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  1. Sometimes it can be as simple as the vibration at gig volumes can move knobs ever-so-slightly - enough to alter the tone. Next time try and see if it looks like the patch has been edited (asterix). One way to stop this is to move all the knobs hard to zero before the gig, which should stop any vibration moving the knobs. Also make sure your volume pedal is calibrated.
  2. It might help if you attached a patch where this is happening.
  3. So you're not monitoring via the POD HD500 I take it? If you're monitoring via the computer then what is probably happening is that Cubase is selecting the POD ASIO driver. Go to the audio preferences in Cubase and check which driver you have selected for audio rec/playback and select the one for your audio card (if this is indeed how you are monitoring). Please note ASIO can only select one device for both rec/playback.
  4. What device are you referring to?
  5. The effect is called Bender. Here's a document I found on it which may help: You need to have the latest flash memory firmware in your Pod to have the Bender option. Note that you may lose model packs if you update and you have a second-hand unit with them installed and the owner didn't 'gift' them to you.
  6. My memory is hazy on this, but I believe yes the POD2 does have a battery for the RAM. I believe it is a lithium watch-type and will be easily replaceable. They are only supposed to last 5 years. I'll see if I can find some more info like battery model type - or you could open it up (with power disconnected of course) and have a look.
  7. The first thing to try is calibrating the pedal. How to do it is here: You do have to press very hard to activate the volume pedal: that is normal. I don't own an XT Live but I do not believe the pedal has any rubber pads, certainly my Express pedal doesn't.
  8. Never use a DC adapter for anything that requires AC. It will kill that device if you plug it in. There are many retailers like Amazon or music stores that have genuine PX-2 supplies.
  9. No way of knowing without someone techie looking at it. Might be as simple as a fuse or as complex as the whole board is fried. As you bought it on eBay I would first contact the seller and see what they say. If you find no quick solution I would ask for a refund and send it back sooner rather than later.
  10. Why would there be any rumblings? There's plenty of references to "Based on Marshall", "Based on Fender" etc. with no comeback there. Hence the rather odd naming conventions on the actual units as using the actual names might get them sued, but saying something sounds like something else is not illegal. Sometimes John Hall goes a bit obsessive about it all so he might want to try it on, but all Line 6 would meed to do is to change the descriptions: "Based on a jangly guitar used by The Beatles". :D I actually own a Rick 4001. Maybe if they made some cheaper versions a la Fender/Squire, Gibson/Epiphone there wouldn't be much of a clone market. I did see that thing where BassChat changed their marketplace policy so you can't descibe your bass as a Rickenbacker copy,but I think that was pre-emptive.
  11. What can I say? I'm allergic to dogs and cats.
  12. I don't own the JTV, but I would assume you can still open the patch you want to copy into the Workbench editor? If so just manually jot down the values and remake the patch in a rewritable slot.
  13. The alternative to GearBox for Windows is... Gearbox. Get it from the download section of this site.
  14. The only dots you need are those ones on the chord diagrams:
  15. I tend to use Rotosounds, but I have no real brand preference. I have never put a set on and thought that my guitar sounded magically different or felt any difference in playing from brand to brand. I don't like coated strings though. I tend to use 11-50 - I don't think the 48 you get with 11s is heavy enough. I have even ventured to 12s on occasion - especially if I am going to detune to guitar, but I have baritones for that now so I can stick to standardish tunings for my regular guitars. Generally the heavier the better.
  16. Maybe you could tone things down a little. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because someone doesn't like what you like doesn't mean they're full of anything. It means they have a different opinion to you. I always thought the originals were a bit bland in design - and no it was nothing to do with the lack of pick-ups - in fact I thought that was quite funky looking. I like odd guitars. The Variax isn't odd, it is (in my opinion with no lollipope involved) it's just a little, in modern parlance, meh. Not bad but not innovative either. I think the 500 had the best headstock.
  17. Also good luck in finding a music megastore in the UK these days - not many about.
  18. OK, so you didn't read the welcome message. Let me quote: "For those who've used our previous forum system, please note that the old forums still exist in a read-only state. There's still a lot of useful information there, and we'll ultimately archive them for posterity."
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