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  1. The only way to know is to try the proper supply. You may be lucky, it is not necessarily damaged. Good luck.
  2. The propriety argument is silly. None of the connectors disallow other means of useage: you can use MIDI for foot controllers, normal 1/4" for Variax audio and normal audio outs instead of L6Link, so these properiety connectors you hate so much add features for some, but take no features away that the Bosses and Zooms offer. Also if you already have a foot controller and Line 6 took away the connector on new products there would be more people annoyed than not. You don't have to use the propriety connectors if they offend you so much.
  3. Is the notebook adapter AC to AC? If it is AC to DC then you could kill your POD. I would get the proper PX-2 from somewhere like Thomann: http://www.thomann.de/gb/line6_px1.htm
  4. The M-Audio Fasttrack you have should work fine. After the update you won't need it again.
  5. When it was orignally released the PODxt's USB port functions hadn't been finalised. Later firmware updates made the USB functional and later Pods came with full USB ability as they had later firmware. Once updated via MIDI the USB port will become functional. You can buy the recommended MIDiSport Uno to do this - cheapo no-name brands tend not to work. Do you know anyone with MIDI (say for keyboards) as this would obviously save you money?
  6. If you look at Monkey it's saying it can't see the PODxt, so I'm wondering how you updated it? The problem is your computer is not seeing the Podxt at all, so naturally neither will GearBox. Check your Pod's firmware manually as you may have an early version that cannot be updated by USB. Also try using another USB port and always connect diretly to the computer, not via a USB hub. To check your version: 1. Push the tuner button on your pod 2. Use the effects knob to scroll through to the last screen. 3. On the last screen you will find the PodXT version. If it is a low version like 1.01 you need to flash via MIDI.
  7. Yeah, I'd like to see some bass action too. I'd be interested in seeing the sales figures for the bass stuff - maybe it just didn't sell that well. Still, Line 6 could just add bass models to existing products rather than create a bass-specific product, thereby increasing the sales for that product by some factor. Even if there wasn't a huge take-up from bass players at least there would be no new hardware cost to them. Shoot some ideas to ideascale: http://line6.ideascale.com/ I'll vote for it.
  8. Yeah that 432Hz stuff is a crock. If you think it through for 2secs you'll realise what nonsense it is.
  9. Off the top of my head I can't recall which chip it has, but it uses Sharcs and the specs for various models are here: http://m.analog.com/mt/www.analog.com/en/processors-dsp/sharc/products/index.html?gclid=CIPehIvKtbgCFUlp7Aodc1oAxw#SHARC_Processors
  10. I suggested the same idea years ago - nothing ever came of it. Could be a good one for IdeaScale, but I doubt it's possible. I do a lot of alt tuning, but also alt stringing, so i know where you're coming from (Glenn Branca/Sonic Youth ftw!). I have one guitar with three high E strings and three D strings (tuned to mid E) and a baritone tuned to three low Bs (.64s) and three mid Bs (like a regular A string gauge). These kind of extreme tunings never sound too convincing on a Variax (although I only have the humble 300). http://www.line6.ideascale.com/
  11. You don't even need an adapter as the you can use a standard UK IEC (kettel) mains lead. UK voltage is officially 230V now although I think we still hit 240V in actuality due the the allowed +/- tolerance.
  12. Try using GearBox instead of Edit as it's a newer program and doesn't rely on the troublesome Java script. Also what computer and OS are you using? Have you tried different USB ports on your computer?
  13. If you have a no-name USB to MIDI device you can pretty much guarantee that's where the problem lies. I would try the recommended MIDISport Uno.
  14. You cannot use any model packs in the HD series, if that's what you're trying to do. The XT and HD series are completely different software architecture.
  15. What make is the USB to MIDI adapter? This is usually the weak link in these types of procedure. Line 6 recommend the MIDISport Uno.
  16. All software is available here: http://line6.com/software/
  17. Cheap cables are not recommended - you may just have a fluke. Another user posted this article he found on why cheap cables don't work well: http://www.arvydas.co.uk/2013/07/cheap-usb-midi-cable-some-self-assembly-may-be-required/ Quite enlightening.
  18. The expansion packs are for the guitar PodXt, not the Bass Pod xt. Where are you seeing these greyed-out features?
  19. There is no attached photo. Doesn't sound like it should be there though.
  20. Funny how no-one questions the need for constant OS updates - everyone else has to follow Microsoft, who are also in it for the money. How long do you expect support for given the constant updates that MS and particularly Apple keep throwing out? I don't believe MS have an 'off' switch built into their OSs, so I expect XP will work happily after the support date ends. Personally I would look into dual-booting the Mac so you can have a Windows XP partition.
  21. Are you a bit confused Zap? The manual states FB4 and FloorBoard, section 6.8. The FBV4 only works with Flextone IIIs as far as I am aware (I am going by documentation as I have never owned any of these amps) and the Flextone Plus is a Flextone I model. This page specifically says it's not compatible: http://uk.line6.com/footcontrollers/fbv4.html
  22. As far as I was aware the Flextone was 60W and the Flextone Plus was 100W. In any case they are both MkI models. Now to your footpedal. Are you sure it's an FBV4 and not an FB4? The FBV4 will not work with the Flextones, you need either an FB4 for simple control or a FloorBoard for more complex control.
  23. Are you using a USB cable or USB-MIDI cable? I can't remember what firmware the XT Live shipped with. If it is early (e.g. 1.01) you will not be able to use a USB cable. You will need a USB-MIDI cable. Do not use a cheap no-brand one as it will probably not work. Line 6 recommend the MIDISport Uno. To check the firmware version read the following document: Q: My unit cannot update via USB, and I have Flash Memory 1.01. How do I update from Flash Memory 1.01 to a newer version? A: First, verify if you have 1.01. Please hit the TUNER button and scroll using the SELECT knob to the last page. If you have a version later than 1.01, you can use your USB connection. In order to update your PodXt from version 1.01 to the latest version, you will need to download Line 6 monkey (as described above) as well as a MIDI to USB interface. We recommend the MIDI SPORT UNO from M-AUDIO. Install the drivers for your interface, then run LINE 6 MONKEY with your POD XT unit connected to your interface. Click on the CONNECT USING MIDI CABLES button, and make sure that you see the MIDI IN and MIDI OUTS set to your interface. Then go through the FLASH MEMORY installation as described above. After this is done, you will be able to update your PODxt series unit using USB. If you have a later version then you should be able to use the USB port on the XT. This document may also help: http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/pod/pod-20-podxt-family-pocket-pod-floorpods/pod-xt-series-factory-reset-reflash-and-firm-r491
  24. Are you referring to the old original Pod Pro or HD Pro?
  25. Don't you have a wife or girlfriend for that?
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