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  1. I bought the 75 just after it was launched and yes, the BT connectivity was terrible. I lost patience waiting for a solution and so I sold it. I recently took a punt on a used 30 for a good price and updated the firmware. I am pleased to say Line 6 have finally sorted this out. I'm an Android user if that matters.
  2. Yep, expensive and fragile. I got a compatible PS from eBay for a tenner. Been using it (home use) for 18 months now.
  3. My 6 year old Android tablet running ICS isn't supported but works fine. From that I conclude that "supported" doesn't actually mean much as to whether it will work or not, so I'll wager a bag of toffee that the CB will work just fine. :)
  4. It's been 'all hands on deck' fixing the Helix for the past 12 months. Don't hold your breath.
  5. That would be the IOS app? The latest firmware is 1.20.00 (installed on the unit itself).
  6. The top 10 suggestions were made over a year ago and there hasn't been any action or feedback. I'm sorry to say that I have no confidence that they are being considered seriously.
  7. I put 4 instrument cables and two 9v lines in sheathing for my Firehawk that worked well, a bit bulky though. So I bought a used Horsa 8 way, cut it down to 4m and converted it to a 4 way plus two 9v lines. I'm happy with that.
  8. If it helps, I had the AmpliFi 75 and experienced problems with the Bluetooth dropping and refusing to connect. I've had no such issues with the Firehawk in over a year. Same Android phone, tablet and apps.
  9. A happy bunny here too. Yep it can be improved upon but I'm fine with it as it is. I will say that I won't be as quick to jump in again as I did with the Firehawk and Amplifi. Both needed a couple of updates to get them working correctly. As for future Firehawk updates, I would assume Line 6 have their hands full prioritising all those bugs in the Helix list.
  10. Did the the backup you used have the latest version of the remote app? v 1.3.3 Updated 30 March 2016
  11. If your Blackstar has a FX loop then the best was to do this is with the 4 cable method. The FX block in the chain becomes your Blackstar Pre-amp.
  12. The Android App was updated yesterday too.
  13. Pleased you have fixed it but my faithful old Motorola Xoom is running 4.1.2 without those problems.
  14. Out of the box mine was ridiculously difficult to operate so I carefully filed down the rubber bump stops by a couple of millimetres. The switching works perfect now with just the right amount of effort.
  15. Set the volume pedal at the end of the chain?
  16. I have the OR15, all the controls are before the FX return in the circuit. So it would appear you are routed straight into the power amp. As above, activate the FX loop and adjust the loop levels in the app.
  17. Have you tried adjusting the playback and overdub levels from within the app?
  18. In the Helix section the bug report thread is seven pages long. I would expect L6 to focus on sorting their flagship out before anything else. The Android Firehawk app has just been updated with a few fixes, so were not forgotten just yet.
  19. Not a clear as I had hoped, back to the drawing board.... :D
  20. That is no different to my block diagram. For anyone interested there is a patch under my username simply called "Loop" to use as a starting point, set up as you suggest.
  21. The HD500X is capable of the same. Search for the 4CM (4 cable method) in this section or YouTube. Cabling this way gives ALL the options. Modelling/no modelling, pedals before/after your preamp. All activated from patches assigned to a footswitch on the FH or 500x.
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