restrict those at this time. 3.) The iTunes app is for iPad only or can the user own mix be controlled thru iPhone as well? Currently, the App is iPad only. 4.) Can all these settings be saved and quickly recalled just with the press of the button? Yes, once your settings are dialed in you can create a "scene" to be recalled later. In the manual, setups are explained on page 2-11 and Scenes are explained on page 6-2. Basically, scenes are snapshots of your stage setup. FYI: Line 6 has developed a site called "Idea Scale" where users can make excellent recommendations like yours. Some people have already done so. You can help by loggin in and voting these ideas up or giving your comments. Check it out: iPhone App and restrictions request:
  20. Hi stratotron, Did you connect the outputs from the HD500x that were going to your amp (or speakers) to the "main outs" of the FX100? Since you chose "AMPLIFi 100" as your output sound, I imagine sound is no longer routed to the headphone output of the iPad, but rather via bluetooth to FX100. That could be why you are not hearing anything except when you connect your headphones.
  21. Hello, Currently, this feature is not available on AMPLIFi 75. The new AMPLIFi TT, however, can do it. AMPLIFi TT Line 6 developed a site called "Idea Scale" where users can request such features. Line 6 is aware that people are asking for this feature. Feel free to vote this idea up using this link: If you wish to record the sound coming from your AMPLIFi 75... Connect the headphone(stereo) output from the back of the cab into an audio interface. Currently, it's the only way to record. Unless you want to mic up the cab, but I know that's not what you prefer to do.
  22. joecozzi

    cant pair

    Hi grimavictor, Use AMPLIFi Utility V1.0 to update your hardware's firmware to v2.0 Here is a link explaing the update process:
  23. Hi Graham, Once your iPad is properly paired with FX100, the music will stream to the pedal. The "Main Outs" will output the guitar + music, so it is recommended to connect it to a powered PA speaker(s), a set of studio monitors, or your home stereo system. The "amp out" will only ouput the guitar tone, without the music, so you can connect it to directly to an amp input. If your amp has an FX loop, you can connect the "amp out" of the FX100 to the FX Return to bypass the preamp of your cab. Here is the video you requested:
  24. Hi mesteptoe, Currently there isn't a master list available for this. You can find tones by using the "Tone Matchig" capabilities or by using the "Tone Search" feature in the Main Menu. If you wish to suggest this as a future option, Line 6 has created a site called "Idea Scale" where users can recommend improvements. Check it out:
  25. Hi StardogCustoms, In case you are looking for a little more guidance, check out this basic overview video: Or if you wanna dig even deeper, we've created a some videos showing you how to create specific tones: Creating a Jimi Hendrix Tone with AMPLIFi Creating a David Gilmour Tone with AMPLIFi Creating a Van Halen Tone with AMPLIFi Creating a Robert Smith (the Cure) tone with AMPLIFi Creating a Andy Summers (the Police) tone with AMPLIFi Creating a Josh Farro (Paramore) tone with AMPLIFi Creating a KISS tone with AMPLIFi Creating a Black Keys tone with AMPLIFi Creating a Randy Rhoads tone with AMPLIFi Creating a John Frusciante tone with AMPLIFi Creating a Pete Townshend tone with AMPLIFi Creating a Bradley Nowell tone with AMPLIFi
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