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  1. I have the Stomp since pandemic started...so it's almost a year and an half. Did several live videos with it, dozens of rehearsals in the hot summer as well in the cold...other than normal daily use at home, at least couple of hours per day. Well, I have no idea what bugs you all are talking about.... I must have a prototype made by unicorns.
  2. Good move man. Please, keep us updated. ;)
  3. A bug is an error in the code which needs to be reproducible. If there is No Repro, there is no bug. And if there is no bug, there is no fix. On the other hand, if it's an intermittent issue, it can be either software corrupted or hardware related. Those guys are reporting a generic "no audio", but each of those can have a different cause. I repeat myself; if you already reset the unit and Globals, just contact line 6 support.
  4. Bob, I do have the HX Stomp, and I use it intensively. Never had problems with it and honestly never heard of a similar bug. HX Stomp is a huge seller and plenty of musicians are using it live, without issues. I asked about the PS because when the Stomp has not enough mA at boot, it does shut down the audio section, but if you are using the original power supply then you are good on that aspect. I do suggest to contact the support, as it can be an hardware issue that can't be solved with standard reset procedures.
  5. Are u using the original power supply?
  6. I do use a pair of BT DT 770 Pro and a more cold'ish AKG K141 MKII. They both sounds good, no problems at all. (both with Rack and HX Stomp) Just grab the one with a not too low or too high impedance and you should be fine. A too low impedance could be a bit edgy and oversaturated if you use high gain stuff, while a too high impedance could be too low volume. Stuff you know already for sure. :) Then, depending on the headphones, you'll get different "colouring", so that's up to your personal taste. Usually the rants are coming from people who think a preset made for a monitor/speaker, should also sound just as good, when using headphones. If you have the patience to tune your presets to work at best with headphones (and made another version for a normal speaker/monitor/FRFR/foh), I'm sure you'll be more than happy.
  7. No. Changes are always instant. You'd need a Slew Limiter for stuff like that, but there is not.
  8. PierM

    More Reverbs coming

    DI said (yep, on TGP) that isnt gonna happen this year, but probably early Q1 2022. Im fine with that, since in January I should finally get my Glou Glou Loupe, so I will be busy enough ! :)
  9. OMG. I pop here every now and then, and every time I find the same redundant and verbose rants from the same people, again and again and again.... What a pain in the a....
  10. Why that? Just use one of the output, or a FX send. If you are using it as a USB interface, then you probably have plenty of output available (2 out, 2 send)
  11. In fact I said "thicker", in the domain of headroom (but if you are already at -18dB, then isn't a headroom problem). I didn't say louder. :)
  12. Yep, what Soundog said. It's bass pickups nature, other than the much "thicker" signal from low frequencies. I would also suggest to give the input "pad" setting a try, as usually works just great to smooth out fizzy tones with a too narrow clean headroom available.
  13. PierM

    HX Stomp FRFR

    WDW can be a fun setup, if you play alone and in a proper environment with enough room space. Otherwise is just a waste for everyone. I was used to play with WDW for few years, then I realized was just plain useless live (unless you are playing for just one guy sitting just behind your head). Also was a terrible PITA to convert all my WDW presets, to "normal" stereo or dual mono presets.
  14. The S-PDIF and AES/EBU setting section isnt for the Link protocol. Is to pre-select the digital protocol being used to connect to an audio interface/DAW. The L6 Link protocol is proprietary, and it's automatically engaged when connecting a Line 6 device through a Link connection. The Digital Out Level is only affecting the Spdif and AES/EBU to DAW signals.
  15. Oh man, we don't need to watch Interstellar to travel back and forth in time...
  16. Yawn Im sure you dont even own a Helix lol...
  17. DI already said next update it's gonna be Chasebliss'ish....so Im more than happy!!!
  18. Helix is still a top seller in Europe. On the biggest store in Eu (Thomann), there are five HX products in the top 10 list of best sellers in that category. Anyway, if they wont do a Helix 2, doesnt mean they are abandoning the market segment. Could be they are on a fresh new platform.
  19. Bizarre... ...you could send a instr signal to your amp, putting a FX send block just before the amp/cab/ir blocks in the preset. Of course you will skip all effects after that send block, but stuff in front, like compressors, distortion, boost, volume etc, will be there in that send. Then it's just about setting your DAW to only monitor the backing track through USB 1/2 (or 3/4)**, and record the guitar signal without Live monitoring (this will prevent the guitar to be sent to monitors). **USB 1/2 and 3/4 are bypassing all the blocks in the preset, so they just goes from USB Input to D/A Output (your studio monitors). Depending on your buffer settings, could be you need to compensate the latency in the DAW to keep eveything in sync. It's all in the manual btw. :)
  20. Yes totally possible. It's on the manual @ page 55, 56 and 57 https://line6.com/support/manuals/hxstomp/
  21. This is similar to my setup. Different pedals, but similar routing. Works just flawless.
  22. That's not US taxes, but your local VAT, so yes, it must be charged as you are importing. The only bad thing here is that Line 6 didn't implemented a proper ID VAT field for professionals, so that they could legally detract the local VAT. But if you are a consumer, you have to pay the VAT, no way to avoid that.
  23. All the above. Just keep in mind that, for a more seamless porting, you should set Native to simulate the DSP power of that specific hardware you'd like to grab later. This option is in the Native settings. You could even turn off that DSP limitation, and use combination of blocks you couldn't use in the Hardware counterpart (which is awesome, but it will make your Native presets not working in any HX hardware).
  24. Yep, and Im one of those lol! It always depends what kind of music we are playing. If you for example watch the "Solo" live show of Bill Frisell, he's actually creating beautiful backgrounds just messing around with those "glitches" (DL4). I love that kind of stuff. Said that, as soon we have the option, I don't care what's the default. I'm not that lazy. :)
  25. Because they have Cabs, and the IR block does just give you the opportunity to expand the possibilities, adding your own preferred IRs. A single IR set, from a specific amp, can be hundreds of IRs, like different Mics, different angles, different offset, different distances from the cone etc.. It can be a rabbit hole. The procedural helix Cabs can do all of that with just an algorithm, apart the Mic offset from the Cone. Since the IR room in the Helix is not infinite, in fact it's pretty limited, I think was a good idea to not fill it with a predefined set of IRs, which would have been a bit of a redundant move - as there are procedural Cabs, that many times can basically match a given IR, if properly setup (especially IRs with Mic aligned to Cone Axis).
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