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  1. Or maybe try to find some ir of analog channel or preamp or even eq.. maybe some Neve or Pilates? you can find a lot online, even specifically taylored to the kind of instrument you are amplifying..
  2. This! MainStage is a permanent part of my live rig, and now it's mainstage plus helix floor.. it's one of the most powerful pieces of gear I've ever used!
  3. You always get charged for VAT, in Italy, whatever the subject of the transaction, if things are done properly. What is definitely missing is the option to enter a VAT ID number to legally detract taxes from the expenses, which a lot of US companies allow you to do. Line 6 should update their selling scheme to let professional musicians take advantage of that, as prescribed by EU laws. The only other brand that doesn't allow this that I know of is UAD, but they give you a coupon double the VAT amount to shop for plugins (how clever, lol)
  4. Try the bridge pickup, pick very very close to the bridge and slightly bend each note you play at the attack.. play on a single string, while playing the lower one next to it as a resonating drone.. best is open D drone and playing on the G string.. keep in mind that a sitar is an acoustic instrument, so try experimenting with some acoustic simulation IRs..
  5. Hi. Do you have any bus compression/maximizer on the master bus? Also keep in mind that it's good habit to have tracks peak at -12/-18 dB and that some instrument presets in Logic are way too hot (they save them like this to make them appear they sound better). Also, you can probably turn down USB 1/2 in level in global settings, I usually keep it at -6 to -12
  6. It really depends on the daw you're using.. If in Logic, you can load two instances of Native, with an ext I/O plugin in the middle. You simply turn on the pre Strymon Fx in the first instance, and the post Strymon in the second, and assign I/o plugin a path on the hw Helix with only the loop active. I guess any daw has a similar option, btw.. Edit: I forgot to mention: make an aggregate device with UAD/Hx.. that's exactly my setup, and it works fairly well..
  7. Probably not the best place to ask, but I struggle to find any info searching Google and the website. Where do I enter my EU VAT ID while purchasing, given that I have VAT exemption? Thanks
  8. Make sure your headphones aren't monitoring both jack and xlr outs. That's in global settings. This would make the playback of your recording less powerful than your live playing, if USB 1/2 in is routed to xlr or jack only.
  9. Keep in mind that the 20k figure isn't referring to the cab's range, but to the mic channel's. If you are used to mixing, you should know that at times it's preferable not to cut too much of a guitar signal, or to use a shelf instead of a cut. I think most of the trouble here comes from Helix being a great piece of recording gear as well, and this can lead to some confusion, maybe. It's always better to have more spectrum available, and to eq it at a later stage. I actually don't use a lot of cut (if at all) on the cabs, neither live or recording, and feel I'm getting results very close to those I get miking my real amps.. You should think of treating your signal as you would do while mixing at the FOH or in the studio, so if a cut off signal is what you like, experiment with the abundant eq options we have till you find your signature eq.
  10. People willing to go through the hassle of buying Helix and returning it to pay 99 bucks instead of 399 might as well go for the cracked version that's surely going to be available soon (let's not discuss release dates lol). And if line6 states clearly that licenses have to be transferred (as eventide does with their H9 purchases or many companies like Native instruments do) prior to resale, and that Helix return is subject to not opening the software coupon card, that would be hassle free.. no return accepted if you opened the plugin code, easy as hell
  11. Our brain itself uses some latency, to compensate stimuli coming from body parts further than others (to perceive your foot at the same time of your nose). the taller you are, the more latency you live with. That's also the cause of DejaVu. You've already seen what you are seeing, or heard what you are hearing, just few milliseconds ago.. Some bug in your latency compensation code :)
  12. Best option would be to be able to save block presets, just like in Boss GT series. I'd sacrifice a whole set list for that..
  13. You get all the functionality even without the driver. And, as you already discovered, better performance. The only (minor) drawback is that sample rate is stuck at 48kHz
  14. Hi Z is needed just if you are plugging your guitar directly into the mixer. Guitar input in Helix is already taking care of the correct impedance, if set to auto it even changes its impedance to better reflect that of the emulated devices. So just treat Helix output as a regular line output and you're ok!
  15. The mic preamp in the Helix is pretty good! I also use it, at times, as a live fx tool for my singer, with the added benefit that she doesn't have to worry about fx switching.. I prefer recording vocals with my UAD Apollo, but I have recorded through the Helix several times with very good results
  16. You can have a second parallel path down on path 2.. not perfect but better than nothing..
  17. Check out Source Audio's Reflex. It's Analog/MIDI/USB and has presets and pedal controlled LFO's, and MIDI clock sync
  18. Yep, my point exactly. But I'm a producer as well, and have worked with top technicians worldwide, and they need you to know what you want. That's a crucial part of today's musician job. Sound is the new Harmony and has become more and more a structural part of arrangement and production. And Helix is a perfect platform to do your homework
  19. I always had my tube amps pointed at my face, on stage, laying on the monitor, so I surely am more used to hearing higher frequencies, but a good habit, in music recording, is to have more and then cut it off, rather than cutting something you may need later in a mix. That said, there's another factor you may want to consider: some amps have master set way too high, and power amp distortion is usually less pleasant than preamp distortion.. even when I could, I'd never record an amp at full master volume, and that is the same for Helix models. Try backing down the master and raise the channel volume (which is the representation of the mixer fader) and some of the harshness should be tamed. After that, just go for the sound you like better, and notice that may not be the same for every song. With modelers like Helix you get to be in control of the sound post amp, which is usually the FOH or recording engineer's business. It may seem overwhelming, at first, but it's a good thing to have control of the sound you're producing, in the end.
  20. It's at the beginning of the 2.20 thread, but DI said that Lfo reset is not implemented, and I haven't been able to understand if this is going to be addressed or not, even having asked. If not, clock sync is pretty unuseful, as we can already use snapshots, as previously stated. No precise info that I know of, sorry..
  21. I actually think only EHX and Digitech really nailed it, aside from Midiguitar phone and OS X app and TC Electronic subnup.. Eventide sucks at polyphonic tracking, otherwise my H9 would be the go to solution for my needs.. and boss.. haven't tried their synth pedal, but the tracking in their pitch pedals is just as prone to glitches as Eventide or Helix. Or have I missed something? I just know I miss my POG2..
  22. I have spent a lot of time recording my own tube amps and cabs (blues deluxe, ac15htv, H&K, etc..) with several mics (tlm 103, beyerdynamic tg60, e609, sm57, etc) and I have to say Helix is pretty much the real thing, when compared to that kind of sound. And I never had an amp sounding the same in two different locations or positions, while Helix gives me more consistency. Just my 2¢..
  23. How did you reference and compare them? Was that by recording or by comparing amp out vs Helix out in the room?
  24. Hi, sorry for the delay, didn't get any notification of your post. Yes, pm me and tell me what kind of help you need!
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