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  1. Well I use Cubase since Pro24 so maybe that's true. I remember the early C-Lab Notator (later Logic) stuff and it was horrible compared to Cubase. Also Logic was dropped for PC, so no go for a lot of people after that. You always enjoy a dig at Cubase for some reason (sic). Did Mr Steinberg take your firstborn or something? :)
  2. As you've found out the fx loop is just before the analogue output, so won't appear on the S/PDIF output. I always thought having the fx loop at the end of the chain was a bit pointless tbh but I guess the reason is that the unit would need another DA/AD convertor to get it to the digital out.
  3. Firstly if your MIDI lead is a no-name cheapo rubbish then that is almost certainly your problem. The recommended MIDISport Uno can be had for £22, so not sure where you're getting £100 figure from. You need to try this to eliminate your current lead as the problem - unles your current one is a very good make of course.
  4. No you cannot use it as a soundcard as it has no way to interface audio to a computer (MIDI does not transmit audio). If you want to record then you'll have to connect the outputs to your computer's soundcard input. Which leads you will need will depend on your set-up (which I obviously don't know).
  5. Not a lot to do with HD here, so I'm moving it to the AMPLIFi forum.
  6. There are two types of Pod2.0.The earlier model says "Pedal"on the rear socket.The newer model says "FBV Pedal". If you have the earlier(non-FBV) model then you cannot use FBV pedals.
  7. Line 6 set to increase birth rate! Love it. :D
  8. No the FloorBoard will not work with the HD series. In fact there has been the XT and X3 series since then that also do not work with the FloorBoard. You need one of the newer series FBV boards, probably this one would do for you: http://line6.com/footcontrollers/fbvshortboardmkii.html
  9. Moved to the Lounge as it's not HD related.
  10. Please make sure it's AC to AC. Many aftermarket adapters are AC to DC (probably what the guy gave you) and will eventually fry the Pod.
  11. You can't. They are completely different technology and architecture. You will need to create new tones on the HD.
  12. Also worth noting is the PSU ( it's not a charger btw) has to be AC to AC, so make sure the replacement is correct in this regard. Most PSUs supply DC and this also will damage the Pod. Sadly it's quite likely that something has been fried inside and a repair or replacement (whichever works out cheaper) may be the only option. The only way to know is to try the correct PX-2 PSU, it's not like you could cause any more damage.
  13. Regardless of someone else's issues, we're trying to fix your problem. Unless you try the suggested interface then it is impossible to rule it out. And yes, we are sure that not all interfaces are created equal. I spent four months on another forum trying to help a guy get his SysEx working for his synth. The instant he tried a better MIDI interface as I had suggested in the first place it worked first time. Sure, it may not fix your issue, but without eliminating it as the cause there is no way for us to move forward.
  14. Try giving all the knobs a good twist back and forth a number of times quickly to make sure they're clean and then park them at zero and see if the asterisk stays there now.
  15. I think you're getting a bit ridiculous with this analogy. Please feel free to take Line 6 to court. I think any lawyer will read the marketing blurb and tell you you don't have a leg to stand on. Which bit of 'up to' aren't people getting? I assume at some point you thought the HD Pro was good enough as it was seeing as you bought two. If you thought they were underpowered when you bought them why didn't you return them at the time? It obviously didn't do what was advertised (in your view) from the get go, yet you've only just noticed now that the 'x' has come out.
  16. Well technically there's actually two bass amps - the Tweed B-Man (Fender Bassman - used by guitarists but actually a bass amp originally - check the name) and the Flip Top (Ampeg B-15NF) which is the 'proper' bass amp model.
  17. Your set-up would be Guitar>JM-4>Spider IV. The FBV is just a controller for various devices - in this instance your Spider IV. I does not pass audio. Also do you mean the FBV Shortboard MarkII? Also which Spider IV/ There are some campatibility issues with certain devices. Check the chart here: http://line6.com/footcontrollers/compatibility.html Some (if not all) of the Spider's have a looper built in anyway, controllable from the FBV, although the JM-4 is probably more flexible.
  18. I don't think different logo machines are different in any way - except the earlier machines have to be updated via MIDI if the are v1.01. Once updated USB can be used as normal. The XT and XT Pro have slightly different versions (3.01 vs 3.02 I think). You don't mention the Metal Shop, so maybe you don't have all the expansions. Also, when installing firmware you will be asked whether or not you want to keep the current presets. Depending on what you select at this stage may result in different results. Also I cannot remember if the XT necessarily has the same presets as the XT Pro. Were all these devices bought new? There may be all sorts of odd presets if bought second hand. Also are you reading the latest pdf manual? The printed manual has some errors due to changes in the firmware over time (like pages that don't exist).
  19. The HD series do not currently have any additional model packs, so purchasing the Power Pack would be a waste of money as you can't use it with these devices.
  20. That is about you having to own the model packs. Do you have the model packs in your account? Have you updated all the XTs to the latest OS? Have you run the licence manager? If yes to all the above then you can install the model packs on your XTs.
  21. Make sure that Cubase's sampling rate (e.g. 44.1kHz or 48kHz) and bit depth (e.g. 24-bit or 16-bit) match the settings on the HD300. That latency in your picture looks huge at the moment from what I can see.
  22. Why not ask on the Fractal forum where they may have some idea?
  23. My first guess would be that cheap USB to MIDI lead. Get the recommended M-Audio MIDISport Uno and try that. Cheap devices can often send some data giving the appearance of working but fall down on the finer points, like SysEx.
  24. Yes, get rid of the generic USB-MIDI cable and buy a decent one like the recommended M-Audio MIDISport Uno. Those cheapo cables are notorious for not being able to transmit SysEx properly.
  25. Dunno about Digitech, but I'd like to see these Boss forums with user suggestions, feedback from Boss and regular updates to their products. Please link as I have been looking for such a place.
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