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  1. Quilter just released the toneblock 202. It has an option for FRFR mode. I haven;t tried it but i did end up using a Bass Block in an emergency one time at a gig, and it sounded beyond good and it was a bass amp.
  2. set your tones for the audience and live with less than stellar sound for yourself on stage, which is norm where im from. unless you can go all FRFR or something where you can control the tones, or you've spent a lot of time creating seperate paths.
  3. I agree. For me this update felt like a new amp day or new pedal day, the exact same feeling as holding something in my hand, but for free. What a freeling.!!! what drove me to get a helix was the functionality already present in the unit. What will keep me here is the updates. and constant improvments. This update had a lot under the hood and if what i'm putting together is the updates will be better and the L6 team can really get down to bisiness with the platform now.
  4. Heavyville

    Grammatico Brt

    I like this amp alot. Not sure i'd use it alot live yet, but at home. I break the dials on the amp and have a lot of fun with the crazy tone that comes out of it. if this was one of the amps to " bridge the gap". ( i can;t see this as being one that got a tone of popular votes) I completely trust L6 when releasing new models in the future that they will be great.
  5. pure lazy question I think, but i feel i'll get a better understanding than trying to find and read about it. what is the intent and functionality of this window that pops up when i go to save a patch? I went from 2.6 to 2.8, so I have some catching up to do.
  6. rumours have it around half an hour with no user errors. with DFU errors 2-3 hours to days.
  7. Can't seem to log in to ideal scale today. here is an idea When switching to different Cabs to audition them it always resets to the default setting for the cab I think. It would be awesome if there was an option to retain the chosen Mic/ distance and whatever paramters you chose and simply audition new cabs with your favorite mic and settings. I seem to recall having to change it everytime and adjust which slows workflow. maybe the option already exsist and i don't know it yet. Thoughts?
  8. There are already plenty of threads out there dealing with 2.8 issues. I thought I start a place to talk about what we all like about it. I haven't spent alot time with 2.8, as I will admit I dealt with user update errors ( I'm 2 for 2 lol). What do you like about it? What is your favorite addition? for the amps how do you use the settings ? are there any members out there that know how to dial in these amps in real like that could give insight? funny posts and thread hijacks are expected. GO!!! For me the default low and high cuts on the stock cabs in the new templates was appreciated and improvement to workflow. I'm generally a high gain player with the EPIC amp being my go to monster, Revv is nice so far, but I was shocked at how nice the grammitco amp series is. really looking forward the future updates and progress. Well done folks at Line 6.
  9. If their are those that couldn't figure out the update dropped. I call it natural selection. Full moon in northern hemi still.
  10. i'll match your +1 with a +1 as i'm out of 1's and zeros today as well. L6 is using them up.
  11. Also it seems like reports are saying this update takes some time to compelete... so people be ready to chill.
  12. How long is forever? 1 minute in a microwave seems like an eternity to me some days. let me know seriously, then i can chill a bit more knowing the time frames approx.
  13. the C-section worked.... just saying
  14. overdue now, perhaps we should send this baby to a c-section procedure.
  15. I thought buffering was only when the leads are long on stage or a tone of effects pedals set up etc? not an expert on this...
  16. You spelt it wrong, its NHL. no team called Eagles either, whatchoo smokin? send it up north.
  17. That s the thing with mix wizardry. So many of the great guitar tones out there had so much more going on then just the gain stages at the amp itself and the speaker being used. Mix board saturation is a thing of beauty. try EQ- Distortion pedal(s) EQ / Pre-amp studio / EQ / Gain black - just as an example now try and break all the dials. press delete if that doesn;t work.
  18. Humans where given the ability to choose. You either choose too or not too. Clearly most of us have too musch time on our hands waiting for 3.0 to come out, which is creating some amusing posts. I choose to find the humour in it. Its a full moon cycle right now too and the emergency rooms are packed.
  19. I set my rig at gig volume or simply LOUD and use an SPL meter, i may have a DAW open to see the meter but thats beacuse i like shiny things and lights, but I use these as tools to confirm what my ears are telling me. It speeds up my workflow alot too. Honestly for me, i've only done it once with a playlist I create for a cover band i'm in. I made 45 song specific patches and level matched them before the gig, slight adjustments at the venue too. normally I copy "good" presets that I trust and generlly only use my ears to level match if the a main variable changed. if its going into the DAW I like a specifc DB hitting the hard drive.
  20. There are no rules with Helix , just limitations per patch based on DSP. Thats one of the attractions to this pice of equipment. If it sounds good to you , it is good. IF it sounds cool to you, it is cool. Let your imaginations go. I developed a combo lead / synth sound for a song im working on by jacking the hell out of the supro amp for the "pure guitar lead tone", then I split that signal path at the start and treated that path like a bass guitar going straight to the board, found a distortion model I liked, and put no pre-amp or amp or IR in that path. Put a sweet verb and delay at the end of that path. Sounds amazing. Maybe this already widely known but I picked the trick up of "thickening" the tone from The Machine from his class on how to mix Lamb of Gods, Redneck.
  21. Bringing in some back up.
  22. HS 5's have litterly no bass to them, they cut drastically around 110 or something like that so that is a bit odd Maybe you're over compensating for that in your patch building. As someone has indicated, play some reference tracks and check your tones against that.
  23. since your here using a Helix..... Amp in the room sound is generally a one trick pony, unless you've got a financial firm backing you and a road crew to load up all them amps. Amp in the room sound to me just means I like it really loud and includes the noises dishes and loose drywall and snares make. Humans can be tricked by this. Happens all the time. If you're a mixer of audio, load up a compressor plug in and turn it off and on while doing nothing with dials, if its louder when it goes on, you may have been tricked by dome default loudness war.
  24. Agreed, companies like the baseline this may provide for a more stable forecast for R&D for future upgrades etc. Subsription services---- that is why some of my sessions are screwed (and not the great kind of screwed). I don't so this for a living and when push comes to shove for budgeting, slate lost out, and so did I. I prefer to own the devices and programs I use now. The other thing to consider is the young kids who have to have it all even if they don't ever use it. There is a larger share of the pie there, all those millennial kids making banger dance songs on their macbook pros!!! Making Bank and counting snacks i mean stacks or something like that.
  25. I get ya on that. I use to be a slate everything bundle guy, and I do love some of those plug ins. Everything was fine until I decided I didn't want to pay monthly anymore. All those sessions are dekcuf now. It takes a considerable amount of time to reach the "I finally paid the same as if I would buy it straight out". It also seems like a pretty good trend with these companies now. If your in business and doing this for a living i guess the yearly write offs on tax might be ok.... thats the only plus I see, and that may be a stretch.
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