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  1. I think your best option is keeping the wet ratio on the RV6 to 100% (effectively killing out the dry converted signal) and setting up the best mi ratio only using s/r block send and return parameters. With the reverb as a late fx in the signal chain, you're going to lose part of the stereo field, and you'd lose it on one of the most spacial fx. Just go completely wet on the reverb and mix it in with the Helix.
  2. In my opinion there's only a few things missing to be on par with the Timeline: a decent shimmer/crystals sound, and the most musical feature in a delay pedal ever: envelope triggered reverse delay. While I love the sound of the delays in Helix, the reverse delay in the Timeline is totally predictable, and no other pedal does this. Also, having access to auto volume and to a decent polyphonic tracking octaver would be a great addiction.
  3. Try to lower the output volume of the pedal, and the send volume of the s/r block, just to check.. some pedals are conceived to really drive the analog amp input, and you don't want this to happen in an AD conversion. Otherwise this could be a bad cable as well, but you may have sorted this out already..
  4. I promise unplugging your jack will not hurt that much ;)
  5. I have every single patch set up this way on a laptop, using Mainstage as an audio and midi hub. You can also set the Helix's footswitches to play notes, or sequences, and to control plugin parameters. In fact this was one of its main selling points, for me..
  6. I think the problem may lie in the fact that you're using an output that's built to drive earphones, and thus amplified. Better connect to the line out, and set them to line in global settings.
  7. You can mike your cab and place post cab Fx on a Helix path, and send that to FOH. That's what I use Helix' mic in for..
  8. Keep in mind that, as the name suggests, rotary cab is a cab already, so you better try to deactivate your cab emulation and place it after the amp block, first. If you prefer having it in line before your amp block, the best option is to place a parametric eq after it and to boost the mids until you feel you're exaggerating the frequency you dislike, and after that you cut it out.
  9. disable any other processing, aside from the cabs, and run the impulse through your cabs, using IR utility. Done. No amp, which is only required to drive the real cab but makes no sense when sampling a virtual IR.. I'm not sure, though, that the interaction between the various Helix Cabs will be mantained this way. Just try it :)
  10. Heel (full up) and toe (full down) it's in semitones, so it's +12 for an octave and +24 for 2 octaves
  11. May I suggest having a look at Source Audio's Reflex exp pedal? It's very advanced, has different curves, does LFOs and syncs to midi clock. And sends both analog and MIDI exp at the same time.. And sends any controller you want it to send.
  12. I also had my backpack's shoulder strap break at the buckle, almost making me drop my helix.. I would like to know where I could get some stronger replacement buckles.
  13. I remember using the H9 as first and last in a MIDI loop.. It was like H9->ES8->Timeline->BigSky->H9 Just remember to deactivate H9's midi through and to make it clock source.. It won't solve Helix sync but it's worth a try..
  14. H9 and Infinity Looper can send MIDI clock, so the big question is whether Line6 is planning to implement at least slave mode, mainly to have modulation and reverse delay synced to the band or the sequences..
  15. I have kept my H9 Max and BigSky. And I'm about to buy me a Sub'n'Up, I tried it out and it's almost as good as the POG2 I sold, but with the added option of tone print editing with eq drive and modulation. I also use a Source Audio Reflex, which is an exp pedal that can also send MIDI and synced LFOs. I can modulate any parameter of the other pedals as it has 3 MIDI outputs and 3 analog ones..
  16. Hi! Thanks for the very helpful and great job! Only info that I cannot find is about the tube studio pre.. Any info about it? Thanks Tommaso
  17. Kept my H9 Max, Strymon Deco (which I use as my first pedal) and a NovaDrive, but it doesn't get used, now.. Also kept my manta bass filter, for weird distortion fx.. Very tempted to buy a Pog2 again.. Also, Reflex expression pedal is holding its place as the king of exp..
  18. I don't know if this has been suggested yet, but I submitted to idea scale a possible alternative solution to having scenes in the same preset: being able to link presets and tell Helix no structure change will happen, just settings will be different: this would reduce loading times to 0 and probably allow spillover while possibly avoiding radical changes to the concept and firmware..
  19. I see. Thanks for your answers, I'll try that asap. Is it stable under OSX? I see somebody is having problems, and I'd like to know if everything is solved..
  20. Hi all. I finally had time to test a Helix for a while, even if only with headphones, and I have to say it's quite impressive! My only concern is USB connectivity: maybe I just haven't figured it out, but I think it should be possible to route send/return blocks to USB audio channels as well, in order to insert audio plugins into the fx chains. Have I missed something? As far as I know, only in/out blocks communicate with the USB Channels..
  21. Hi. I heavily rely on MainStage for certain fx and synth.. how many times can the gt signal go in and out of my MacBookPro through usb? I mean.. Can I go from Helx to the computer with dry signal, put some fx on it in MainStage, go back to Helix and after that to my amp, then back into Helix, to Mainstage again and meanwhile send a stereo feed to the final stage of Helix from the computer? I hope this is clear.. Best Tommaso
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