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    Depends on what you're playing it through, I suppose... but I think just about everybody around here would argue that point all day long. One of the top 3 complaints is the need to get rid of the everything above 6KHz ... if it ain't there, where is the much maligned high end fizz coming from that we're all dialing out constantly?
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    The Legacy effects are the ones that were modeled for the 4-button stomps and then the M-series pedals, and then eventually the HD series. The effects that were in the XT/X3 series weren't the same, even in the cases where they shared the same model names (there are a few exceptions - there were 12 M-series effects that were added to the X3 in its 2.0 update).
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    A lot of people went through the same thing. The biggest problem with the PODHD is it's a tough learning curve to get the tone you want, especially hi-gain. If you're willing to ask questions and learn, there's a lot of people here that are willing to help. But I would at least recommend you apologize for acting like a spoiled child before asking for help. This is a forum where the customers help each other. We don't get paid and we don't take any crap either.
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    Sorry - there 100% NEVER WAS user-definable defaults in Helix so you are mistaken there... You can send me your Helix now... :-) What you CAN do is copy a block from one preset to another. I simulate user-defined defaults for my favorite FX by creating a special preset that contains these blocks with my preferred settings saved. I copy that block to a new preset when I want the block to be initiated with my own settings. That 'template' preset is used for no other purpose - it sounds like a$$.
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    Crow would taste fine. Id take that over........... Listen Phil you are just incorrect about some of the things you are saying. There 100% WAS user definable defaults in an earlier firmware version so you are mistaken there. I'll wager my Helix on it. Im not going to reinstall every firmware version to prove a point, but i guarantee sooner or later some one will come along and attest to the fact. Never owned a POD XT. Secondly you can select multiple presets, IR files, and delete them in the editor but not on the hardware so while the undo thing may be true (which i intentionally did not specify because its an entirely different ball game) your editor/hardware theory certainly is debatable. And not odd whatsoever that same lack of respect goes to 70 year old men who have nothing better to do than spend every last second on the internet, trolling posts (or in this case the poster) over their own complete misinterpretation of a dialogue....because if its not that important to you, then it cant be of relevance right? Id think youd have better things to do with your time than attempting to put people in their place because you are bother by their posts.
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    See these are some of the things that make helix a sub par product in certain areas. There is no logical reason that contrl click has not been implemented. Same thing with user definable defaults (which WAS in an earlier firmware version but was removed- really!!?) or how about multiple splits? or did you ever notice how anything below 11% mix is pretty well OFF, or how about the A/B split control? The sonics you get when the A/B split panner is set at 80% left is the same as when its 100% left. I know im way OT here but these things ( and lots of'm) that are fundamentals, that dont work right or are not even a part of Helix just causes me to respect it a whole lot less. Sure i like it and am happy to use it, but some of these omissions just cause me to take the entire brand a whole let less serious, not to mention makes the unit less enjoyable to use. I dont choose to feel this way intentionally. Its just the effect of a cause.
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    I'm not sure that's working as you describe. I've noticed when I use a crossover split block in the manner demonstrated by Jason Sadites that the overall volume level drops after it's combined even if the gains in the crossovers stay at 0. It's clearly a noticeable drop as well as measurable on a signal meter.
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    I love the tuner in the HX FX. But maybe that's just me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "Tuners are like relationships — you have to find one you're compatible with, and then never take it for granted. Hot rats!" ~ Frank Zappa
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    How many of you have tried these dual amp/dual cabinet/mic combinations and discovered you may not need external IR or things like the Mooer Radar? http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/cabsMics#dualCab-faves
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