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Am I the only DT/Helix user checking daily....


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...for the new update?


I finally pulled the trigger last month when a friend of mine had a brand new Helix Floor and took my offer of $800.


I had great results with the HD500x/DT combo since 2010, but the learning curve was quite steep and drawn out.  It's so easy to get great sound with the Helix/DT and a little midi knowledge.


Anyway....am I the only one?

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56 minutes ago, Kilrahi said:

I keep checking this forum and TGP daily.


Part of me is embarrassed but I don't care. I don't get Christmas like hype experiences very often at my age. This is fun.


Some people keep wanting L6 to be like Fractal, with constant updates. Like, every day would be like Christmas, but we'd only get one present a day. What fun would that be?

Every day there'd be a new thread speculating on what we might get tomorrow......part of the fun of Christmas is making lists, then ripping open all the packages to see what we got!

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1 hour ago, PDKTDK said:

I guess I am the only DT/Helix user. 


No you are not alone.  I am a DT/Helix user too.  I never quite understood all the midi codes needed to integrate the two products so I am thrilled about the new features promised.


Yet somehow, using the existing L6 plugs, I found the DT and helix sounded quite good together anyway (but with this update, it should sound even better)


To me, this was a no brainer as this makes the DT line relevant again.


Do I check everyday?  Yes, but I am more excited about improved tone and multiple note shifting that may occur sooner or later.




er and should have been done sooner, as it makes Line 6's DT amp line still relevant. 

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Yea there were a "bunch" of people (like me) that DUMPED their DT amps after being told that basically, it just couldn't be done... Grrrrrr.


I shoulda known better, as the same thing was also said one time about the Variax and alternate tunings.

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 The only midi commands I set are for setting the amp model and then disabling the preamp. I pretty much use the same power amp setting to keep volume consistency.   Just those two parameters have made an enviable rig. 


 So many usable amp sounds on the helix with the DT power amp pushing it.  Really excited to be able to ditch the midi cable and get expanded capabilities. 


The rest is icing but then again I haven’t researched the other pending functionality to any depth. I only read the 1st 5 pages at the TGP thread. 


Exciting times for Helix users and doubly so for DT enthusiasts. Cheers!

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I am in a similar state mode of anticipating the update so I can start using my dt25 with the helix.  I mess around with it some, but I'm not going to do all that midi stuff.  I more frequently use my hxe with the DT25 which sounds killer.


Every once in a while I hook up the HD500 and using it with the DT25 (or not) to make sure I'm ready with a backup if the Helix goes down.


I check 4 times a week probably

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