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  1. Ahh, I see. I will keep that in mind. Thanks for correcting me. I will keep mine at 1M unless I need it lower for specific needs.
  2. I actually don't think that matters. If he is recording the Dry signal from USB. It is my understanding that the dry signal gets routed bypassing all that signal processing anyway. (before the chain) So whatever happens in the chain should have no bearing what-so-ever for recording dry track through USB. Same with Dry track through USB from the Mic input as well. Unless someone whats to correct me, this is my understanding. Now if you are going through the signal chain what you describe could very well be a culprit.
  3. Lachdanan0121

    Helix 2.9

    That, I imagine, would be a daunting task. I don't expect it will ever happen, but L6 has surprised us before. Though if it were to happen. That would be amazing. But I would like the audio-to-midi translation info to also be sent through USB, to control plugins on in the DAW. Even if it isn't real time. It could be great for transposing creativity.
  4. Lachdanan0121

    Helix 2.9

    Oh that is good news, and I wasn't expecting it. I was expecting input/output meters like HX Native. (which work decent enough, and aren't really my biggest excitement about meters in Helix) The update mentioned "clip indicators." That is the thing about "metering" that I have really been wanting. I hope that it is on each individual block that is clipping. Perhaps someone can shed some light on this aspect. Perhaps phil_m? I understand if you cannot discuss it. But now that I read it has gain reduction meters in the compressors, well that just makes us studio guys smile. This plus a few more models of compressors would please almost all users, and would open up even more doors for studio use. Way to go the extra mile on this! Literally every update the Helix has got (that included new things) has been something to make me smile, and even more happy with my decision to go Helix.
  5. Lachdanan0121

    Helix 2.9

    I am looking forward to this update. Just not the process. Lately my PC doesn't want to see my Helix through HX Edit, or L6 update. Though it works for ASIO in my DAW. So I will have to go through new usb cables, and bring someone else's laptop into the studio just to update the hardware. Hopefully the new HX EDIT won't be so damn finicky with USB. However, I am not calling on the community for help until I exhaust my troubleshooting on my own. The content of this update has me excited. It will be easier for me to dial in tones from the front of the unit with the meters/clip indicators. (I know the meters have been explained, but have the clip indicators been explained?) I am excited about the Revv purple channel, and I'm intrigued by the dynamic split addition. I am very happy the Helix now has a compressor made with bass guitar in mind. The A/B comparison in Native is definitely going to be a welcome for us studio guys! That was a very nice surprise that I didn't even hear being asked for! Honestly the feature/function set with the meters/clip indicators, and now with Native having A/B comparisons... I don't know what features, functions I could ask for out of the Helix at this point. I guess if any new stuff comes I will just be pleasantly surprised. I know I was with the QWERTY update. As far as the models go... There are still some areas I would like to be a bit more saturated. Such as expanding the HX reverbs, and a few more High gain options. Obviously I would like to see a little more of bass guitar goodies especially after the acquisition of Ampeg. That said I have a good feeling that most (if not all) of that is coming down the line. Perhaps some of it will show in FW 3.0. (or the update after to that one) I do expect 3.0 to have some nice things with it since it has a nice new number. (major update and all) Even though we don't have the update in our hands yet, and it is bound to have some headache for some during the update process. I thank you L6 for continued support of a great product line with the Helix. The continued support/updates ARE one of the main reasons I went with the Helix system 3 years ago. If I were to buy it only for what it did at launch, I may have went another route that did have continual updates. Those updates have brought me a lot of good things over the last 3 years. I don't expect it to last forever, but I don't expect it to end with 2.9, or 3.0 either. The platform is still growing, and is quite popular. HERE'S TO A FEW MORE YEARS!!!
  6. Aww, but you don't know how good I look in purple. Lol
  7. it's worth the full price. Definitely worth $69, or $99.
  8. Some of us would like these amps to use in our Helix platform. It's the only platform that has a VST (native) that you can use presets interchangeably with the hardware. I actually use Native for my final recorded ReAmped tones, my Helix rack is my audio interface, and wet monitoring unit. I would rather save getting a Fractal FM3 to use in conjunction with my Helix setup until AFTER Line 6 stops updating the FW in Helix. That is the back up plan if the Helix updates stop, and I still want more models.
  9. Of course we all want bugs to be addressed. However, I too would like more non-Marshall flavors of high gain. Along with some more HX reverbs. That is what I would like out of the next couple FW updates. If not with 2.9. Then hopefully with 3.0.
  10. I would like this info too, a teaser, or something. However, posting here is a waste of time as all you will likely get is the crowd chanting "oh you shouldn't," or "this isn't the place." Right on queue.
  11. Now that I have had a chance to use the Revv... It is pretty impressive. Has lots of harmonics, and tons of gain on demand. I haven't played with it yet, but I have ReAmped with it. I wouldn't say it is the end all/be all of high gain amps, but it most certainly helps in filling out the high gain options in Helix. So nice job on this Amp, and really most of the new update L6. I am also looking forward to the other channels of this particular amp even more now that I have tried it.
  12. Yes this update is pretty big imo. I haven't even tried the new models yet. But the fact there are now shelving, and tilt, EQs that really helps fill some gaps in regards to tone shaping. The new functions really have me excited. The UI improvements with the joystick, and rolling across the chain & the pac-man expansion. The QWERTY stuff is what has me smiling, and nerding out. It helps in the studio for us recording guys a lot. One thing I was thinking of last night that had me smiling was: I can free up the tablet I use for remote DAW transport controlling (from the mic stand)now can be strictly for lyrics, since I can control Transport parameters from my floor controller. Now when I actually do get to trying the new models, I don't doubt that it will be an even better update for me! One of the next guitars I go to ReAmp I have been setting aside for use of new models, seems like the Rev is going to be for that one. Hopefully I will get finished with laying out this sax on a separate song, then I can dig into ReAmping that guitar. I have had my Helix setup for about 3 years. Rack+floor control+exp pedal, and Helix Native. With every update I get more happy about the platform, and reassured it is the platform for me. The first time that really happened was when they released Helix Native, and it was compatible (and sounded the same) as/with the hardware. That right there showed the trajectory of my wants/needs was more parallel to Line 6's trajectory than any of the other modelling/profiling options. As of today it seems that sentiment has only grown. So... Thank you Line 6!
  13. Interesting. I wouldn't have noticed this issue at all. Though to be fair, I always send my studio monitors a Mic level signal through my XLR outputs on Helix. I kinda have to. My monitors are freaking loud. Event BAS 20/20s turned down almost all the way, I can only get my vol knob on Helix to Noon. Going past noon, and it starts to get too loud to mix for any length of time. At line level I can barely get it past 10, or 11'o clock.
  14. Saying we want certain models in the Helix isn't bitching, there is even an ideascale for the similar. How some of us go about doing it could be considered so. However, your post is coming off as bitching as much as anyone else's above. (more-so actually) But I guess some of us didn't wait the proper time to post additions we would like according to your calendar, and I am sure it wasn't off-topic enough for others... We can just as easily order you "a so-called person" to "CTS already." So to enter mine: I wouldn't mind more bass cabs, more high gain amps (Randall, Engl, Diezel, Bogner) and More HX reverbs. I expect some of this will show up over time, which I am fine waiting for.
  15. Thank you Line 6, and DI, for the Qwerty additions. And extra thanks for making the command center rather intuitive. Very to setup your own stuff. So far it seems to work great for just messing with it for a few minutes.
  16. I finally tried the update this morning. Followed instructions, backed everything up. I am on Win 10 (updated from Win 8), custom home built PC, using a 3rd party usb cable with lighted ends, going into a firefly (for jitters) and into a USB 3.0 port on the back of my PC. Same port I always use. The update took about 25 minutes including Native, and restoring my backups. Everything seems to have updated without a problem. Loads as 2.80, has new amp models, and so does Native. Has my presets too! Thanks L6!
  17. Yeah I think, mostly hope to be honest, that the next 2 years will yield Helix some cool additions, and I don't just mean more models. As far as the current new amps go... I haven't upgraded. I will do that later today. I think the Revv sounds great from what I have heard online. I am also looking forward to trying out that Grammatico. I am really looking forward to ReAmping some Bass guitar with the new amp, and pedals. At the moment (I guess as a studio guy it fluctuates) I am really enjoying ReAmping Bass guitar with Helix Native. But I love the new functions that get added to Helix over time. Like the QWERTY stuff.
  18. As a metal player (among other styles) I have to say I am quite happy getting some niche amps. Such as the cartographer. But I am always happy to get more tonal options in the high gain territory. Which I personally think the Helix overall could use more. I expect that will be satiated within the next few updates though. Hopefully the FW updates are actually more streamlined since this last update too!
  19. I am waiting until tomorrow at least. Swepco just sent out warnings in text that my location may experience power outages for the next few hours. I definitely do not want to have something like that go down with a FW update. Especially one that multiple people seem to be having some issue with.
  20. I found this at Sweetwater when I got home today. https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/first-look-helix-firmware-v2-80/
  21. Mine is off-center like yours. Mine clicks fine in all directions, and rotations. I can hear/feel it clearly in all directions. I think it may be slightly more stiff clicking to the right, but not much at all. I have had mine for almost 3 years, no issues.
  22. Yea that would be a nice addition as a model in the Helix at some point.
  23. I only use one subscription route for plugins, and that is the East West Cloud Composer X, and only for the instruments/generators not the FX. I am locked into a year, but it is only $20 a month. Now, I won't run into much of the problems that you are talking about if I don't renew it after a year, as I will render to dry track consolidation of each part (in each song) so it all gets replaced by the dry wav files, that I can process later. Other than East West Cloud Composer X, I tend to feel the same way as you do. I own everything else. The thing is when I researched EW, all of their instruments go through a downloader/installer of their own, (all same one) and all use the same "Play" plugin to operate. Which actually makes this subscription model a great offer from them in particular. But I understand the reservations, all other software that I use I own, I don't subscribe.
  24. Well said, and thank you for it. I actually do have some Dyslexia, and at times it has been a pain in the lollipop growing up, but I don't let it hold me back. I surely don't expect the forum to conform to it. That I find extreme. I just don't want the forum to have the letters dancing around. LOL. Oddly enough, I (not properly diagnosed) and most my family agree that "I am on the spectrum" as well. I do not really see how that has much of any thing to do with any of this except it will color/influence my posts. I don't expect change from a forum, or the members, for my sake. (what would that even be anyway?) I guess my point is I am not sure who he was posting that for. (other than obviously himself) I mean I fit the whole shabang, lol I even wear glasses too, got dry eye problems as well. While I have posted something in the past about my opinions about the attitudes in forums (in general) I don't expect the forums to change, I simply adjust myself to spend less time in them. (Ironic with the post, right) What you said rings so true. I am tired of seeing those truly worthwhile principles get belittled, especially from those who recite them while doing so.
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