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  1. Same here - always on unless I power cycle it to rebuild presets. The ONLY thing I've noticed, and this bug has been around for at least 2 years, is that when on for a long time, my Reverb block stops working. Very strange. I have tried turning the reverb block off and back on but that does not fix it. The only fix is to reload the whole preset. Note a major deal, I guess not many people leave their Helix's on all the time and so don't notice this. I reported to either DI or customer support, I can't remember which. I think it was DI because he said he'd never heard of that happening but would look into. I figure he got busy and forgot about it. That's such a minor issue, though. The weird thing is that it ONLY affects the reverb block. Nothing else affected.
  2. Release date and time will be June 7 at 8:09:36 pm EST. Or 7.84 days into June. Just a feeling ... and it works out with my math, because 7.84 / 2.8 = 2.8. It's meant to be! :-)
  3. Totally agree with this statement. As a lifelong software developer writing software designed to be run on on everything from small ARM based factory floor industrial systems, up through PC's running Windows, on to Unix workstations with a dozen variants of Unix vendors, and all the way up to IBM Mainframes - all the same software application - it's a challenge to say the least. :-) Automated testing is worth it's weight in Helixes. :-)
  4. Check the thread on TGP that Arislaf linked to for some good ideas. And yes, as Craiganderton mentioned, if you drop a stereo width block after a dual cab, you can take the signal all the way down to mono if you want. And if you are going to go all the way to mono, may as well just drop a mono gain block after it since the Helix will sum the stereo signal to mono just before a mono block. So that works well, but does consume a block. On Helix is not a big deal, but on the Stomp blocks are in short supply. Personally, regarding tips, I'd say experiment and see what you like. You'll figure it out over time. But definitely try different mics and distances. The general rule of thumb(s) to get you started, and some of these are my own personal preference are: Probably my favorite cab that I use the most is the Greenback 25. I often use a dual cab block with it and pair to complementary mics. Like a '57 and a '121. Or a '57 and a '160. I'll either use a dual cab block or put two separate cabs in a split, then merge after. A 2x12 or a 1x12 will be a little tighter than a 4x12. I generally put dynamic mics closer (1-2 inches) and ribbon mics a little farther for some space (3-5 inches). Complement a dark mic (ribbon) with a bright mic (dynamic). And maybe don't start with two cabinets, but instead start with one that has your go-to speaker in it, then try different mics and see if you're getting the results you want from a single cab and mic. Cabinets are pretty DSP hungry, so if you are tight on DSP, maybe you can get by with one cabinet. All my favorite OH IRs were mixed mic IRs, though, so I generally mix them. Again - personal preference. On the favorite cabs - you'll eventually work out which ones you like the best. Try mixing not only mics, but also speakers. For example, the Greenback 25 with a cabinet that has V30s in it. Then mix mics on those. You can get some very nice results. And there are so many combinations your ears will tire out long before you get through them.
  5. I apologize if this has been covered, I did a search, but didn't find anything relevant. I replaced my stock Strat pickguard with a pre-wired pickguard loaded with Fishman Fluence pickups - this one from Sweetwater: I was mildly surprised that I needed to use the adapter sleeve that came with the G10 to get output. I understand there are some active pickup wirings that are not compatible with the G10, thus the need for the adapter sleeve. The G10 works fine with my two Schecter guitars with active EMG pickups so I was hoping the same would be true for the Fishmans. I did a search for the Schecter EMG wiring and compared it to the Fishman wiring - but the differences that would affect the operation of the G10 is not jumping out at me. Does anyone know if there's a simple change to the wiring I can make on the Fishman setup that will allow the G10 to work without having to use the adapter sleeve? Thanks!
  6. Show off. Just for that, you have to bring your own cables next time you come over. :-)
  7. That was great, the reveal was pretty hilarious if you take the time to watch the whole thing. I guessed wrong, too.
  8. Thanks. While that would work, my monitor is huge, big curved monitor about the size of two monitors side-by-side, so maximizing would make it way too big. I was hoping it was something simple to fix, clearing out some app cache or something. Doesn't appear to be the case - it's only slightly annoying. :-)
  9. Well, good to know it's not just me. Thanks!
  10. When I bring up HX Edit on my Mac, 2.71 ... the initial window position is half off my screen. And I always have to drag it fully onto my screen to see it all. I suspect somewhere along the way HX Edit has saved the window's initial position somewhere. Anyone know where that might be so I can clear that out and get it back to coming up entirely on my screen? Yeah I know ... when things are great, and this is the only thing to complain about, life is good. :-)
  11. This preset actually sounds pretty good to me. You've mentioned mids, if you aren't getting what you want from the amp's mid control, try bumping the bias up to about 5.8 or so and see if that gets you closer to what you're after. I notice you pulled the sag all the way down to zero. That's going to make it sound more crisp and harsh, which you've also complained about. Maybe take that back to the default (5), or even higher to loosen it up a bit.
  12. Dude! Star Trek: Discovery is great. What's not to like about STD? Ok, wow, when I type it like that, it's now obvious. Nevermind.
  13. Here's my project for today ... hey, it's Saturday so I had a rare slice of time, so figured I'd share. :-) Drums: EZDrummer Bass: Schecter w/Helix GK800 amp Rhythm Guitar: Suhr Modern Tele - w/Helix Archon amp Clean Rhythm Guitar (under the lead): Les Paul w/Helix Jazz Chorus + Minotaur in front Lead Guitar: Les Paul - neck pickup w/Helix Matchless amp All stock cabs. Hope you like it!
  14. bsd512

    Stop the hair!

    Are you referring to the palm muting accentuated by the tight noise gating common with this style and genre? Djent?
  15. There are probably more clever ways, but one easy way to do this would be to use Path 1 for 4CM - set it up however you like. Then use Path 2 for your amp sim + cabinets -> FRFR. The input section to Path 1 and Path 2 would be "Guitar". The output of Path 1 would be into the return of your amp. And the output of Path 2 to your FRFR. Should be pretty easy.
  16. bsd512

    Comparison Day!

    Cool experiment!
  17. Looks like a pretty significant update to me, especially when it was described as not too much in it. Looks pretty great to me! And with the internal updates, that opens the door to meters of some type or another which would be very welcome. The two new EQs will be great also, and the ability to exclude blocks on a block-by-block basis from being turned on or off by snapshots is something I've privately wished for. Nice! I don't really know anything about the new stomps or the pitch/filter thing. Will be interesting to try them out. The update looks good to me, I'll be happy to get it. Normalizing presets across devices and Native will be a big plus for sharing stuff. And removing artificial block limitations from Native will be interesting as well. You'll have the ability to make a super intensive preset in Native that none of the Helix hardware have enough DSP to run (assuming your computer can handle it). And I'm pretty curious how the core internal updates will open up new things that were not possible with the old software architecture. We'll have to wait to find that out as the year unfolds.
  18. You could always duct tape your Stomp to your wrist. :-))) Might want to shave before, removing it could be painful. :-) Do it!
  19. I grabbed your preset and tried it out. I liked it! I went a little off script with it, though, modified a few things more to my guitar and my liking and just spent the past two hours playing on it. It's a keeper. Thanks!
  20. Yes, the latest is 2.71. The firmware should be displayed on the boot-up screen. It should be at least 2.70 if they updated it recently.
  21. Ah, yes, I think you're right. I read it too quick, thinking he wanted to play along with backing tracks and (separately) make video using the Helix as audio input directly. There might still be a way but I think the way most folks do that is record the audio into a DAW and video to whatever, then combine the two in video editing software and sync up the audio with the video. I could be wrong, though. But yes, you are right. Setting the computer output to be the Helix comes in USB1/2 which is not recorded along with everything else. Unless there's some global setting to enable it, I haven't looked for that.
  22. Yes, you can do that. On your Mac, simply set the input and output sound device to be the Helix, plug headphones into your Helix or your Helix 1/4" or XLR outs into something amplified and jam away. When recording a video, select your "mic" input to be the Helix.
  23. I had an Amplifi 150 a few years ago. I'm 99% sure it has a stereo "aux" 3.5mm input. Unless I'm going senile, I remember hooking my Helix L/R 1/4" outs into that using a Y adapter cable. I recall it sounded pretty darn good that way. You'd be bypassing all Amplifi processing and effects, which is probably what I'd think you want. That's what I wanted when I did that.
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