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  1. And use a good USB to MIDI cable as cheap ones often don't work. Line 6 recommend the M-Audio MIDISport Uno or an equivalent quality one.
  2. Pod 2 and PodFarm are completely unrelated products. You would usually either use the Pod 2 to make your tones or PodFarm. Do you have a PodFarm licence? MIDI to USB is only to control the Pod 2 parameters from an editor. MIDI does not carry audio if that is what you are thinking it will do.
  3. Put your ideas to ideascale at and I'll vote it up. I'd like some Sunn too and a Marshall Super Bass. Plus some bass-specific compressors, distortions and EQs would be nice too.
  4. Seems that way, but you have to click on the second half of the link. Looks like the "!" causes some weird break in the link if you click in the first half. I'd like to see the Boss T-Wah. Great little unit.
  5. Well just goes to show how human prejudice works. The thing's not even out yet and people are dissing it. Even if it was the best thing on the planet they would still diss it, so nothing really to be gained from these kind of views. I actually left the Gearslutz forum because there's one wanker on there who's full of his own self-importance (and beard) and you couldn't have one conversation about Line 6 (or any tech past valve amps) without him sticking his oar in. It just got boring after a while. This place is pretty fair I think and allows other views than just fanboyism as long as you're polite and not trolling. I'm glad I can't afford an Axe FX because I wouldn't want to hang out on those forums.
  6. Just to be clear and fair it was actually Frankster that said that in that particular thread. Elantric has been posting good stuff about the Helix. As to bass stuff, I'd love to see an HX Marshall Super Bass model and I'd be happy.
  7. OK, until the infinite DSP is invented there will always be a limit - do you just think you can go on and on forever? Does you home computer allow you to keep loading more and more programs or does it reach a point where it all falls over? There are two ways any device can be made: 1. Limits on architecture and structure. This will mean no DSP limit messages but will mean You work within the limits the manufacturer has decided upon. 2. No limits on architecture which means the user can just keep adding stuff in any configuration until they run out of DSP. That's when you get the error. Some intelligence is required when using this type of system. My Scope DSP system has 18 Sharc chips (mix of old and new) and that is very powerful. But because they allow the user complete flexibility of routing and loading of any number of devices I can reach a DSP limit even with that.
  8. Not sure if you could fit in the extra electronics for a Sustainer. The Gizmotron was Godley and Creme's invention but failed. The new version hopes to irradiate the problems of the original. It appeared all over a concept triple (!) album 'Consequences'. Jimmy Page used it on the intro to Led Zep's 'In The Evening'. Of course it could used on a Variax with no issues with no retrofitting, unlike the Sustainer.
  9. I have two Sustainer guitars. As others have said, what you plug it into doesn't matter, they work fine. I also have two EBows and a Wond on order, plus I'm looking at the Gizmotron 2.0 too. I do like my sustain.
  10. Give us a chance, the sub forum's only just gone up! 😅
  11. Change it there and make sure you hit the 'Save Changes' button at the bottom.
  12. Well there are plenty of vey good Yamaha bass guitars so this could happen, don't see a JTV bass happening. Do they even make basses? I wonder if Line 6 were stung with bass sales (Pods as well as guitars) as things have been a bit light on the bass front for a while. At least there are some more bass models in the HD now, but still no bass guitar.
  13. There is no Variax connector on the bean, so you would have to do it manually I'm afraid. So your tunings would on the JTV and you amp modelling on the bean. Still, being able to retune a guitar at the flick of a switch is pretty convenient if not quite as cool as the fully-integrated system. You would also use the regular guitar out to get sound to the bean.
  14. Hmm, well apart from the fact that I've never found the COSM system that Roland keep sticking with particularly good, you'll find that the Roland's UK office is just a sales and distribution place, the servicing as far as I know is not done on-site anymore (and hasn't been for some time) and is handled by approved third party engineers. So no different to the Line 6 business model really. I'm afraid this is how everything is going in the UK and rest of the world.
  15. Hurghanico is right. Certain mics like the SM58 have a definite proximity effect where they boost the bass, so the the closer the mic, the more bass. This is of course different to what you hear from the actual speaker with your ear. As this would then go to a mixing desk (either live or in the studio) you would apply EQ there.
  16. Well the Pods are hardware, so it will happily make a sound without any computer, so not entirely useless. What version of windows? What firmware is your Pod? If it's old it my need updating via MIDI for the USB port to become usable.
  17. Custom paint job, replacement pick-ups, new whammy bridge. What's that thing at the nut end? Impossible to say if she's using the modelling or the custom pick-ups.
  18. You possibly need to calibrate your pedal. Here's how: Q: How do I calibrate the pedal on my PODxt Live? A: 1. Make sure there is nothing connected to your PODxt live aside from the power cable. 2. Power up the PODxt Live while holding down the Bank Up pedal 3. Press the Amp pedal (this will reset the current settings) 4. Move the pedal all the way to the heel back position, then all the way forward until the toe switch clicks. You will want to stand up and shift all of your weight to the toe position until you see the WAH light turn on. 5. Wait 10 seconds, then power the PODxt Live off and back on again. 6. Your pedal is now calibrated.
  19. Ah, but once out of the 'guide' on a TV remote the actual channel up and down button follows the 'physical' up and down like the HD500. Mind you I have used Japanese equipment where rotary knobs seem to react the opposite to Western thinking, but they often give an option in a menu to change the behaviour, so it would be fine to have default as is and an option for opposite behaviour.
  20. There is indeed:
  21. Almost certainly a dodgy pot. The difficult solution would be to either try and clean it or replace it. The easy thing you can try is to give the pot a good turning quite quickly in both directions. This may hopefully 'clean' the pot enough to stabilise it.
  22. No, this information is incorrect. There should be more regular models than Pre models as some of the new models are ported from the XT, which didn't have Pre models. All models will appear as regular models, many will have Pre versions too, but not all.
  23. Many good points, all of which Line 6 are very much aware of by now. I think any new product they produce will definitely have on/off switches from this point on. The PSU is a bugbear of mine, from other companies too. I bought Boss' RC-300 recently to replace my RC-50 and the RC-50's PSU was a proper Boss old-style: big with cables coming out of both ends. The new RC-300 one is very much like the Line 6 one. It's even worse with the UK adapter on (again most other company's are like this) where the PSU becomes 'inverted' so that the cable comes out of the top rather than the bottom. Why, oh why? I have to question your spending logic though. You've had the HD500X three days and you've already exhausted the possibilites with the included amps? You really didn't need to buy the new amps just yet. I think it would have been a better idea to get used to thing before making that decision: I really don't think you can blame Line 6 for that. As to the Axe FX crowd... yeah there's a lot of snobbery and shoulder-chippery that most sane people can do without. Welcome aboard.
  24. I guess the responses are due to a slight weariness of 'forum suicides' (not just here, happens everywhere). A common scenario: someone's first post on a forum is to tell everyone they're off, and often never post again. Not very constructive, yet everyone else is supposed to be? It's a two-way street. However having said that the OP does bring up a genuine concern, and I feel a bit embarrassed to say I didn't even know the Rugby office had closed, which is indeed sad for lots of reasons. I hope that the service centre Tony posted may go some way to help the concerns. I would phone them if I was the OP to see how they feel about repairing JTVs and 700s as a reassurance.
  25. Of course there are newer options, like the rackmount XITE-1 which has six of the older (60Mhz) Sharcs for backwards compatibilty and twelve newer 333Mhz Sharcs. Even with all that horsepower I can run out of DSP. Completely flexible: you can load mixers synths effects and connect with virtual cables in any combination you can thing of. Just keep loading and loading and eventually it will run out: what else is it going to do? There's even some Softube amp sims in there. I like the bass ones but tend to use the Pod HD for its variety. Having migrated from a 15-year-old PCI card system I can say that since 2000 I have had no more than 3ms latency. Funny how UAD are now touting this as a massive feature in their newer boxes, I've had almost latency-free processing for 15 years! Can't really comment too much on the OPs 'problem' - i have to say there's probably no universe where I would use what he's using. At the moment my current group go from guitar to amp, the only pedal allowed is a tuner!
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