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  1. The "amount" of stereo and chorus effect can be different by where it's placed in your effect chain. Typically modulation, delay and echo effects are placed after the Amp in the HD units. So move it around and see what pleases your ear the most. ;)
  2. Wow, sorry to hear of your maladies. There is hope, it can be done. ;) I've used the POD LIVE XT and now the HD500 with my power block many times and I've never had issues. Like you, I also plug from the HD500 outs into the back (R & L) of the P/B and control the volume with my 'master' volume on the HD500. My cabinet is a Peavey 4 - 12" with Celestions. It's not dull or too bright but just right. I've downloaded many presets from CustomTone and although they may not sound great, they should give you a 'starting point' to tweak to your desire. Also, I always keep both of my PODs output selected to "Output PA". At church I run into a PA via the left out XLR, at home (or gigs) into my P/B and into my audio interface for recording.
  3. Rather than fish/search for you... There are many past, good threads on this. To get started, "gain staging" and "output setup" is what you want to search for. Get that info, bring us the wicked witch of the west's broomstick and then re-post if needed. ;)
  4. Oh I see... they obviously have a dealer relationship. I wish more music stores did that kind of thing (sell repair parts that is).
  5. I was about to ask how old your guitar was. I just fixed a buzz that was created by a worn out (i.e. also Intermittent) guitar input. One day it would be fine... another day it would crackle and buzz. Turned out all I had to do was bend over the "Tip" connector to ensure it fully engaged (create better tension/spring contact). The guitar is turning 20 years old so it's allowed. I've plugged into that thing easily a thousand times. :P Sounds like you've got it figured out to be the POD. :( Please post back to let us know how it gets fixed.
  6. Well so much for the statement... "It's custom! You will have to buy it through Line6." I'd have thought that too but then it seems more & more components are getting bought off the shelves. Makes sense... let someone else do the R&D.
  7. Cool, I love them all and have used the Doom with various effects for recording 3 songs.
  8. Nice. You play very well. ;) I'm going to try that patch. As I'd guess that you are... I am a huge Joe Satriani fan. :D
  9. Hi there, that is a nice feature that the HD500 can do. Watch this video full of tips, starting at 2:38 for your specific question. This guy is knowledgeable, I learned a lot from his videos.
  10. Ahh... the quest (desire) for the perfect gear and guitar tone. :D I loved my POD XT Live. The main reason I got the HD500 is for it's XLR outs (play at churches), additional in/outs and some new effects like the "Smart Harmony", "Whammy", etc.. Luckily, I'm either tech savvy enough to have been able to get a nice tone out of both... or I have low expectations. ;)
  11. Hmm... I've not been impressed one iota with the Vetta Juice. <_< Maybe it's a matter of placement in my effect chain but I've experimented with it in different locations (before the amp) with no "wow". I may also be a matter of which amp it's used with? :unsure: I just don't know. :huh:
  12. Hmm, "Studio EQ" for a boost? :rolleyes: I hate the typical sound coloration of the EQ's and just use the tone controls of the Amp model. But I'll have to try that. I think we might all learn a little something here in this post. ;)
  13. The FX Loop is like any other effect in that it can be positioned/placed anywhere in your chain. So that means it may (usually) affect your sound depending on where it's placed. Some effects affect the overall sound more than others as to where they're placed.
  14. You can not set/save the tempo in the HD500(X) via the HD Edit software... you have to physically set it within the unit. :mellow:
  15. Exactly... Headphones are (usually) cheaper if you don't have or can't afford monitors yet and everyone typically has a pair laying around. ;)
  16. I think that's so silly. The display indicates the future setting... Will it allow us to time travel too? Reminds me of an HP calculator with it's RPN input. ^_^ Well... everybody wants to be different. Maybe it's because the processor is made by HP? ;)
  17. It's frustrating for sure. Say you have a great sounding tone with sweet reverb and delay and you change from the Soldano Crunch to the TreadPlate... now you have to spend 10 minutes adjusting the Gain, Volumes, Bass, Mid, Treb, Pres, AMP and CAB parameters and even the mic and cabinet type to get something close. When they modeled these AMPs, I can't fathom why they didn't set them all at near the same (or within 3dB) level. :huh:
  18. That's normal. Think of the presets as "idea's" or "possibilities". Many though are tweaked pretty well and you should find some that quickly suit your needs. Besides the presets there are input and output settings to setup. This isn't a simple plug and play unit, it takes some time to learn. Read the big main manual and that will enlighten you a lot. ;) There are many YouTube videos on it's use also if your more of a visual learner than a reader.
  19. I'd lay money on the fact that the HD won't get any more updates as far as new models are concerned. Geez, I'm still hoping for an update to fix the silly EQ's and their definitions. ;) Something I've seriously thought about is... Breaking out my POD XT Live... as it had some good clean amps (Fender Twin?) in there.
  20. more clarification from tkelly would be helpful...
  21. Miguel... You're not alone... I wish they had included the Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus. In my opinion, there are only 2 or 3 'clean' amps (Black Faces) in the collection. Even the "Soldano Clean" breaks up to early with volume increases for my taste. :(
  22. Thanks for letting us know... I'm sure this won't be the last time this happens to someone in here... now we know what to do. ;)
  23. I use the Rokit 8's and they work nicely so the 6's should be fine too. I have my POD set to "Studio Out" vs. "Amp" and also use the "XLR" output. My A.I. is a 'transparent' PreSonus Firewire of which I then use it's "Line Out" to the Rokits "Balanced TRS" input. As the Rokits also have XLR inputs, I'd bet the XLR to XLR connection would be a bit better/cleaner.
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