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Good job! I'm going to put you to task. Any chance you could A/B the models directly? Listening through all of the models at once makes it a bit difficult to remeber what the first Tele model sounded like compared to the HD. Does that make sense? For example, play the old Tele, then play the new Tele and continue through the models in the same fashion.

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i cant help but notice the volume level going down .. is this because you have re-tweak the patches after updating the guitar on the POD?


can anyone comment on that?

I can only speak on my personal experience with the jtv-69, as you will find a wide range of answers. For me, with 1.9 and prior, the model string volume at default 100% was too high - caused clipping and did not match the mags. I tuned string volume down to 60% or so and was better. With 2.0, the string volume is on par with the mags right out of the box. No clipping this time. So, I think they did tweak the volumes with 2.0, but in a good way and more balanced.

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Hi, I got my JTV69 at the beginning of this week, and downloaded Variax HD workbench today. The problem is I am slightly scared to update as I don't want to mess anything up. I don't know what version is installed in the guitar at present. If the download goes wrong in any way, can you just go back to the previous settings or is it not that easy?


Thanks from a 50 year old technophobe trying desperately to drag himself into the world of digital anything




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First of all, you need to download the line6 monkey.Connect the hub to the guitar and then to the computer.Run monkey and it will check what version is your guitar.


Regarding your questions:you can go back by rolling back on the monkey, at any version you want.So yes, go ahead and do it, it is very easy, and if something goes wrong you have full community to back you up.

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