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  1. I tried to load one into Native also, and got "Not enough resources". So that's confirmed as well.
  2. I tried both of those on my Helix. In both cases, Path 1 is empty. I take it that is not supposed to be like that? (screenshot) Anyway, your bug is confirmed. I'm running 2.60 firmware and HX Edit. Do you want me to send you the extracted presets from the bundle? Not sure if you need those or not. Note - these are extracted directly from the bundle, not what they would be if loaded into the Helix first, so Path 1 should be intact in the .hlx file I extracted from the bundle.
  3. I can extract your preset for you from the bundle file. I can also test whether my Helix can load it. Here's what I find in there. Which preset is the offending one? cracking open helix file 'test/Helix Bundle (2018-Jul-16).hlb' Schema: L6PresetBundle Name: HX Edit Bundle Jul-16-2018 1:29:47am File: Helix Bundle (2018-Jul-16).hlb SETLIST: USER 1 PRESET: Test_Arch_XLR+PE PRESET: Test_Sold_XLR+PE PRESET: WU_Cartographer PRESET: WU_H&K_XLR+Cab PRESET: Test Mitch B+G PRESET: GIA recording PRESET: WU_H&K_XLR+Cab PRESET: Bass
  4. Thanks for that clarification. I thought I read somewhere that Native didn't have the same hardware-imposed DSP limits that the Helix hardware had. I stand corrected.
  5. I haven't tested this myself, but my understanding is that Helix Native can handle more processing that the hardware Helix. Maybe you could load the affected preset into Native, move some things from Path 1 to Path 2 or vice versa and resave it, then load it back into your Helix? It's not a perfect solution, but might help keep you from having to completely recreate it. Unfortunately, I don't think Native supports importing the backup file from HX Edit, so you would have had to save your individual presets in order to use that method vs using the more convenient and complete HX Edit backup that the update instructions advise folks to use. If you think it's a good idea for Helix Native to be able to import presets and IR's from an HX Edit backup file, vote up this Ideascale entry:
  6. Very interesting, thanks for sharing your experience. I'm a Kemper owner in addition to Helix and I get a lot of enjoyment from both. Hmmm ... maybe when the stars align, an Axe 3 might be in my future.
  7. Ah, good to know, thanks. I totally missed the multi input also. Glad the OP got it solved.
  8. Looks like you have an amp but no cabinet. That would make it distorted and harsh.
  9. My own internal heuristics based on experience chose those numbers at semi random. And they're both prime. However, a little while ago, I became anonymous again, and this time it only took 8 refreshes. I still contend the median number of times required to refresh to regain identity lies between 11 and 23. Until proven otherwise. :-)
  10. I don't claim to be an expert on this stuff by any means - there are a lot more qualified folks than I on it, some of which have given you great information in this thread. Helix does have a "sag" parameter which can be an important factor for getting that tube feel as it pertains to the power amp section and how it responds under load. There's no specific setting for it for all amp models, but for any given amp model, if you crank up the "master volume" (not channel volume") and then adjust the "sag" to the sweet spot for that amp and master vol setting, it can have subtle and not-so-subtle tonal changes, but also change the playability feel and touch dynamics. And, of course, cranking up the overall volume through your FRFR or whatever you're playing through to a good loud healthy setting is huge factor in feel also. Any time I get the opportunity to do that, it sounds just incredible. I wish I could play at those volumes more often, but my neighbors would not appreciate it, not to mention my wife would not be very forgiving either.
  11. It is very annoying. When the forum suddenly decides it doesn't know who you are, I have found that if you refresh anywhere from 11 to 23 times, it will once again recognize you. We have the technology to send self-updating probes to the outer reaches of our solar system that illuminate our understanding of our origins on Earth and peer billions of years into the distant past with the most sophisticated telescopes and view the formation of distant galaxies over the vast gulf of space and time that have long since burned out, but somehow maintaining a user's identity on a gear forum on the internet is beyond our capability.
  12. Really nice! I love hearing other peoples' stuff, regardless of skill level - and these are really great. Thanks for sharing these.
  13. From DI over on TGP: "Lonestar and Friedman clean channels. A few new effects, but no poly stuff. No new firmware features, but Helix Native gets MIDI control. HX Effects gets full HX Edit support. Several hundred (!) bug fixes."
  14. That should work. I use a Suhr Reactive Load to feed a Helix return - not exactly like your looking at doing, but it works as expected.
  15. bsd512

    Helix Update..

    First, I'm not poo-pooing the Kemper. I love mine, and my Kemper and Helix are like best friends. My Kemper is patched into a pair of send/return blocks right where a Helix amp model would be. I get really nice results from that, it's really the best of both worlds - extreme flexibility of the Helix with world class effects and amazing routing capability and all the amazing things the Helix can do that everyone here knows about, and on top of that, any amp you can profile at your fingertips. The quality of many of the thousands of profiles on Rig Manager are touch and go at best, though. Some really great ones up there to be sure. But some are - good lord, what they heck is that, surely someone didn't think that was a great profile. I guess it's the same with CustomTone. We can agree to disagree, but I don't think an incomplete editor implementation that's a bit dodgy in some areas and not exactly complete from a random developer in Poland is any substitute for a vendor supplied editor. Can you imagine how happy we'd all be over here in Helix world if that was our editor? I'll look at it more closely, maybe it's a stop-gap, but I don't think its a replacement. Kemper is a company that has made a whole whole lot of money from their very nice profiler. Put at least a portion of those profits from its users back into the #1 thing people have asked for. That request has been ignored for many many years, and finally, a developer got tired of it and made their own. The reason I haven't used it is, based on what I've gathered, is it requires additional hardware that I don't have - a USB -> midi translator. I don't think the standard USB connection from your computer to the Kemper will work - at least that's what it seems from the tutorials I've seen - it requires a separate midi interface. I'm not 100% sure if that's right or wrong. The the fact of my point remains - Kemper has not been responsive to user requests for an editor, and they (the users) get poo-pooed for asking for one. I do agree Kemper is pretty amazing tech. Which is why I bought it. I was surprised to find there wasn't an editor for it. And having a Helix enables making high quality Kemper profiles a snap - especially if you don't own a bunch of high-end mics and a sound-proof box or room for the amp. I us a Suhr reactive load box on the amps I've profiled, feed the raw amp line-level out into a Helix return, then load an IR for the cabinet sim and feed the output back into the Kemper direct-in to close the loop. [Just another testament to the flexibility of the Helix.] That replaces mic'ing your cab and turning your amp up to the volume needed to get the tone you want. With the Suhr, you can crank the amp all you want, silently, and feed the signal into the Helix, process it through and IR, and even pre-apply some hi-cut if you like to remove some the nasty frequencies - I have gotten excellent results that way. Some of them are on Rig Manager and have received 5-star ratings from other users. And I'm able to profile amps that Line 6 would never consider or even ever have access to - one a completely unique and custom SovTek Blues Boy modified by Carr Amplification (local to me) and is owned by my guitar teacher. That's a super cool amp with a unique tone. He calls it the VodkaSonic. I wouldn't expect that to show up in Line 6's amp list any time soon, but I have it with my Kemper and it's especially cool patched into my Helix like above and then you have all the Helix routing and effects, etc. BTW, when I showed the VodaSonic amp owner my profile - through an L2t, cranked up pretty good - he was amazed. He said - "Whaaat? That's crazy! That's my amp!". So yes, my Helix and Kemper go great together. I love them both. Also, read a little farther down in that thread from TGP you posted. The author of the editor does not appear happy with Kemper forum folks, with folks giving him good suggestions being banned and similar. Anyway - sorry if I pushed a button for you. Was not intended. Only wanted to let the OP know that Kemper is not out there releasing frequent firmware updates with user requests in mind. At Winter NAMM, I think their big announcement was a "Chris Kemper" guitar that nobody wants. Line 6 is lightyears ahead on the overall platform front. Love my Kemper, though.
  16. bsd512

    Helix Update..

    Kemper/AXE had a headstart, but Helix has caught up quickly, and surpassed both of them, IMO. For example, none of the others have anything close to Native, which is super impressive if you've used to dial in a tone right there in the mix in your DAW. I've don't that a few times, and the resulting in-the-mix tone deviated quite a bit from what I started with. I'm very happy to have it - it saves potentially hours and hours of guesswork. And ... Helix is pretty mature now, too. I expect the integration to only get tighter between Native and Helix, and HX FX also. The product future looks very bright to me. I own a Kemper, and folks have been requesting an editor for like 5 years. Still nada. Jokes on the Kemper forum about the next major update being a new T-shirt with the Kemper logo. Not sure about AXE. Both are obviously nice equipment, but I don't think they offer the versatility of the Helix. If Line 6 would offer a "Kemper Block" to process Kemper profiles, that'd be super cool. And even better, with the mic input, and all the returns, even offer an "amp profiling capability" - likely doable with the existing hardware with only software updates - that would likely offer the best of both worths. Really great quality Helix models, and if you want your specific amp with maybe a stomp box in front, profile it and get that, too - all with just a Helix. I'm probably dreaming, but that'd be really cool.
  17. Looks like you asked for a bundle or a setlist. This version does both. I use a Mac also, so likely this will work for you. If not, let me know and I'll help. Note, the 'bundle' format will list out all the setlists on your helix, include the Factory setlists and Templates. Modify the program to filter those out if you don't want those listed. #!/usr/bin/env python import sys import os import json import base64 import zlib #SETLIST_OR_BUNDLE = "/Users/bsd/helix/setlists/USER 1-2016-11-22.hls" SETLIST_OR_BUNDLE = "/Users/bsd/helix/bundles/2017-01-14.hlb" infile = open(SETLIST_OR_BUNDLE) data = json.load(infile) infile.close() keys = data.keys() if 'encoded_data' in keys: unz = zlib.decompress(base64.b64decode(data['encoded_data'])) setlist_or_bundle = json.loads(unz) keys = setlist_or_bundle.keys() if 'setlists' in keys: setlists = setlist_or_bundle['setlists'] elif 'presets' in keys: setlists = [setlist_or_bundle] for setlist in setlists: keys = setlist.keys() if 'meta' in keys: print print "SETLIST: %s" % (setlist['meta']['name']) presets = setlist['presets'] #print json.dumps(presets, indent=4) for preset in presets: if 'meta' in preset.keys(): meta = preset['meta'] preset_name = meta['name'] print " ", preset_name
  18. Here's a little Python program that will print out the preset names from a Helix setlist file (.hls). Is this what you're looking for? Substitute your own filename for 'SETLIST', etc. Or make it take the setlist name from the command-line: #!/usr/bin/env python import os import json import base64 import zlib SETLIST = "/Users/bsd/helix/setlists/USER 1-2016-11-22.hls" setlist_file = open(SETLIST) setlist_data = json.load(setlist_file) setlist_file.close() keys = setlist_data.keys() if 'encoded_data' in keys: unz = zlib.decompress(base64.b64decode(setlist_data['encoded_data'])) setlist = json.loads(unz) presets = setlist['presets'] #print json.dumps(presets, indent=4) for preset in presets: if 'meta' in preset.keys(): meta = preset['meta'] preset_name = meta['name'] print preset_name
  19. Yep, it works great. I use a Surh RL + Helix for profiling amps with the Kemper silently. And it also makes it easy to do a little conditioning on the signal before feeding back into the Kemper during the profile process, like a little hi-cut'ing to de-fizz it. Works great!
  20. bsd512

    What's next?

    Kemper block - similar to an IR block, except you load Kemper profiles. :)
  21. bsd512


    Not sure if this thread is still on a serious track or not - but if you haven't already, why not post up some sample clips of what you think is the bad sound, along with your patches. Surely would help eliminate subjective guesswork.
  22. Mousing over the eight ball needs to be accompanied by a light saber sound as the blade extends, with a forum option - choose your light saber color.
  23. If I expand the browser window so it takes up the whole screen on my 17" MacBook Pro it eventually moves off to the side revealing the text underneath. So the workaround for this feature no one has ever clicked on seems to be to use a big display and expand your window size so it takes up all of it. Awesome!
  24. Could be Line 6 pulls a few off the line for spot checking the lot after all the usual QA that goes one during the build and yours was one of those and the tester forgot to set it back to the default factory preset and power it off?
  25. I'm sure you've probably tried this as it's pretty common knowledge, but just in case ... have you tried high-cuts on the cabs, either built-in or IRs? People like different settings - I find 7k high cut is about right to make me happy and about an 80 Hz low-cut. But there's no set rule. That should take care of some high-end harshness if that's what you're referring to by fizz.
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