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  1. Don't worry, there isn't. :D Anyway if you'd like some solution you might want to try giving us some computer specs (PC/Mac) and OS, what you have tried and in what order. Did you have an antivirus program running which might have blocked some installations, etc. Did you try alternative USB ports or a different cable? At the moment contrary to what you have said about ranting, all you've done is create a rant with no way of anyone being able to help you.
  2. You also have to factor in how many albums that have been recorded digitally were recorded at 192kHz. Probably not many. Old analogue masters could be digitised at the new rate for sure though. You are not going to suddenly hear stuff if you up-samples 44.1 to 192. Personally I record at 24-bit/44.1kHz. I don't see the need for 192kHz at all. Why not increase the amount of tracks you can fit in a device by making it 96kHz? More than enough for most people - even audiophiles. I'm certainly in that camp to some degree being one of the few people that buy SACDs, DVD-As and Blu-ray Audio as well as regular CDs. I very rarely buy downloads. If I do I make sure a flac is available so I can convert to CD and burn my own. I'm sure I even saw an article that claimed going 192kHz isn't necessarily better anyway - and might even be worse. I'll have to hunt around and see if I can find it.
  3. The only way is to either lower the Channel knob whilst in tuner mode. When you come out of tuner mode normal volume should be restored. If you have a FloorBoard then you can lower the volume on the pedal. Other than that I don't think it has any settings that you can alter like the later Pods have.
  4. I'm with you up to that point. There was no way I could afford a valve amp when I started guitar and had some awful amps - the high point was a solid state Peavey ffs. I actually think that the AmpliFi will sound infinitely better than anything I had back then and of course has at least proper size speakers. Sure it's not a valve amp but it'll be bigger and better sounding than my old SS '80s amps for sure. It all depends on whether they are prepared to explore past that once they have the taste for tone.
  5. On that we can most definitely agree. I long for the '70s and '80s when everyone was trying to get larger hi-fis. Now it's all about docking stations. Someone should explain the physics of bass frequencies to these kids - but they seem happy to sit at the back of a bus with their smartphone speaker sounding like a cricket trapped in a jar.
  6. What you need to do is plug the rear 1/4" left and right outputs of the FPP into the line level RCA phono inputs on your mixer. Something like this: http://www.midi-classics.com/i/p22662.gif What you have connected currently is wrong on many levels which I won't go into now as I'm typing from a phone, suffice to say you won't get a good sound currently.
  7. Not sure what you want people to suggest as there is no compact pedal with amp modelling in the Line 6 range. You could use an FBV Express MkII which has a small footprint to control an HD Pro X. If you are literally a one sound guy then it doesn't sound like you need a Pod or any multi-effects box by any other manufacturer at all. If I had one sound I would buy the amp with that sound. If you require a bit more flexibility tone-wise then the Pod HD Pro X and FBV Express might be one way to go.
  8. I know no expert that will trash what you say. You have a right to express an opinion as much as anyone else. Whether we agree or disagree is each experts personal choice (we don't always agree with each other), but that's not trashing, that's just having a different opinion.
  9. No, I'm defending the right for people to have a different opinion to you and not be accused of something they are not. You know nothing of me. Again another cheap shot from you.
  10. Ah, the old "if you don't agree with my opinion you must be a corporate stooge" line. Cheap at best.
  11. Well you seem to have done most of the obvious things. Just to eliminate it, have you tried powering from the A/B footswitch with the batteries removed?
  12. Because of the configuration of inputs on the DAC 1 I don't think you can do what you want. Really you need the DAC 1 to have an analogue stereo input and it doesn't. If you bypass the DAC completely you could do the following: Connect POD HD to your computer via USB. Use the POD driver and select the POD as your sound card. Connect the analogue outputs of the POD to you MKIII amp. Careful with that volume knob! I thought you could use the S/PDIF output on the POD but I believe that only outputs the guitar signal, not the guitar+computer signal. What other connections does your computer sound card have (you mentioned TOS Link)?
  13. First thing: you can't use GearBox with a POD2.0. Use Line 6 Edit. Second thing: what make is your USB>MIDI device. I bet it is a cheap 'no-name' unbranded one. This will almost certainly be the problem. Try a decent one like the M-Audio MIDISPort Uno that Line 6 recommend.
  14. If you're really worried about someone using your idea and you not making any money on it then your options are: 1. Keep the idea to yourself, create a company, build said product and there you have what you want or 2. Keep the idea to yourself and do nothing with it and it vanishes forever, but at least you can go to your grave knowing that Line 6 didn't make any money of you amazing idea. P.S. If that Limp Bizkit thing is true that is pretty lame.
  15. I think you're getting confused because I moved this thread to the Lounge as it wasn't HD-specific. I left a link in the HD forum but have now removed it as it obviously confuses people.
  16. Moved to Lounge as it was not HD-related (or anything-related from what I can tell).
  17. Why not use the S/PDIF input on your DAC? The HD has an RCA S/PDIF output.
  18. All the software you need will be available here: http://line6.com/software/
  19. No you're fine. The reason it says that is most guitarists don't seem to have MIDI ports but do have a USB port.
  20. It certainly sounds like you are in Live mode the whole time - especially if adding a cab IR externally makes it sound OK, as that mode would obviously be going into a real external cab in a live scenario. Have you tried listening through headphones? This should give you the full amp modelled sound. Sounds like you may have a fault and need to return the unit. However, before doing that I would give the Studio/Live switch a good workout. Just switch it firmly back and forth a few dozen times and see if it comes back to life.
  21. No-one knows and it's been asked many times before. http://line6.com/support/topic/4849-new-amps/ http://line6.com/support/topic/5192-pod-hd-expansion-packs/ http://line6.com/support/topic/4968-pod-hd-expansions/ http://line6.com/support/topic/4491-regarding-new-hd-model-packs/ http://line6.com/support/topic/3126-pod-hd-pro-bass-expansion-only-one-amp/ http://line6.com/support/topic/1514-amp-wish-list-for-the-next-update-whenever-that-is/
  22. Didn't see a price for Bitwig - works out at about £250. If it's good I'd pay that but I'd have to really demo it and be convinced. ParseQ is going to be a sequencer for the Scope system so unless you have that then it won't be of much interest to most folks. For me it would be the perfect integration for my Sharc-powered XITE-1. I'd happily leave Cubase and all those others behind.
  23. Well you could say that about any DAW really. I tried Reaper and found I was digging around for really simple things. Gave up. I tried Ableton and I literally did not know what was happening. I think this was when they only had the 'looper-style' interface - or maybe there was an arrange window but I never saw it! Actually I quite enjoyed Traktion too. Samplitude I tried and again very basic things seemed convoluted to me. Logic I don't know as I don't do Macs these days. No mention of DP. Never see it in the UK but I thought it was quite popular in the USA? I'm no Steiny fanboy though. They lost me from Cubase SX1 to Cubase 4. I think things have improved since those dark ages. I'm looking forward to trying something new though, like Bitwig or ParseQ.
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