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  1. Cool, then it's gonna work. Just turn off the Cab sim on the AMT and you are good to go!
  2. You'd still need an "amp box pedal" to do something like that, otherwise IRs alone arent helpful for an electric guitar. It would sound fizzy and harsh.
  3. Good choice! HXEdit (to edit/create presets and keep your device updated) is all you need. No rush and enjoy!
  4. Im allergic to Silver. Can I have Bronze? :) (glad you sorted out)
  5. As for the optimization, which is FOUNDAMENTAL for live/low latency, I do suggest this free "Glitch Free" pdf guide (there is advanced stuff but also things for starters) https://www.cantabilesoftware.com/glitchfree/ Also this tool, is the bible to checking low latency / realtime audio performance (all free stuff); https://www.resplendence.com/latencymon
  6. You just need an audio interface with solid drivers and you should be fine. You could even run Native in a VST Host instead a DAW, saving A LOT of DPC calls and CPU Cycles. There are hundreds of options in the market, but imho a Scarlett Solo or a Duo (2nd or third gen) is more than good to play with an acceptable low latency. I mean, Im doing that in a 10 years old Samsung Laptop, optimized for DAW, and it just works fine. And yes, you have dedicated headphones out.
  7. Just got that same problem, out of nowhere. I just turned on my HX stomp as every day, and all presets were gone. Started HX Edit to restore my backup and got the DSP Overload error while restoring. Restarted HX Edit and got DSP Overload error again. Only option was to reset the unit and restore. Just to say, isnt always user fault. ;)
  8. PierM

    Super Reverb Amp?

    The core midderish sound of a Super Reverb comes from the 4x10 alnicos, and Helix does really lack in that compartment, generally speaking. (IIRC we only have a very bassy 4x10 for the tweed) Not a big deal, as you can go pretty much there through a deluxe amp block with an hot bias, and a 4x10 CTS alnico IR. (Cabir.eu they have a pretty damn good one)
  9. If you are using a VDI cable, check that all the presets input blocks are set to either Multi or Variax (I would set this if you only use a Variax guitar). If they are set for Guitar or others inputs, then you won't get any sound. PS; don't know those presets, but I'd also check if they have some aggressive noise gate cutting the signal when you jump into them with a variax model, which typically has a much weaker volume than a real guitar pickup.
  10. It's like that on every browser and device on earth. But good news; they don't care. :)
  11. What Musiclaw said. As for the registration error, this probably means that serial has been already registered. You should ask previous owner to delete that registration from his account and try again.
  12. I didnt even know they were still producing and selling US models. They never existed over here in Europe. Nice to know. :)
  13. Try using an explicit 1/4" instead multi. Multi does not exist on Stomp. I checked myself and looks like none of the main output level controller assignment is being ported between different devices. Really looks like the main output block is calling for different pipelines. I'm pretty sure it's doable from a code perspective (just a couple of code loops to check/compare and reassign), but it's something to ask as a feature in ideascale. Honestly it could even be a bug. I even tried the opposite, porting from Stomp to Rack, and the main output is bein reset to Multi. It does retain starting level/pan values but all controllers assigned to them are lost. So you can port the pan and level between units, but not controllers assigned to them.
  14. Im thinking loud here, but the input and output blocks are directly calling for specific hardware, that isnt exactly the same on LT and Stomp. Like for example, LT has Digital and XLR, other than 1/4", so if you are using XLR as output (or digital) in those presets, could be the level values related to non-existent outputs are not available for the Stomp, which only has 1/4" available. If this is the case, you could probably solve linking the snapshots to gain/pan/volume blocks, instead directly to the main output block.
  15. That is a typical sign of a faulty LCD, and yep, it does get worse with time. Follow the above suggestion.
  16. Just a free suggestion my friend. An opinion based on 30 years of experience working with Hardware and Software for a living. Not hard intentions. When you approach a new device you don't know, it's always a good thing to do a good research before jump into it. Glad you solved. Peace.
  17. I had the Helix floor in a pedalboard with many other pedals (now I've the rack, so this is story from the past). Looks cool, but it's gonna be a boat anchor with a humongous footprint. I ended up splitting in two separate sections because there were to much weight, to much torsion on the board and to much movement between velcro and pedals, etc... Was an overdone thing for me. If you plan to add many pedals to this board, I would suggest to keep the helix floor out of it. Helix floor is already a pedalboard, and you could find useful to have the option to use the two parts alone, in situations where you don't need the entire arsenal. My probably useless 2C. :)
  18. Man, just relax and do a bit of google before jumping into things. Google "how to update line 6 helix"; first risult is an official video. It's all there.
  19. Im with you 100% on this, but to each his own. Im also for spending time playing instead chasing tonez...amen that
  20. PierM

    Unexpected Crackles?

    Ok. Thought it was an edited version.
  21. PierM

    Unexpected Crackles?

    I'm assuming you are getting the crackling noise within the unit, and not when passing through a DAW. (in that last case, it's indeed buffering which can be easily solved in the DAW audio settings) If you share the preset someone could try to reproduce locally. Of course nobody is getting this problem, so something is happening your side. Anyway, I would try to reset globals and force rebuilding all presets, just in case there is some preset corruption.
  22. Everything related to a G10 malfunctioning should be faced with the technical support. Over here you aren't going to solve much.
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