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  1. No, people don't tend to write things down. If people have a setting to share it is uploaded to CustomTone here: Any reason you are adverse to trying downloaded tones? Much quicker than entering each parameter individually.
  2. Are your monitor inputs really 1/4" unbalanced? Did you select the ASIO driver in Reaper? It's also worth trying another USB cable just in case.
  3. Make sure you have selected the POD ASIO drivers within your DAW. Also make sure you have the POD set to the same sample rate and bit rate as your DAW. You don't mention your computer type (Mac/PC) or your DAW: this might be useful information.
  4. I have Earvana nuts fitted, I'm just a bit of a tuning perfectionist. However once intonation is set up I am more than happy to use the HD's tuner.
  5. Well a Line 6 employee is not likely to swing by - and out of all the issues with the Pod this would probably be quite low priority (I think making EQ display in dB would be top). If you actually want Line 6 to take note then shoot them your suggestion on IdeaScale:
  6. I don't disagree that a list might be useful for those that never change the presets, I just find the language used like "upsetting", "pathetic", "nightmare" etc. somewhat over-the-top for a very tiny first world issue. I'm not too sure how a list with names like "Jimi Got Gyped" would really help anyone though. A better approach might be to create new basic patches with names like "JCM-800" or whatever to reflect the amp in the patch. And then write it down ;)
  7. Wow, you're really upset by this. I don't think most people care because they don't use the presets. Rename them to something you find useful and print out the list, really not that difficult. I doubt Line 6 are losing sales as you suggest because there isn't a list of preset names.
  8. For intonation I don't think it would be, neither would most stomp boxes. I use a Peterson StroboStomp2 for intonation checking.
  9. First thing I would do is get a decent cable. Those £5/$5/€5 ones are always crap. Line 6 recommend the M-Audio MIDISport Uno. I would start there and see if that helps.
  10. Hi there, Well your first three posts were all on the same day. This is a forum for old products, so doesn't get as much traffic as some of the other forums. Also I've been on holiday. Have you updated you Podxt to the latest firmware with Monkey? Have you tried a different USB lead? Have you tried disabling your Virus program/firewall? Do you have Norton? If you have tried all these things I would try shooting a support ticket to the engineers directly:
  11. I love First World problems. Yeah, it's a real nightmare, I actually didn't get any sleep thinking about this huge issue.
  12. No. The HD300 and HD400 have fixed effects per slot. The reasons for this are to not to reach the DSP's limits and to keep the model a simpler option for players who don't like to mess around editing too much. If you want any effect in any slot you need the HD500x (or HD/HD ProX). These allow you to assign effects in any slot - but with the caveat that if you use a lot of effects that are particularly DSP hungry you may reach the DSP limit and get a warning message saying as much. You will never get this on the HD400 as the architecture is fixed. There are pros and cons to both approaches. If you just bought this I would take it back and exchange it for the HD500x (assuming you still want a floor unit). I would use the fact that you were missold it as a basis for an exchange.
  13. Do you have the original power supply? This is very important as it is AC/AC, not AC/DC.
  14. You're best bet may be to contact the technical department and open a Support Ticket:
  15. If you had a full schedule of gigs to play then you'd be foolish to update any part of your rig until a quiet period. Any pro knows that.
  16. If you're adapter really is AC/DC then that's your problem. The Pod2's adapter should be AC/AC.
  17. Ahh, so you're the arbiter of absolute good tone. I could just as easily say that people are mostly conservative and hate change, preferring what they know even if it isn't as good. But I wouldn't say that as it's just people with differing opinions.
  18. 200-300 what? Groats, shillings or drachma? I can also recommend the RC-300. I got mine for £280 second hand and sold my RC-50 for £250, so not a bad deal, especially as I bought the RC-50 new in some deal for £260. The 300 is much easier to use than the 50 and that three hours of storage, plus the ability to import wave files as backing tracks, is great.
  19. Yeah that's what I meant by providing a recording - needs to be direct into the computer from the guitar otherwise it's impossible to rule out weird acoustic effects from your room.
  20. Are you absolutely sure you're not hearing the guitar acoustically in addition to the Variax, i.e. is your amp loud enough to mask the guitar's acoustic sound, or use headphones to check. One way to test if it's coming through the output is to record it. If it's there in the recording then you have a problem.
  21. Yes, but it affects the XLRs only. There is definitely an earth (ground) loop going on from your description. They are a pain to track down. For instance, if you have the USB connected, try disconnecting that. Also try powering all of your equipment from the same outlet. Other options may include using a DI box.
  22. You can't really compare using someone else's Tele when you're used to an LP (for example) to updating a piece of technology. Would you update your DAW the day before you had a big recording session, or even your POD HD? For instance your tinny sound may be the result of an incorrect flash (some have had to do it a few times for it to 'take'), or it may be that you need to adjust the HD500 patches, or any number of factors. You should give yourself a clear period before doing such things and with any new software there may also be user error as things behave differently.
  23. Yes you must absolutely get an AC supply. Many have tried ones from local shops and they're always DC, and they'll kill your POD. Get the same specs as stated for a Line 6 PX-2 (or order an actual PX-2 from a supplier - I think even Amazon have them). AC has no polarity.
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