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  1. You can trial the HD Bass pack for 30 days and return it if you don't like it. I have it in my Pod HD.
  2. No, there is no compatibility between these devices, they are completely different internal architecture (both software and hardware). The only way to match tones is manually, and even then they'll be different. The HD models sound better in my opinion but are probably a little harder to dial in the tone than the Flextones.
  3. V2.01 is the latest for HD300. There are no newer versions.
  4. Or you could try the official Line 6 drivers that just came out: http://line6.com/support/topic/15207-new-windows-10-driver-v4276-released/ :)
  5. No difference at all they use the same sound engine in both. Yes.
  6. The XT Pro is designed for this. Go to section 3.4 in the manual (page 36) on re-amping which describes what your options are. If you have USB audio working you can use that method or you can use the analogue Line In on the rear section (it's even labelled 'Re-amping') and select the input using the I/O button (section 3.14 in the manual).
  7. Wait, it's been pushed back to February this year? The Line 6 time machine is in full effect. Oh wait, 2nd October, which just happens to be my birthday. :)
  8. Yes that's correct.. You can also use a regular instrument cable (unbalanced mono) in TRS sockets.
  9. That documentation is incorrect. I'll ask about getting it changed.
  10. The 1/4" outs are TRS so are balanced, so all you need is a TRS to XLR lead, no DI box required!
  11. I have the Low Down HD400. Pretty solid rack. Have you tried using the headphones, preamp or direct out to see if any sound is coming out at all? If you don't mind losing your presets, you could try a factory reset which is to hold the 'A' button whilst powering for five seconds.
  12. There is no bass-specific modeller in the range and it's unlikely ther will be again I the near future. The HD500/x has the bass expansions but you don't delete the guitar amps, the bass pack is added to the existing models, you just use the amps you want. There is also he upcoming Helix which will include bass models. That might be a little more than you want to spend though. You could also pick up an older model like the X3 which includes lots of bass models. Btw what do you mean by your Low Down crashing?
  13. I love this sort of thing. Have to say, I don't agree with sulpher being spelled sulfur (the opening spin-off in that article) and teaching British kids to spell it the US way as if the US is the scientific standardiser of all things.
  14. I rarely like stock pick-ups, so as funds allow I swap them out. I have no single area of tone, so I have a mix of stuff. I use UK hand wound pick-ups because I like to support local industry, no taxes, less likely to get lost in the post. I have Bare Knuckle, Catswhisker and Mojo at the moment and want to try a few others out. As much as as I like Bare Knuckle they are very expensive, as are The Creamery who I want to try soon though. I just like to mix things up on as many guitars as possible to cover all bases. I have single coil, humbuckers, wide range and PAF pick-ups in various guitars (as well as a couple with Sustainer pick-ups). I tend not to go for name brands like Syemour Duncan and EMGs are just not what I'm about tonally at all. On the tone knob front I often have a Greasebucket circuit installed whilst having the pick-ups installed. I also have one guitar with a Stellartone ToneStyler pot. Again I like as many options as I can fit in each guitar.
  15. Of course Line 6 may have adopted the universal (except for the US) system of date stamping and it's actually 9th November. :D
  16. Is your guitar more important than your OS? Then just go back to the earlier OS and you can play guitar again. Was there something you specifically hated about your current OS that 10 really improves on? I really don't understand the need to jump to the latest OS or blame non-functioning devices (not just Line 6 btw) on everyone but M$. Probably not a popular view but it's all mine.
  17. Sorry, bit of finger trouble at my end. Was trying to delete some duplicate posts and hit the wrong button. I'm trying to get it restored now. Nothing shady. Some good info in there, I was mortified when I hit the wrong button. Note to self: don't do forum cleaning before the first cup of tea of the morning. [edit]Phew, managed to restore it I think.[/edit]
  18. The issue might be with PortAudio as I've seen similar issues with my DSP platform (also the same issue occurs with SIbelius which also use PortAudio I believe), so I think the common denominator of PortAudio might be at fault. From what I've read on-line it is not a great base on which to build an audio program. Of course factor in Windows 10 being new and that might be the actual issue. Just throwing out ideas there as it may not be something Line 6 can fix, especially if it's a fault of poor PortAudio programming.
  19. I calculated 74.3% improvement in the modelling, based on compressed YouTube videos, rather than actually playing one.
  20. Unfortunately the POD 2 there's no bypass setting, so Tube Pre is the nearest model to no amp. Try that with volume on max and adjust the channel volume with drive on a low setting.
  21. Sorry to say but those cables around $5-$10 mark are usually crap. There was a great post somewhere which linked to a blog where someone had opened one up and there was actually space for components on the circuit board which was empty! They cheap out on the MIDI spec. I think they assume most people just need note data and quite often that will work, but the SysEx is what suffers and that is what you need. Line 6 recommend the MIDISport Uno or equivalent quality adapter. Do not plug a cable into the CAT-5 socket - it is not Ethernet but a Line 6 protocol for using foot controllers. You should be using Line 6 Edit as the software to transfer tones.
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