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  1. Of course it's your stuff and your money, but from an electronic POV, what you are doing it's just prone for an imminent domino of fried components. It's clear there is still some "firewall" that it's preventing those 19V to fully hit the main controllers and boards. Probably there is still some voltage regulator preventing the disaster, just after the component which failed first. Also, the HX Stomp, for its very tight packaging, has a very hot thermal management by default. As soon as those 19V will hit main boards, I'm pretty sure it's gonna bake for good. What Im saying is that, imho, it's better you fix it now, as it could be just a protection in the early stage of AC control, that needs to be fixed. After that, if the main board will be baked later, it's gonna be just an expensive doorstop. :) Anyway, good luck. :)
  2. Open a support ticket, but at this point I believe the fix will be at your own expense. It's of course an hardware failure, which you probably make it worse raising voltages by more than 100%...
  3. Amazing. So, since I do already have a full Native license, now I have another one to sell! :D
  4. I stand corrected! Seems they also offer full discount with the Stomp. Wasn't like that when I bought mine. Gonna edit the post, thanks!
  5. 1) HX Stomp is based on same tech, code and software as the flagship models, rack and floor. It does just have 1/4 of the DSP power, less footswitches and less routing options. Max 8 blocks instead 32. Then 2 stereo path (serial or parallel) VS 4 stereo path (serial or parallel) for the full Helix. 2) Yes. You can create presets for your HX Stomp in two ways. Using its own editor (HX Edit), with the Stomp connected to the USB port. Or, using Native with an audio interface (which can be the HX Stomp itself), and then just exporting the preset. You just need to set the Native software to emulate HX Stomp hardware. Only limitation (which is valid for all HX devices) is that Native won't give your hardware related blocks, like send/return and looper. But as said before, you should use the HX Edit to just create full presets. The HX Stomp sounds perfect for your needs. Small footprint and plenty of power for "simple" chains. ;) https://line6.com/documents/processor_comparison_chart/Line_6_Processor_Comparison_Chart.pdf
  6. As soon as it does only flash red couple of times when just docked, is fine. Mine does the same. After that it should either flash green when charging, or solid green when fully charged.
  7. As usual, great contribution! Thank you!
  8. I've the feeling that while you are here ranting 24/7, and telling us you're gonna drop the horrible helix (rubbish hardware, horrible scribble strips, garbage presets, wrong default, worst pitch tracking etc etc etc..) to then buy a Boss GT1000 (be aware Boss forums, you are the next!), he's busy to give you something new to rant about. It's still sort of a free energy loop. Peace. :)
  9. Helix looper does only allow rounded operations. From the way you describe, seems you are expecting a stutter function or an unrounded Once, which is not available for that looper.
  10. It's all in the manual. :) "With a Y cable, you can connect up to two expression pedals and/or momentary type footswitches to HX Stomp's rear panel EXP 1/2 | FS 4/5 jack. Alternatively, you can connect a single Mission SP1-L6H Line 6 Expression Pedal, which has a toe switch built in that can toggle its function between EXP 1 (Wah by default) and EXP 2 (Volume by default)."
  11. Try using the "L" adapter you should have in the G10 box. Some guitars, like some vintage Telecasters, or some Godin etc.. they have a recessed jack plate, so for the motive explained above, that little switch isn't being pressed properly.
  12. Eh I know, managing multiple instruments, through the same presets, can be a pain sometimes.. I do have an arsenal of guitars, mostly Les Paul Custom, with a wide gamma of pickups, from a Staple, to PAF, plus a bunch of Strats and Teles.. And that's also why I do prefer to use an Iridium as main amp/cab sim, as gives me instant access to the preamp section that I can tune on the fly for each guitar, as with an actual amp. But yeah, global gain would be cool!
  13. PierM

    two HX stomps

    You can do the same with just one HX Stomp, going 4CM... but if you need many effects that just one unit can't handle, then two stomps is totally fine. There is no right or wrong here. :)
  14. Isnt a Helix issue and has nothing to do with the wireless protocol. It's the built in gain in the GLXD6 which is probably set too hot to be received by the inst level of the Helix input. Try reducing the gain to unity (0dB) or less, and see if does improve.
  15. Also be sure you are not getting phasing issues. Depending how you are routing and how you are mixing dry/wet in the Strymon, and what loop block you are using (the single fxloop or dedicated send and return blocks), you should always be sure you are not creating phasing issues with two overlapped signals. Mix should be set to 100%, or in the case of Send block, you should also set Dry Thru to -120dB, otherwise the incoming signal passing through the send will phase against the "dry" returning signal from the looper.
  16. SRV is laughing from the sky now. :) (just joking eh)
  17. Didnt know Ben Adrian is actually Ned Flanders
  18. Since this is a totally nonsense statement, from any point of view, I'd say you should either change studio or sound engineer.
  19. PierM

    Helix, new user

    Right there on the left.
  20. Im wondering if you "quadcore" guys are actually playing guitars or doing 3D renderings for Pixar.
  21. Grab a telecaster, a blackface, notch a bit on the mids. Done. :)
  22. PierM

    Faves on Helix

    For my experience, Poly Beebo and Empress Zoia are the only capable to "automate" effects with the use of some logic (comparators, slew limiters, VCAs, etc etc), all through MIDI protocol, for every single param in the Helix. Assuming this is what you were asking for. For example, I did create some smart controls for the Helix Reverbs, that are raising decay and mix in relationship to signal dynamics, so that the reverb does stay quieter in a busy phrasing, and kick in where there is room to do that. This is good for long ambient reverbs, that tends to be boomy on busy playing, but they are beautiful when things slows down or at the end of a phrase. Or another smart thing you could do with these toys, is to make helix doing something specific with any effect param you need to automate, as soon as you play a specific note on the instrument. It's lot of fun, but isn't stuff you can do with that chase bliss pedal, whatever it is. :)
  23. PierM

    Faves on Helix

    ...this place definitely needs a full set of emoticons... :P
  24. For some reason the G10S seems way more sensible to a busy wifi. Never had a problem with dropouts, with the basic G10 receiver, but was going nuts with my new G10S. Tried everything, even using a totally unused channel, but didn't worked. Very unstable signal and dropouts on all channels. The only solution that worked for me was to shut down the 2.4Ghz in one of my two routers, and only use the 5Ghz Wifi for my devices. This way I cleaned out a bit the signal and thanks to that I managed to find a good and stable connection for the G10S, on Channel 6. For my tests, looks like isn't only about how busy are your wifi channels, but how close is the G10S to other 2.4Ghz Wifi devices and routers.
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