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  1. This! I wasn't thrilled with Helix when I first got it, but it didn't take me long to get past the hurdle. I didn't even bother with presets though. I basically powered through creating my own, and learning how to do that well on the Helix. It wasn't instant as it was different than any other modeler I used, and parameters affected each other much more too. Now I am able to dial in tones that *I think* are really cool, and especially nice in tandem with other plugins. The closest I have come to buying presets is buying about a dozen cab IRs from 3sigma (which I am quite happy with). I still entertain the thought of buying the Helix preset pack from 3sigma, but that really isn't for the preset, its more for the "exclusive IRs made for Helix" that come with those presets. I might grab them during some holiday sale event like 4th July etc.
  2. Nah, don't feel bad. I get the feeling you are around twice my age, and I didn't know what it mean't until you posted it. Not that I really gave a damn, but that is a side point lol.
  3. Every time I hear that song, I can't help but picture the scene from Hot Shots Part Deux during that ridiculous sex scene. I love that movie. Also congrats on your purchase.
  4. I would love separate power amp blocks. However, after reading above, I would have to concur. I would prefer a single block, with all the adjustable parameters (mentioned in above posts) in that single block. This leads to much more robust, and flexible automation options when recording. I would like that. I even automate slight differences with the ir block, by automating between similar IRs. (because one IR sounds better on this lick, and the other IR sounded better on that lick) I think this route could lead to some cool tonal opportunities. I also think it would be better to get the power amp block (like stated above), instead of drip fed specific power amp models over a long period of time.
  5. As a high gain player I will say there is probably some truth to this. However, I honestly think that has more to do with options currently avail in each unit. Axe FX has plenty of high gain options to choose from. The Helix is rather lacking in the high gain department by comparison, those of us that play high gain pretty much agree on that. Hopefully over the next few updates the helix will get some well deserved high gain focus. (modern, and vintage) At that point the gap will have closed significantly, as the sound quality gap is small to begin with, and the high gain options is where the gap really lies. Helix can do high gain really well, it just needs more options.
  6. Umm seriously? you don't know?!? I mean isn't it obvious? its bacon. LOL On a serious note, nice lead guitar work in the examples above.
  7. This is where my head is at honestly. I just don't have the money to have AxeFX, and HX, and I surely didn't when I was getting my gear. Its not that I don't think the Axe Fx doesn't sound fantastic, I think it sounds astounding, and sometimes better than Helix, but my line of reasoning went a little different. When I was getting my gear, I was looking at routing, and ReAmp options as I was at the point where if it sounded better than my 11r I am sold... diminishing returns, and all . At the time it was Helix Rack, and Axe FX 2 XL+. I did not go Axe for two reasons. (A) Price (for me at the time it was about $1,000 difference) (B) Helix was new, it would be supported for quite some time, and Axe Fx II was getting old, I figured the successor was just around the corner, and I was not wrong. (but I didn't want to wait for Axe 3) So I invested in Helix Rack, controller, expression. Then over time with the updates they released this little gem Helix Native. That integration between the hardware, and that software was a deal sealer for me. As far as I know, there is no competition in this regard, and certainly wasn't at the time. Fractal doesn't have a plugin of their AxeFx suite. I do not regret my choice one bit, even after hearing Axe FX III comparison videos, and preferring the tone over the Helix in the same video at times. Also for two reasons. (A) The people dialing in the tones may be biased to one product, or the other. (B) They are not me, nor are they dialing in a tone, with my gear, for the song I am creating. I love the tones I get out of my Helix, and I will only get better at it. I might be able to get slightly better tones out of the AxeFX III, but I am not paying the toll to find out. By the time I want to upgrade that particular piece of equipment I am sure that L6 will have a Helix successor ready, and Axe FX III will be getting a bit long in the tooth to upgrade to for me. Who knows, may even be other contenders out there... Wow, I did not intend to type this much. Some fine examples, and playing posted above. You guys are better guitar players than I am in some ways. Very Nice.
  8. Yeah, I hardly ever load up an amp model, and leave the sag/bias sections at default... and I like to create a new patch for each song/instrument. I don't think I have come across any amp models in the helix that I don't like in some form, for some reason. I have found some that for no reason seem to use a lot of DSP (Mail-Order Twin is the name if I remember correctly) but boy I could get it to sound quite nice for the application.
  9. Same here, at least for the editor, and Native. I think it could be a nice asset. Everyone borrows ideas from everyone in this industry, and in pretty much everything else. Remember Behrin%$&? There are only 12 notes in Western music, within a limited number of octaves, and only so many time domains. As musicians we should all accept the fact that we borrow ideas, techniques, melodies, etc from one another. We were all inspired by someone in the music world, and a lot of it overlaps.
  10. I had to post this. If I violate something by posting the video I will take it down. This is the 3rd documentary video on Devin Townsend's Empath record. In the video you can clearly see he has an Axe FX II XL+ (can see the editor at 04:38 to 04:42), and you can clearly see the Helix Rack at 06:35 to 06:39, both in his studio setup. So more and more big name people are using it for various reasons.
  11. I feel you on the variety. I am a metal head, but I make all kinds of music. I usually find something great in every update so far with the Helix. Even in the last one that added models. I am having a lot of fun (and great results) with the Texas ch1 amp, and the addition of the treble booster pedal. Great stuff! On the topic of updates in general for the Helix platform. It seems each year there is something that really drives home more reason why I am happy I chose it as my platform. 1st realization was when they launched HX Native. That helps tremendously in a studio environment. Snapshots was another one, but I don't use them a whole lot as a studio musician, but I love the option. Another now is being able to control my DAW transport with my feet at the mic stand away from my controls. (Sure I could do this with a tablet, and app, but I like the idea using my Helix control to do it) Not to mention all the great models we are getting. It is of my personal opinion that the models we have gotten in firmware updates have sounded better than a lot of what the Helix shipped with. (I mean new models, not that they changed the sound of ones already there, like the Archtype, Litigator, Cartographer, and Placater)
  12. Well in the context of a guitar amp/fx modeler, and in the context of guitarists, I don't consider metal all that niche as a whole, and like I said high gain even less so. I'm also just saying that there are plenty of "traditional" amps to hold over for a while, and would prefer the next update to focus a little bit more on the high gain territory. Like I said above, I am far from opposed of this update.
  13. I think its a pretty cool update. I like that a Revv is being added (something from a brand not currently in the Helix). I like the new EQ options, and the Zen drive. I even like the new clean, and crunch amps. Glad we got a new bass amp. I am really stoked about being able to control my DAW's transport control's from the Helix Rack floor controller. This way I can control my DAW more easily from the mic stand in my studio. That is an unexpected treat for us studio guys. I am grateful for the update, and look forward to it this Spring. All that said, I will state that I hope 3.0 will bring us some more high gain focus, more HX reverb flavors, and/or some metering/clip indications. (among some other cool stuff) I am pretty hopeful that throughout the year a good bit of that will be checked off as 2019 is supposed to be a fantastic year for Helix. Even as a metal guy, I am looking forward to the update cause contrary to the above, my interests are more than just high gain. Though the Helix could use more treatment in that department. Metal isn't all that niche', and high gain even less so.
  14. Yay, yet another religion to go along with all the others that plague this world.
  15. Actually, I did not. I have known about them for a couple of years now.
  16. A few US Destroyers already have weaponized lasers, and projectile defense. So you are saying its gonna be soon huh? Lol :p
  17. Sweet. I like new models, and I am excited about that, especially if it's a high gain focus. Frank has me just as excited as DI. Stating that 2.80 is cool, but 2019 is gonna be a great year for Helix. I'm paraphrasing of course. Especially since future updates will allow metering to be an option.
  18. This is the first thing I would check. Next I would make sure the mix knob is up on the amp model, or distortion pedals. (if there is even a mix knob, I am not in front of my Helix atm)
  19. When you have Reaper open make sure it is using the ASIO device you want. Make sure your new Scarlet is selected. That would be where I start. Do not rely on your old hardware's drivers/utilities. Download/install the newest ones for your new unit.
  20. Now that I have got a chance to get home, and hear it... That is likely from another power source in your house. Honestly it sounds like the refrigerator. Try unplugging the fridge, opening the door, to make sure all power is out, and none is stored. I get a very similar high pitch whine when I play guitar. Every time I play my electrics I have to unplug the fridge. I have it hooked to a power conditioner so I can just flip the switch on the power conditioner. It helps.
  21. Try your input pad. Try engaging it and see it it helps. Then experiment with the hi cut, and low cuts in your cabinet/IR block. If you want extra control over the eq curves you can load a hi/low cut eq block after your cab. I use them stacked in tandem. Allows me to keep my cuts less drastic in the cab/ir block, and tame them with the hi/low cut eq block which to me sounds like it has steeper curves. You really have to chip away at the top, and bottom end to make that middle really shine. That is where the meat of guitar is.
  22. Native by itself can get you there. Native working with other plugins can take you into crazy territory.
  23. While there are still some existing amps I would like them to model... (especially in the high gain territory) I totally agree that they should really make some more Line 6 original models, and more rare models.
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