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  1. Hi all, Not sure if this has been reported before. Using Helix LT on 2.71 Firmware: In Global EQ if I activate the High Cut (even with a negligible cut) there is a Massive difference in sound. It can be noticed by first setting the High Cut OFF and then cutting at 19.9 KHz... Massive difference, which I wouldn't expect... Seems that is cutting much more than it should. Cheers!
  2. Very appreciated LineFever. I think it should be clear, it's not difficult to understand. However it may be possible that they have programmed the automatic calibration in order to: 1) offer a more user friendly approach (no need to understand parameters) and 2) to ensure correct usage/ compatibility with external expression pedals. If for any reason they don't consider feasible to include the user programable option, changing the automatic calibration algorithm to save 1% at both end pedal positions would probably solve most of this problems and possibly super easy to implement.
  3. Well, it seems that the problem strikes back! I guess that I was fortunate last time with the auto calibration. It could help if they apply a kind of a safety factor in the auto-calibration saving 1% at both ends (i.e. 1% of pedal position corresponds to 0% value, 99% of pedal position corresponds to 100% value). In that way by only sacrificing 2% of the pedal range mobility (which is negligible) all those problems will probably go away.
  4. Thank you all for your comments. I agree with LineFever, I also envisaged that method as an easy way to overcome this issue. Don't understand why they have not implemented it yet as it seems that there are many units out there which suffer from this problem. Interestingly my problem has gone away after updating the firmware in this new Helix LT and reinstalling my ols presets :) . Can't understand why though. In the old unit the problem was persistent. Well, I hope it won't pop up again so I can enjoy playing with Helix. Cheers!
  5. Hi all, I asked for unit replacement and recieved the new one today. I still have the built in expression pedal issue! I can reach 100% value, but when I remove my foot from the pedal it returns to 97 - 99 %! Could everybody check if that happens as well and post it here? Thanks! PS: I have Helix LT
  6. Many thanks to all! Your explanations make completely sense. I guess I did something incorrectly when I tried... Thanks again! Josh
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if it is possible to control external gear via MIDI with Helix in snapshot mode? I would like to select a snapshot and in that snapshot select the correct program on a Whammy pedal and activate it. I've tried it but I got no success. I remind have read somewhere in the manual that controlling MIDI devices is only abailable in stombox mode? this seems unlogical to me as at least in preset mode should be able to do it, but not sure about snapshot mode... Thanks!
  8. Thanks for your answer LineFever, It seems that now I can reach the 100% position (don't know what has changed) but I have to exert a little bit of pressure on the expression pedal. Lets say I reach the 100% position, if then I remove my foot from the expression pedal the value it will come back to 99%. Does this happen to you all? Could anybody check it for me? I still can ask for a change of unit, but I want to make sure that it is a hardware issue of mine. Thanks beforehand!
  9. Voted as well. I own a Morpheus bomber and I would be happy if they can improve pitch shifter in Helix to be a bit closer to that. In Morpheus a pitch shifted chord is not 100% perfect, but the "artifacts" sound musical, whereas in Helix does not.
  10. I have the same problem here and have just opened a ticket. Did you find any solution to it? I've tried to adjust the expression pedal bolt but it didn't help. Cheers
  11. Hi all, I have just started with Helix LT (firmware 2.12.2) and have created some presets that I want to keep. However I want to update, but according to the instructions I must have the correct editor version (2.12 I guess) to be able to backup my presets. I'm not finding this editor version anywhere, any help with this? many thanks Cheers
  12. Hi all, thanks for your answers! What a pity that there is no option to set a global default mic. Pbatts I was referring to auditioning cabs within the search of the perfect tone! :) It would be much easier to have a feeling about differences in cabs if the mic settings are fixed when auditioning them. Cheers
  13. Hi all! I've just recieved my Helix LT yesterday and I'm reading the manual and familiarising with the preset programing. One thing that I would like to do is to change cab models but keeping the microphone model, I mean, every cab comes initially with default mic setings (e.g. when we change cab model to cab A a dinamic 57 is selected, if then we change to cab B a ribbon is initially selected instead) I would like to keep the same mic settings when scrolling between different cab models. Not sure if there is an option for that? Thank you very much beforehand Cheers
  14. Yes, the tremolo bar is also called whammy bar, but because I was speaking about programming the POD expression pedal, the context should be clear enough...
  15. For your information the whammy effect is a widely known pedal by Digitech. The effect is a pitch shifter/harmoniser controlled by an expression pedal. I am quite good at programming electronic devices, but its difficult to know the capabilities of one which I've never tried. So maybe you should to consider not pretending that I don't know how to play guitar just because you don't understand what's a Whammy ;)
  16. Hi Guru, Many thanks for your quick reply. I also should be able to toggle A/B chain using a footswitch, right? (e.g. with 1 button turn ON/OFF up to 7 FX + A/B switch). Another question, is it possible to program the expression pedal to work as a volume pedal but change to whammy when activated? Thank you very much! Cheers
  17. Hi all, I am considering buying a POD HD500X for live situations and there is a question for which I have not found an answer in my internet search. Does POD HD500/HD500X have any kind of snapshot mode like the Helix? I would like to change between 2 very different sounds without changing the preset to avoid the typical gap in the sound. If it does not have this mode, how many CC's (e.g. turn ON/OFF individual effects, change from A/B chain, etc) it can send at once (with just one button)? Thank you very much in advance! :)
  18. So it would be possible to have two signal paths in parallel with two different amps and change from A to B using a footswitch? Or there is a limitation of 1 amp per preset? Cheers
  19. Anybody knows if there will be an scene mode? And an A/B chain so you can change from 2 differnt amps (e.g. clean to distor) without changing the preset? (And thus avoid that anoying short silence when changing presets) Thanks beforehand Cheers!
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