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  1. talwilkins, How many approx. hours do ya think are on those tubes?
  2. I would return it if it doesn't sound right.
  3. Works good IMO. Here's a thread that cover's this.
  4. Update: After all of the above I think it was my fault. I reopened the patch today and found the Echo Reverb Decay at 100%. Lol Moral of the story? "It pays to step back and reflect" and the Answer to the question is "It was Me" :P
  5. I think I'm going to be taking the chassis out.
  6. Was using HD 500 Edit editing a patch with a somewhat clean Treadpate Pre with a Echo Reverb at the end of the chain. Was playing it like that and then decided to add a Auto Volume Delay before the Reverb. While setting the delay feedback to 100% and testing it the sound got stuck at 100% feedback but when I tried turning down the feedback the sound still rung out at 100% feedback so then I tried deleting the Delay and still the sound would not change I then tried to just turn off the delay and nothing happened then I tried to turn off the reverb and still no change. So then I tried sending the patch with the deleted delay to the pod and still it hasn't changed. Then I tried changing to another patch and then back and it was still stuck there in 100% feedback in the auto swell that had already been deleted.. Then I turned the Echo Reverb mix down and the sound went away turned it back up and it came back. So I think using the echo reverb with the auto volume delay with feedback set to 100% can be problematic. I'm not an expert, but have been toying around with presets for quite a while now. My rig is an updated 32 bit Win 7 Vaio AR630E with 4gb Ram. Out of the USB near the laptops power supply and into the HD500 with current firmware and into a DT50 Head with the L6 connection with a 5 foot AES/EBU cable. and out the 4ohm tap into a Jet City JCA12S+ Cab parallel with a Line 6 DT25 Ext. Cab. Didn't record the sound, was playing casually. Had a really nice tone going and the rig does sound very good, IMO. I've been playing with good results for quite sometime before this happened. Was I doing something wrong? Is it a characteristic of that combination of effects. The way I see it I should've been able to turn the effects off with the commands sent from HD Edit. I still like the devices and will continue to use them but with caution, lol. Along time ago when I was a "Grasshopper" editing a patch with a delay dragging it to another FX block, don't know exactly what else I did in that patch but had a god awful sound happen that would not stop and got really loud fast, pulled the input plug amp in a hurry, lol. Finally whenever I edit patches and make changes like dragging an effect or setting feedbacks or drives at higher levels, I always have the Master Volume turned all the way down and after the change I slowly turn it up with caution. I haven't blaired myself with unexpected noise in a very long time using this method.
  7. Very nice rundown on your bias job, thanks. When I do my DT50 Head I should do the same.
  8. Cool, Thanks for updateing your thread to let us know what it was. Time to use it now.
  9. I don't get any noise when switching off the tuner. Maybe you should reflash the firmware.
  10. Glad to hear you got it going and am glad to have been able to help, your welcome. Like Silverhead said the USB ports are not always up to par with the pod. If you find a port that works good make sure you keep using the same one. I haven't had the usb problem but if I did I'm sure it would drive me crazy until I figured it out, lol. Oh yeah and restarting the devices does seem to help when abnormal things happen.
  11. I cannot believe it lasted as long as it did. WOW. I don't know if it can be fixed but maybe there is a type of fuse built into the PCB that is replaceable. If it were mine I would take that sucker apart and look for anything thats burnt.
  12. Thanks Jakeman 19 for the input, interesting set-up you have there. Sorry so late responding. I'm really late about radatats question, sorry, on LVM recording and I really don't have an answer as I haven't tried it, but inovation starts with trying things out of the ordinary and when said idea is carried out and succceeds or fails you can then move on. At least in this case sonicwave and maybe a few others have learned where that boost setting is.
  13. You may need to turn the boost back on. Read the part of the manual I have attached and see if anything there makes sense. Also I use Distortion Pedals sometimes. I've built 2 Tube Stomp boxes made by modkitsdiy, they turned out great.
  14. It's a big improvement IMO too. I'm using the DT50 Head and DT25 Cabinet and man it sounds great. Have you tried using the DT edit software to access the other goodies that came in the update? Don't need it when ya have a HD500 or the like.
  15. When I had these sort of problems I would unplug pod usb, uninstall all line 6 drivers and programs and then go through the line 6 program file folder on C: drive and delete all of them, restart the computer, plug the pod usb and turn it on and download the latest Monkey, install it, sign in, and then try to reinstall the latest firmware and drivers. If Monkey won't recognize the pod then try it in safe mode. I know it sucks up time to do all this but I have alot of patience, lol. Here's the latest Manual on the Pod HDPro in case you want see the instructions on the use of Monkey again it's page 103. I remember one time with the pod hooked up, just for the fun I deleted the device drivers in Device Manager, Win 7 and of course as soon as I did that the pod didn't work untill went reloaded the drivers with Monkey. The point I'm trying to make is that I wanted to know how to fix it in case some driver or software became corrupt and now I know my PC and Pod alot better and can take care of any software related issues on my own, but I have to say I spent alot of time doing this. Now I can just enjoy using it all, lol. I had some of these issues with the X3 Pro that I still have and use but worked through them.
  16. Your Welcome, I lost so many patches I just finally evolved into someone who just makes patches when I want a particular tone. Eventually you get really good at it and learn new things as you go. Now what I do is save them to my computer as soon as I can but I still don't rely on saving them. Have Fun, Thumbs Up.
  17. I see the trouble you have there. Maybe you should open a support ticket if you haven't already. I remember having some trouble a ways back when I first started toying around with these devices and felt the same way you are now, but I worked through it trying things like removing all the old files. like the drivers and even the program files and folders in windows program files in order to reinstall everything correctly. I guess something got really corrupt the first time I tried to install everything. You may want to try that also on your Mac. It seems like the drivers aren't working properly, just my opinion though. The first time I had these kinds of issues with my HD 500 I thought the device was broke but then stepped back from the computer, came back later fresh and figured it out.
  18. I think while your in safe mode you can use the Monkey to reinstall the firmware. I would try that in your case but I have never had to do this yet so I have no real experience here and I also use Windows 7, not very familiar with Mac. Try the Reinstalling while in safe mode and see what happens. Also have you registered your pod with Line 6 yet? Maybe some of the following will help some.
  19. That's discouraging. Hope you get Line 6 to help. I don't know if it will help but maybe if you try unplugging the pod and then turn it on, to drain all voltage, and then try to power up again holding the left nav button. If I understand correctly, you can't reinstall the firmware in safe mode?
  20. Power on the POD HD500 while holding the LEFT ARROW (<) button while plugging in the power supply to the POD Check this out You should probably calibrate the Pedal too.
  21. I play around with a few pedals going into the front of my DT50 and Spider Jam. 2 of them were DIY Modkits, the Persuader and the Persuader Deluxe. They sound purty good. Also I don't see much point in going past 12 O'clock with the DT 50 Master Volume, at least for now.
  22. You can reduce the volume of the sound file with Audacity and then save it that way. Try it out.
  23. For example, if I'm not using the auxiliary input and cd/mp3 input I will turn those levels all the way down to Zero. Also if I'm not using the playback levels I set those levels to Zero. I have to admit I didn't learn this overnight and I'm still learning. Between playing with the HD500, DT50, and the Spider Jam I've got my hands full, but I love it. Also I have quite a few guitars now so I'm always servicing them and modifying them for different kinds of playing and tuning.
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