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  1. I may have missed this if it was mentioned, but as I'm taking delivery of my Helix tomorrow, I'm curious. Is there a volume drop when not using amp modeling, like in the HD series? I'll be using a custom violin IR, and I had always used the Hiway 412 model in my HD500, mainly for the volume boost.
  2. I've already ordered my Helix. The potential purchase is the Reflex, which does feature an LFO controller.
  3. Internal LFO as a parameter controller, sent as external MIDI CC, or to internal models: Is this something that could possibly come in a future FW update? I'm not going to be impatient, but a potential purchase hinges on it. I've been looking at the Source Audio Reflex for a while now, mostly for its LFO control feature. If there's a possibility, then I will sit on that, but if it's in the "never gonna happen" category, then I will go ahead and buy the Reflex. And yes, I did upvote the Ideascale post.
  4. I would go with the JBLs. I've used the 305s, and had very accurate results. The KRKs are deceptive, and are more suited to hi-fi, recreational listening. I mixed on Rokit G2s for a few years, and they always gave me problems.
  5. hideout is right. Monitors should be sized to match the room they are in. In a smaller space, 5" monitors with a sub is the right way to go.
  6. I've had great experience with the PADI, over the past 16(16???) years of using it with my E-violins. I used it, got rid of it, got another one, and even with the HD500's 3.5MegOhm load, I noticed a difference in fullness and overall tonal improvement with the preamp in front.
  7. Oh, definitely. I can probably use my LR Baggs PADI, put its effect send into one of the fx returns on the Helix. If the control board is really a big difference, then I should just look at the floor version, and save a bunch of money. Either way, my preamp has a 10 Meg ohm input, so I will be using that. The tone difference I get from high-load inputs is too big to ignore. So I'm back to a floor processor and a pedalboard. I think the jury will be out on whether I need to keep the Osmosis until I actually get the Helix and start programming it.
  8. I've been using an HD500 for a long time, and it's upgrade time. I play electric violin, and MIDI-controlled Whammy 5 is an integral part of my rig. I have a Molten Voltage Osmosis, which selects presets, sets Whammy pedal position, and also calls up presets on my Source Audio EQ. From what I've been reading, I will probably have to keep at least the Whammy, and probably the Osmosis, as well. Right now, I'm looking to set up the Helix rack in an 8u rack, with drawer-mounted pedals, and probably a rack EQ. I like having access to a hardware EQ at all times. My first question: Can the Helix floor/rack floorboard send more than one MIDI command at a time? Three to five commands would be nice. If I could leave the Osmosis at home, I might be convinced to get the floor processor instead of the rack version. Second question: Can the floorboards be set up with completely customized layouts? For example: Top row: bank up, preset 1, preset 2, preset 3, looper, snapshot 1 Bottom row: bank down, MIDI command 1, MIDI command 2, MIDI command 3, snapshot 2, tap/tuner Third question: Can a 3rd party controller(FCB1010, HD500, etc) be set up to access presets, snapshots, send MIDI PC/CC, tempo? I'm not concerned with changing preset parameters during performance. If the presets and snapshots are all MIDI accessible, then I will be able to do just about everything I want. Fourth question: Are there any internal LFO, like the Fractal processors have? Last question: Is the input impedance seriously topped out at 1 Megohm? I have a good preamp, but I never had to use it with the HD500. Not a huge deal, but I was really surprised at that.
  9. The HD500 can be used to send PC or CC messages, and if you had a MIDI translator, it could do single-touch bulk commands. I plan to get a Helix rack this year, and I will either be using my HD500 or an FCB1010 to control it, along with my other MIDI-enabled pedals.
  10. I did take photos of each config screen, as her settings were almost all different from mine.
  11. I've had to borrow a friend's HD500, since mine is waiting on parts. Do the I/O, MIDI, global EQ settings change with setlist, or with the whole bundle?
  12. I'm also using the Poulin IR loader. I have Mainstage, using a different interface, which goes in the fx loop early in my chain. It's made all the difference for my DI live tone. Of course, I have a few EQs, multi-comp, and a buss compressor loaded as well.
  13. I use a Whammy 5 with mine, and I have FS 1-8 and the looper switch all mapped to Whammy presets. It takes a MV Osmosis and some tricky mapping, but it works. There's nothing in the multi-fx category that is as good as a Whammy 5, or another Digitech/EHX single-purpose pedal, for pitch/harmony effects.
  14. You can send a PC message, CC or CC toggle message. I have my hd500 set to FS 1-8, and each footswitch sends pc messages. I use 9 standard PC messages that are duplicated on all of my Pod presets, so the same switch will always send the same program change. If you have effects that are locked into their MIDI commands, you need translation hardware to convert the incoming messages to what you want. That's what I use the Osmosis for. One message splits into up to 5 PC, and 16 CC. Controls all three pedals with different messages.
  15. I use a Molten Voltage Osmosis for my MIDI mapping. I agree that it was a big thing to leave out, for such an otherwise capable unit. That, and no MIDI-over USB.
  16. I use a lot of sub-octave with my electric violin, which go pretty low, but I keep the 100 Hz high pass on, for all the same reasons. The harmonics come through just fine, and there's nothing to add to the mud. I like to put the high pass on the amp models, so that delays and reverbs don't have the opportunity to build the low end into weird harmonics(which happens anyway). Pass higher than you think, earlier than you think. You will come through clearer and cleaner in the mix. One thing I do in Mainstage, after the Pod, is to put a high notch cut around 4.5kHz right out of the gate, and then boost the same frequency/Q at the end, after my multi-band comp, and cab sim. This prevents bad piezo noise from being accentuated, while letting everything else get appropriately shaped and boosted enough.
  17. You might be able to do what you want if you run a MIDI cable from the output straight in to the input. Then, set the MIDI commands on each button to correspond to the desired patches, and make sure the channel is the same as the Pod's channel. Consult the advanced pilot's guide for more details; I don't know the proper PC commands to make this happen, off the top of my head. If you do it right, you can set all eight footswitches to switch to different patches.
  18. I use my hd500 with my electric violin. My live rig usually includes a Power Engine 60T, but when I go DI, I go USB to MBP running Mainstage, with LePou IR host. Mainstage is $30, and LePou is free, as are many IRs you can use with it(paid IRs can be found under $10). Along with the cab sim, I use light EQ, light compression, and that's about it. Sounds great.
  19. It doesn't have a battery option. It does run on low amp 5.0vdc, so maybe a filtered USB power supply wired to the right barrel plug would do the trick.
  20. No noise through the 1/4" output into my Power Engine. I generally use the 2 XLRs when playing at church, so I will have to test that out tomorrow.
  21. HD500, with a Source Audio Hot Hand 3 controller. I've been using this setup for at least a year now, but I only just noticed a bit of crackle when playing through headphones. I unplugged the patch cord from the HH3, but left it powered on, and the sound disappeared. Also unplugged power from the HH3, and left it plugged into exp2. No noise. All power cords are far removed from each other, and I did use new patch cords, instrument cables for the exp2 connection. No other variables got rid of the crackle besides powering down and/or removing the HH3. Is anyone else experience noise when using a powered expression pedal?
  22. Okay, it works, but... Remember these steps: Set the CC099 message into the same channel as the Pod itself. In my case, channel 1. Go into system settings, to the MIDI setup page, and make SURE that MIDI output is set to Out, not Out/Thru. If you leave it on Out/Thru, it will cause some sort of evil feedback loop that, in my case, cause my M5 to switch bypass on and off really fast, and started changing presets on the PEQ until I cut power to the whole mess. After I switch it to Out only, everything worked perfectly. Now I have 9 discrete effect settings that mix and match settings on the Whammy, M5, and the PEQ. Pedal position on the Whammy is sent via CC, so I have sets of two patches with the same Whammy programs, but different pedal positions.
  23. I will likely attempt this tomorrow, but in any case: I have a Molten Voltage Osmosis. It takes incoming MIDI, and translates each message into a series of PC and/or CC messages to be distributed to down-chain gear. Love it. I just had a thought. If I were to run a cable from my MIDI splitter back into the Pod's MIDI input, would I be able to switch off the looper with its own switch? What I mean is: I don't use the looper. Ever. But it sits there, taunting me with the unused switch that can be mapped to some function, were it not for the looping function that it activates. I have my Osmosis receiving MIDI on channel 2. If I were to set the Pod's channel to 1, and mapped a PC message(PC 012, for example) from the loop switch to be translated into CC99: 000 via the Osmosis, could I effectively turn the looper off immediately after turning it on, while activating other functions in my other pedals via MIDI? This would make my day. The Osmosis can send 5 PC and 16 CC messages for every PC message that it receives, and I have one extra output on my Quadra Thru splitter.
  24. I would do that, but I use a lot of MIDI PC/CC, and having another button to send commands would be helpful.
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