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  1. Hi @Guru, I see ... You did provide a solution: a set of patches for each axe. Thanks! -Gary K
  2. Hello, I've got a stock JTV-69 H/S/S, and a Fender Std (MIM) Strat H/S/S updated w/ Dimarzio Cruiser pickups mid & neck, and a Dimarzio AT-1 bridge pickup. I use a POD HD500 w/ L6Link to a DT-25. Using the regular 1/4" guitar input on the POD: When I simply switch from the Variax w/ Mags to the Fender Strat, there is a noticeable volume/output difference between the Variax and the Fender guitars. The Variax w/ Mags (no modelling) is lower in volume (in all 5 switch positions) than the Fender Strat. This was surprising. Is the JTV-69 H/S/S Variax, using Mags only, supposed to have a similar volume/output level to a H/S/S Fender Strat? I did notice that w/ the Variax I could raise the pickups 1/16"-to 1/8" closer to the strings, would that raise the volume/output a noticeable amount? I want to be able to switch between these 2 guitars using regular 1/4" guitar cable to the POD or amp. Any help/input appreciated. -Gary K
  3. Thanks again everyone for your help! When I can next sit down with the m20d: 1) If I "play" the wet recordings from the m20d to the DAW (Garageband on a Mac Mini), what is the connection path? I have a Scarlett 2i4 (I believe), would I go like this: 1a) m20d XL/R main (cable) Left/Right ----> Scarlett ----> (USB) to Mac/Garageband - or - 1b) m20d ---> USB cable ----> Mac/GB 2) If I have tracks 17 & 18 (I assume there would be this pair in each "Recording" directory), then would I just copy them off the USB stick and into Mac/Garageband (a GB Project?) and create a .mp3 from that? Thanks again very much to everyone helping me out w/ this! -Gary K
  4. Thank you (again) SiWatts69, I will give it all a go as you describe and report back. I do appreciate your help!
  5. Hi SiWatts69, I see what you are saying. One obstacle is, although I have (let say) 4 directories on the memory stick (Recording, Recording 2, etc) I seem to only be able to play back from the files in the Recording directory. I can't see how to play back from Recording 2, Recording 3, etc. If I could do this, then I would play the m20d into the DAW "wet" as you describe. Thanks, -Gary K
  6. Hi, I am looking for help to see if I'm on the "right track" so to speak. On my M20d I had recorded 4 songs live, onto a connected USB memory stick. This resulted in Recording, Recording 2 (etc.) directories. Each of these directories has .wav files of each recorded input (vocal, guitars, drums, keyboard, etc.). What I want to do is make a .mp3 file of each of these songs to distribute to the musicians as a gift/souvenier. Do I understand correctly that I could take each directory (of recorded inputs, or .wav files), import(?) these into a DAW, and use the DAW to mix and create the .mp3? The DAW I have readily available is GarageBand (apple), I am familiar with the concept but never really used a DAW. Would GarageBand allow me to do what I'm describing above? Am I understanding the process correctly? :) Thanks, -Gary K
  7. I have a MIM Std Strat H/S/S. Several years old now. After a pro setup, it plays like a dream. With the $s saved I changed the pick guard and all 3 pickups. Feel like its really my own now. Honestly I don't think you can go wrong either way.
  8. Thanks Brazzy! Just another item to keep in mind.
  9. Technically speaking yes it should work. But, the Flextone cab might be FRFR (Full Range Flat Response) tuned. Meaning, sound response-wise, tuned to work with FRFR modeller amplifiers. The DT25h is a guitar amp, not a FRFR modelling amp. Bottom line- Yes you can connect a DT amp and Flextone cab and it will work. If it sounds good then, done! Maybe try the pair together before you buy.
  10. Do you want to use the Sanpera as a controller for the DT? As a controller it should work if you understand the DT's MIDI parameters and the Sanpera can be set up accordingly. -Gary K
  11. I'm thinking it should work. Nothing to lose. Connect up the MIDI in/out cables, run Monkey on your computer. It will either work, or it won't. If not, nothing lost. -Gary K
  12. Hi @spaceatl, I have both the DT50H and DT25H. I have not done extensive listening tests, but ... I started with the DT50H but for size and weight savings I got a DT25H. I use the DT w/ POD HD500 & L6link, & Variax. Could you say more about the sound difference between the DT50 and DT25? Thanks!
  13. Hi swing_girl, HK! I have visited there in years past. I hope I have been helpful to you. My best wishes to you!
  14. swing_girl, Removing and re-inserting the 12AX7 tubes should give identical before/after results. This should not result in a volume loss. I believe whatever the reason for the perceived/actual volume loss is also why the hiss is reduced. I can't explain any of it as a result of only removing and reinstalling the (same) 12AX7 tubes. But, if the hiss is reduced and the tone is still there (if it still sounds good) then, good! :) I have a DT50 Head, and it is noisy/hissy. So I know exactly what you mean by "hiss". Once I start playing through it, I forget about the hiss. May I ask, where are you that the music stores don't have replacement 12AX7 tubes? Edit: Also let me add, for the EL34 (big) power tubes, you can remove and replace the same tube(s) in the same socket(s) without a re-bias. But if you replace your EL34 tube pair, then a bias check/set is must-do.
  15. Swing_girl, A tube will only allow itself to be inserted in the correct orientation in its socket. I can't explain why you have a volume drop, this also might be why you percieve less hiss. Check to see if you didn't accidentally put the DT into "low volume" mode at the front panel of the DT50. :)
  16. For the 12AX7 tubes, it is remove & replace. For the EL34 tubes, you would remove, replace, and check/set bias. Bias is best done by trained amp tech. Tubes pull straight out to remove. Their pins are keyed so they can only be inserted one way in the socket. Thier pins can bend & break, so be careful when re-installing.
  17. Voted "agree". :) Tally was at 63 including my vote.
  18. I love my V500 and will never part with it. After I got it I had a pro setup done on it. Also added Planet Wave locking tuners. Just fits me like a glove and sounds great.
  19. Behringer FCB1010 for example?
  20. The Marshall 1936 2x12 cab has worked well for me.
  21. Originally a Android phone and tablet user, I bought my first iPad (3rd gen w/ Retina) seems like 2 years ago. Not once have I regretted that. I actually like having both types around. There are other cases of apps available for IOS and not for Android.
  22. @thomaswhudson, Fyi: I went from a Marshall JVM410H (tube head) + Digitech GSP1101 (modeler + floor controller) connected 4CM. With MIDI capability in the JVM and the GSP1101 via preset I could select 1 of 4 amp channels (clean through filthy and everything between), and effects chain. To that time it was everything I ever wanted and needed. Then came the Line6 POD HD500, and then the DT amps, with the L6 link to connect them. The POD preamps + DT power amp topology control (Fender/Marshall/Vox/Mesa for example) provides everything I need and want. I sold off the Marshall JVM, it just was not needed anymore. I got it all (the Marshall) back plus a lot more with the POD HD + DT + L6 Link.
  23. Hi Don, Yes, I understand the configuration is in the router. But I was hoping this aspect of the router config could be changed via the airport express app on the ipad. Thanks!
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