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    Yeah?!?!? Well my dad can beat up your dad, and I've got double-secret quad core processors...I mean, they're just sitting here not doing anything, but they're awesome.
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    FWIW Headrush has quad core architecture too. Cores are just one aspect of computer performance; how the cores are actually used is another. Frankly, Helix's 3D video 7.2 surround rendering is somewhat disappointing. :)
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    I might agree on the silly looks, but personally, I find this sound to work quite well for me (admittedly, it could be a little less chimey and bit more twangy, but especially live this works fine). Fwiw, it's the Princess, some homebrewn IR and the Vetta Comp in front. Recorded for a FB group which is sort of about some instant "look and jam" thing with a new backing track posted each week.
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    @datacommando is right. You can manipulate this effect by attaching an expression pedal to the time/feedback. This will work best if you have the Cosmo's set to "millisecond time".... and you "decrease the time" while "increasing feedback" with the pedal. If you run the cosmos in "tempo time" (eg: 1/8, 1/4, etc...) then you need to "increase the tempo" while "increasing feedback"... and you also need to set "Global Settings > Preferences > Tap Tempo Pitch" to "authentic". This is a more difficult way to produce the effect than simply using "millisecond time". NOTE: In the videos I saw of the effect on the RE-20, the effect occurred while a lush reverb remained unchanged in the background. To do this on the helix, a 2nd reverb will need to be placed on a parallel path.
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    Hi, I have to agree with the other 2 comments above - maybe time to move on from these guys. They must have pretty poor recording techniques if they cannot get the Stomp and a Fremen preset sounding good. In fact, if it is an issue with that particular preset patch, they should have taken a DI of your clean signal and simply re-amped that until they were happy. Poor workmen blame the tools - I would be tempted to give them a big squirt of bullsh!t repellent. Oh, yeah - you already stated that you were happy with the results of the previous session, and I guess you are paying them to get the result you want.
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    Sounds like you've sorted this out. As a long time variax and Helix user I will confirm you can do almost anything you could think of using patches and snapshots. Rather than saving tunings in the Variax save them in the Helix and let the Variax just manage the bassline sounds - it helps your workflows be easier. I have patches that swap between accoustic, and 3 different electrics and tunings for each to do rythym, lead, slide parts. As you've found, making sure there's not mag 'leakage' unless you want it. The other tip is make evey patch force tuning. Although the release notes etc say otherwise the Helix/Variax combo does not return to the previous tuning when you change patches - you must force or you retain the previous tuning. Make a Template with the globals and basic setting you want - it will make a huge difference (eg each string's tuning managed by snaps in a template will save you six right clicks when you want to enable it - not much but a bit meh). Without knowing your OS I will say I have found Edit and Workbench very stable, but they have been unstable with some USB ports and some cables. I have one brand new cable that refused to connect. I use win 10.
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    Oh, now I understand - you are Devin Townsend.
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    You're going to find out sooner or later, the Helix only provides a rather rudimentary MIDI capability for interacting with other devices. Anything more complicated than simple interactions really falls into the domain of a fully featured MIDI controller. In some cases, such as mine, it may be more advantageous to use an external MIDI controller to control and coordinate actions on everything including the Helix.
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    I had a roommate once who kept formants. Annoying, constantly making the most irritating noises. I was SOOO glad when she moved out!
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    First, don't post a new question every time. It starts a new thread. Very confusing for us. Your first post was: "Where do you guys set the columns at." I responded "HUH???" because the question makes no sense. A 4cm connection is a one-time deal. Whether or not it's used in a given preset depends on whether or not you include an FX Loop Block in the preset's signal chain, which can then be enabled/disabled as necessary using footswitches or snapshots. Nobody ever wants to hear this, but you'll be MUCH less confused, or at least have a better idea what questions you need to ask, if you RTM. It's very well done, with a table of contents and pictures and everything. At least browse through it to get the basic concepts. Lots of helpful people here, but knowing the basic terminology goes a long way! :-)
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    The factory reset feature using the onboard controls was removed when Variax HD was released. The online manuals were updated in 2019 to reflect this. The paper manuals still have the old procedure. The only way to perform a full factory reset is with Line 6 Monkey or to reload the factory presets manually.
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    Yes, of course. Always. Otherwise their plan is to go out of business. And you don’t need any inside knowledge to know that. When will it be announced? And when will it be available? And should you buy anything in the meantime? To buy or not to buy? That is the question. …. Aye, there’s the rub. Define ‘soon’.
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    This is just my 2 cents, but all other gear and settings aside, trying to get a real country twang out of anything but a Tele is like trying to tee off with a putter... it's gonna look silly, and the results will be crap-tastic. ;)
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    This might help: External amp switching issue after updating to 3.11 - Helix - Line 6 Community
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    Snapshot copy only works within a given preset. Not between presets. And yes, the only way to ‘delete’ a preset is to copy another preset over it.
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    ADDITION: OK, so I posted my last post in the other thread about this issue and someone commented that it didn't work for him. He says, however, that he additionally deleted all traces of Native as told in the Native Manual and that did the trick. That makes me think that having previously taken the same steps as he did, probably paved my path and that my "simple solution" in the above post wouldn't have worked without those steps. So I had to add this info here.. Clean Native first and then follow my post right above..
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    Update! Got my problem fixed. In Device Manager under Other Devices section there was a HX Stomp with question mark. Right click - Update driver and voilà! HX Edit works. Why i didn't check that at first place?!
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    I think most of the answers here are pretty much on the money. If I had to distill it down to two things, they would be turn down the drive/gain, and pay particular attention to the EQ - both before and after the amb/cab. Generally, "not sitting in the mix" means an instrument didn't occupy its own space, but spilled over into other sounds. Too much distortion will do that, as will too many highs and/or bass and/or not enough midrange. Boosting the lower mids a bit gives a more beefy sound (but keep it above the bass's range), and 1-4 kHz gives more articulation. The best frequency to use in that range depends on multiple factors, though. In my studio musician days, I'd generally pick my slice of the frequency spectrum, own it, and leave the other frequencies alone. One of the tests for my guitar sound was whether it sounded good in isolation. If it did, it probably wouldn't fit well in the mix :)
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    I actually watched a good bit of that video yesterday lol. Dude is a great player! I was hoping someone might have a direct comparison between the MD-500 and the HX Effects modulation effects. If the Boss isn't gonna give me anything better or different, I'll likely pass on the trade. I wish there was something similar to the Destroyer setting ala Strymon Mobius, but it seems like that is found nowhere else.
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    I've had my Pod Go for a little over a year now and I am really enjoying it. I've been lucky in that I haven't had any problems with the initial downloads and with the last firmware update. My only "gig" is playing at church and I use it whenever I play guitar or bass. In terms of portability it's been a life saver especially on my back and knees. It's amazing to think that all of my amps, cabinets and effects can fit in a suitcase! It took a while to dial the sounds in. Meaning, I got some great tones at home through the Sony Studio Monitor headphones ((MDR 7506) but due to the acoustics of the church it was very different and I really had to work with the soundman to make these sounds presentable. Regardless of the tones being clean or overdriven, at church they came out lacking a lot of bass and had too much treble. So basically I had to go to the global EQ to add a lot of bass and had to decrease the treble. So when I'm now setting the tones up at home they don't sound very lively but at church it comes through pretty good. I played guitar there this past Sunday and one of the other musicians out in the congregation told me "your tones were killing it!" So I guess the end justifies the means. But of what I gather they are soon to be putting some sort of sound absorption material up on the walls so maybe that will help with some things. After 10 month with the Pod Go I thought I'd try some amp/IR packs from Worship Tutorials. It was very interesting seeing how they set things up, I learned a lot and I really like the IR's as they made a difference. I know some people here frown on this sort of thing and that's fine. Of course, I had to dial them in to my preference but I really like the results. My favorites so far are the Vox AC30 Fawn model (I used that one at church), the '63 Fender Bassman and the Fender Princeton. I bought a lot of other packs (Marshall, Matchless and others) and I'm slowly getting to those as well. Fun stuff! I can't compare the Pod Go with other units out there and can't say it's the best thing because this is the only unit of this nature that I've tried. But for my needs and wants I'm pretty darned happy with what I'm getting from it.
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    Put the looper at the end of the signal chain. You record with the sounds active that you want in the loop. If you change sounds while playing over the loop they won't change the sounds you already recorded. If you want to add an effect to the total sound (like reverb to simulate a room sound or something) you would put that at after the looper so that effect applies to everything, regardless of if it was on or not when the loop was recorded.
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    So, to sum it up, we're all a bunch of anachronistic morons, and you need our help because you're too smart to figure out the antiquated hardware that you bought without doing your due diligence THREE YEARS AGO? Yes, well, I think I have room in my schedule - let's see - would Feb 29, 2027 work for you?
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    SOLVED... & it was so easy.. ONLY ONE STEP (OK, two.. no uninstalling or reinstalling or re-downloading needed) Thanks to you all, so I had to post it here: System: Macbook Pro w/M1 Pro + Monterey. Problem was: New computer came with Monterey, migrated everything from old Macbook w/M1 + Big Sur, all but Native worked. Solution: 1. (Not sure if this step is necessary but probably it helped) Run Logic, go to Plugin Manager and if Helix Native isn't validated, quit, run again in Rosetta, go to Plugin Manager, select Native and "rescan selection" and see it get enabled.. then quit Logic. 2. In Finder top menu bar, click Go, press the Option/Alt Key to reveal "Library". Under Library > Application Support > Line 6 find "Helix Native" folder and rename or delete it (rename is better just in case) That's it. NOTE THAT YOU'LL LOSE ALL PRESETS AND IR'S AND SETTINGS.. I had them on my Helix Floor.. Now run Logic WITHOUT Rosetta, check if Native's still "enabled".. and then in a new track, insert Native and VOILA! Just like I guessed, an existing setting or preset must have caused the problem and it was located in that folder that I renamed. Once it was renamed or deleted, Native recreates that folder this time without the problem. I didn't have to delete Native at all, I just luckily found where the problem was and it's gone.. Finally I can use Native after 2 months.. All the posts here helped, so thank you, hope this works for others :)
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    I can think of a reason... physics. But nevermind, I get it...an artiste such as yourself can't be thwarted by such mundane things as the immutable laws of the universe. You march right on down to the Bowlerama with your Titlest Pro V1's, and let 'er rip. When the guys with the white coats and butterfly nets come for you, just tell them you're "creating", and can't be disturbed. I want a sandwich. Those guys were guitar players? When did they find the time? Fear not...I understand that Pfizer is working on a pill for that. And modest... don't forget modest. You gotta play to your strengths, so don't leave out your defining characteristic. Sell yourself, man! Music is marketing....see ya at the Grammys!
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    This is the translation of "Where do you guys set the columns at"?!?!?! Of course... how silly of us not to arrive at such an obvious conclusion. Dogs barking can't fly without umbrella... Brussel sprouts. Candle power. Foot. Thursday?
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    Oh, yeah - FYI - if, and when, I ever feel the need to go all retro - then this is the Vocoder that I use. https://www.arturia.com/products/analog-classics/vocoder-v/overview Here's a good free Choir complete with adjustable vowel sounds.
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    I actually thought your opening post was a joke....not because of the formant filter request (that's reasonable), but rather because of this line "I was trying to create a 3,275 voice choir with the synth engine". If you actually bought a Helix for it's "formant filter" and it's "synth engine".... you obviously didn't do any homework before laying out the money :)
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    As already stated... no, this is not possible the way you hoped it would be. The best you can do here is set up your guitar tones using snapshots... then use your STOMP mode as midi control. For this to work using nothing more than the MODE button, set your preset screen to "8 Snapshot Mode". The MODE will toggle from Snapshots to Stomp and when you need a preset just step on the up/down arrows. Don't forget about "instant commands" in command center. Loading a preset or changing a snapshot can send it's own series of midi commands although in my experience this requires an extra level of planning. I do agree with @DunedinDragon... adding a full featured midi controller to your setup is likely the best option.
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    Thanks - fwiw, for me, when it comes to these kinda faux pedal steel swells, it's an advance having a bridge humbucker available. I used it in SC split mode for the picking, but for swells, that sound has a tendency to get too thin, so the extra midrange added by switching to full humbucking mode defenitely helps. Add to this that the higher output level also triggers the compressor a bit more, so the swells become a little beefier (as in offering a bit more decay to work with).
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    What everyone else said. For future reference, nobody from L6 monitors this forum. They occasionally visit, but they don't stay long. They DO hang out on the Digital and Modeling Forum on The Gear Page. If you ask this question over there where it's asked every 15 minutes, you'll be laughed at. On TGP you'll also find a number of lengthy threads with thousands of posts by owners and non-owners alike complaining about the shortcomings of that "quad-core" wonder device you mentioned, and several posts by users saying "Whatever, it's good enough for me!" Caveat emptor. My BEST advice: Buy what you can afford NOW. The future is a dream.
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    I think what you are describing is you are in fact on crack or something equally heavy... What you describe, needing to "calibrate" the expression pedal is the fact that your expression pedal's position is saved inside each preset. This is the behavior that I personally use. I go into my preset, and the expression pedal is saved at 99% regardless of the actual position of the pedal. Then as I start rocking the pedal, it starts following the actual physical position of the expression pedal. Why do I personally want that? Because sometimes I don't have the time to move the expression pedal up when I switch from a previous song... and always want my preset to start out with a specific wah-position. That way I have to do less work, as the ideal initial wah setting is already pre-dialed in. You know, sometimes if you put the wah in the heel position, it loses volume and tone -- I don't want to have to remember to pre-adjust the exp pedal prior to switching my sounds. Plus I always put the pedal in the down position when I'm done using it in a specific preset.... for consistency. Regardless.... Check Global Settings / EXP pedal. If you have Expression pedal 1/ 2 "per preset" or "per snapshot", then there's your answer right there. Until you move the pedal, regardless of the actual physical position, the pedal will at the "saved" percentage amount.
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    Good to know, I look at the unit when editing and see the meters usually, maybe I just never noticed the numbering or didn't know what the sections meant. Pro tip, I'll try it.
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    It's worse than you realize. The BIG issue with jamming online is latency. Over Teams/Zoom/WebEx there is SO much latency that it's impossible to keep time with another person. There are low latency solutions - SoundJack, FarPlay, Jamulus. You should google those to get an idea of what you're up against. Once you get that sussed out, I'd plug your LT into your Scarlett and use that to mix your guitar & a separate mic signal to feed Teams. As you say, you can't use both your Logi headset and another sound source at once on Teams. Incidentally, I'd use a wired headset as well - wireless ALWAYS adds latency. For that matter, your PC/Laptop itself should have a wired ethernet connection. What you want to do ain't easy.
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    On a site that's still sporting a cutting edge late-90's design? ;)
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    You have a helix, and you're complaining about the pod go? lollipoping WHY?
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    I had a similar experience with an Amplifi 150, just sound out of the tweeters no woofer. Here was my diagnosis path, big thanks to @rdownings for a good starting point. So I unscrewed the rear panel, inspected power pcb and woofer amp pcb couldn’t see failed components, so removed the power supply board at the bottom, put the connectors back on and ran it outside the case and checked and had all the voltage rails , +-45v +-19 and +8v, same issue. Was going to swap out the woofer amp board as I have 2 150’s but decided to check all the audio signal cables and connectors and it started working, so might have been un seated connector or could still be dry joint while knows, but it’s working. But yeah think checking voltages off power pcb before removing it is the fastest thing, then audio connectors , and then amp module. I got lucky !
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    FWIW, I just figured I would throw my 2 cents in. I just switched over to Helix and only Helix and nothing but Helix, from my old tried and true rig which consisted of two 2 tube amp heads, one through a 4x12 cab, and one through a 2x12 (though not used at the same time, at least not too often) and an analog pedal board (the RV-6 and DD-200 were digital, so mostly analog), or through a Two Notes Torpedo Captor 16 with a Two Notes CABM+ whenever I did any recording without fooling with all the mics, which became always because the Two Notes products were great and produced fantastic results. Anyway, several factors played into this such as, getting a little older, not playing out quite as often, and others, but the biggest is the fact that my wife and I moved to a different place and the new spot is not secluded or set apart from the surrounding homes in the area whatsoever, also, I no longer have my detached garage, so it got to the point that I was rarely able to plug in my amps and really jam the way I liked to, and so I began looking for an alternative, at which point every other suggestion was "Helix is the answer", so it didn't take long for me to decide to try it. It took a little longer before I decided to sell most of my gear, but after I began to get the hang of the Helix and became comfortable with it, it blew me away and still does today. Sometimes I look at it, and as cool as it looks, I still ask myself "how can I actually be happy with this and have no regrets whatsoever about selling my gear", yet I am and there is really no question in my mind about it. The Helix alone does WORLDS more than my other gear could ever hope to, and I'm still working on patches that push what I know how to do with it and take it to new levels, and I have a blast doing it. And even the guys I play with who gave me grief have ALL been silenced at this point, and one of them even went and bought a Helix himself and has already told me it's all he's bringing next time we jam. He's always calling me asking me how to do this or that, which brings me to the subject at hand. He mentioned to me one evening on a call not long ago that he plugged headphones into it and that it sounded terrible, and I trust his ear for tone and his ability to achieve a decent one from just about anything he's given. So I asked him what cans he was using and he told me a pair of JBL over ears. So I let him borrow my Sennheizer HD 300 Pros, and a half hour after I left he hit me up and thanked me and basically said problem solved. I then told him I prefer my Audio Technica M50x set over the 300 Pros, and not just by a little bit, but A LOT. Two days later he came to return my 300 Pros and thanked me again for the other suggestion, saying that he agreed the M50x monitors blow the 300 Pros out of the water. I prefer them, but the 300 Pros have their uses too. I've come to find that I actually prefer them when I'm playing stuff that's clean and ambient. Perhaps it's the flatter response, as opposed to the slight bump up in the low end that I otherwise much prefer from the M50x set, or maybe it's the added openness/airiness from the drivers being a bit further off the ear (similar to DT770 Pro 80s which are great as well), or maybe it's both along with something else I haven't put my finger on, but the Fender Strat through a clean amp does sound better to me through the Sennheizers, and it only gets better when you start adding reverbs, flangers, delays and the like. Anyway, I know this is alot, but the gyst is that I personally don't believe too many exceptions were made when they engineered the Helix at all. As a guy who came into using one completely green and new to the digital world from a backround of nothing but tube amps and cabs with minimal effects, the Helix has been anything BUT a device that displays any evidence of corners that may have been cut or areas that did not receive a proper thinking through prior to it's being put into production. Rather, it embodies the idea of an "all bases covered" (and THOROUGHLY) type of device in every way that I can think of, certainly every one that definitely counts for something. I can't think of another device I've encountered in my 25 years of playing guitar that comes anywhere close to achieving what the Helix has, and then you take the price point into consideration. $1500 might be a chunk, but my perception tells me that it could have been priced plenty higher and would be just as deserving of the praise it has received, and I've been so pleased with it that if I ever do think about what it cost me, it's just that I can't believe it didn't cost more. I learned how to do some killer stuff in NO TIME, and it only took watching a few youtube videos from guitar channels I watch anyway. The Helix is an amazing and fully featured tool, and every one of those features is extremely well thought out from every angle. The last thing any team building a device like this would settle on if they were going to settle on anything, would be one of it's options for monitoring and being heard. From a 100% honest standpoint, perhaps offering a bit of constructive criticism, but without intending to be in any way offensive, and perhaps in hopes it might save anyone learning the Helix some time if they were to happen upon this thread/post..... If you aren't getting a completely usable, great tone using headphones, the first thing to troubleshoot should be "possibilities in regard to user error". I think its been said before in relation to this subject, in this very post if I recall correctly, and others... Why would one spend $1500 on a piece of gear such as this, only to plug a set of $40 skull candy headphones up to it? And if one were to do so... when the result is less than satisfactory, why does avoiding the headphone out and posting on a forum about how the units heaphone out is insufficient and lackluster, seem to be the logical next step forward, as opposed to taking into consideration that perhaps there is a reason music supply stores sell headphones too, not just Target? And while the music store cans are obviously more pricey than most of the Target offerings, perhaps there is something to that yet as well. You might think of it like this... You bought a Helix at $1500 rather than an ME-80 at $300 or a GT-1 at $150 or $200, why? Likely the answer or at least part of it has to do with quality, and the fact that in every way, the Helix outperforms those other products. So much so that it is well worth spending $1200 more than an ME-80 to own one. Well, the same can be said for headphones. There is a difference between headphones and studio monitoring headphones, a very big difference, and while one need not spend the $500 to $600 for some of the most expensive sets out there, still, finding and purchasing a budget set or something priced in the middle somewhere is certainly an improvement over whatever set they have beside the ipods at Target to be sure. Personally I prefer the Audio Technica M50x headphone monitors over anything else when it comes to playing and recording/tracking guitar. A set of M50x headphone monitors will only set you back $149 at your local guitar shop, and if they don't have them its only because they sold the last set, because these are some of the most popular studio cans on the market period, and their price-point only aids further in making them a best seller. You can also order them from any one of a ton of different places online, if you can't think of anywhere else, try the "A" word place, they'll be a lock to have M50x or any other type your heart desires. A couple other sets that sound great but won't cause you to be late on your car payment, are Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pros (there are 3 different sub-models of these though, so research the differences between the 32, 80, and 250 ohm sets before you run out and spend your money. Don't want to mess with an extra headphone amp, then the 250's probably aren't for you, although with the proper setup they are very very hard to beat in terms of frequency response and the amount of detail they produce. Think you're chops are mistake free, play through a set of these and I promise they'll show you EVERYTHING you DO still need work on... Able to drop $180 on cans, but want to make sure you can use them across all your devices, the 32s are definitely your best bet. If you want the best option for plugging straight into the Helix and that's the sound you are focused on, the 80s won't steer you wrong) and lastly, Sennheizer HD 300 Pros will run you $200, have amazingly flat response and are extremely accurate at only 32 ohms, so they will also work just fine with your phone, tablet or xbox. Its worth mentioning the M50x set is 32 ohms as well so will work with all devices as well and sound just as amazing on all of them as they will with the Helix. Not getting good headphone tone straight into your headphone jack... Don't be "that guy" (or girl for that matter), common sense may not be so common, but try it on for size anyway and in this case I can assure you you won't be let down. I can't promise the sound will translate the same through FRFRs or a tube power amp, or any power amp and cab, or even your desktop monitors, but I'm confident in saying any one of the 3 suggestions above will put you close enough that you can figure it out with minimal tweaking necessary. If not, box the headphones back up, do the same with your Helix, and send them both back from whentz they came and find something on which your $1500 would be more wisely spent because for right now the Helix is a little too advanced. Maybe think about purchasing and mastering a POD GO after which you could give Helix another go.
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    Is anybody else have gain trouble with POD Go and an active bass? I can get very few of the amp models to sound remotely clean. Everything sounds like a distorted guitar amp. I assume I'm doing something wrong, but can't find the right setting/button. Help!!!!
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    Did you ever fix this problem? I just go a HX stomp XL and am having the same problem with the 250k Ernie ball.
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    This. Please keep bluetooth, ipads, iphones, iclouds, and all other obsolete-next-year toys far away from professional guitar gear.
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    Hello, My POD Go screen showing unreadable, please check picture attach. IMG_6376.heic here the story, I just update the firmware with MAC OS Big Sur! and I just read the warning annouce about them after I update, my mistake. After that, I check on POD GO edit application and choosing General > Restore Factory Setting but nothing happend then I tried connect with different computer like WINDOW 10 but still got the problem, I tried to restore with power button withthe Page button but the POD GO showing white screen. So Is there any technical to restore them to the prevoious one .?
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    First of all, there should be a separate forum for HX effects. Next a feature request: Sharing presets from HELIX to HX effects (or vice versa). Since all the effects are the same, I imagine someone could just use a helix preset (minus the amp model) and be still able to use the patch/preset ? I haven't played with the editor yet - or the lack of one to try to see what would happen.
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    Hmmmm... same request, two usernames? I'm getting confused :) IMO... that's a beautiful tone. This is what I would do.... Strat Bridge Pickup (w/fresh strings.... you can hear that clearly at the end of the clip) Fender Twin Model (double normal) Bring the drive back to about 3 Highs around 3 Lows around 5 or 6 set the mids around 6 or 7 Insert the TILT EQ and set the TILT to DARK 60 (this simulates moving the mic closer to the edge of the speaker) (Optional)... Simple delay with a 400ms delay time, 2-3 repeats, keep the mix low, around 15%. For Reverb, just insert the '63 Spring and leave it as is. LA Studio Comp at the end of the chain... just inserting it will bring out the desired flavor, but I would also roll the gain back to about 5. The majority of the tone is how he picks, and his subtle use of the tremolo bar on the guitar! He's a master! Attached is a quick preset based on the settings I mention above. Keep in mind this was made in Native, with MY STRAT which is a '62 re-issue. You may have to adjust for your gear a little! EDIT TO ADD: Although I used a Fender Twin model for the amp, I am pretty sure Hank plays VOX amps... I'm just more comfortable dialing in the Fenders. Hank Marvin.hlx
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    Dont waste your time and money if you want bluetooth connectivity. They still have not got a fix for the cutting off problem in 2019, years after first release. As soon as the first memory banks are full, the problem will start and the only way to fix it by resetting the amp. If Line 6 has not got the interest to fix the issue they should at least make the code public so someone can fix it.
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    Generally any stage larger than 30x20 with room capacity of 1,000 or more. Casinos are a good example. Here's an image of me and my Gemini 2 in action recently.
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    OP here... following up after purchasing a pair of smaller speakers to replace the Yamaha DXR10s that were eating my small (12’ x 12’) living room. I’ve never come within a sniff of what they are capable of. I ended up picking up a pair of Adam Audio T7V studio monitors. Played through them a couple hours and still getting used to the change. My thoughts so far... what I’ve lost in bass I’ve more than made up for in tone and clarity of tone. I didn’t realize how muddy the DXR10’s were bc a) because my ear is not very discerning, b) they were the only live speakers I’d ever heard helix through, and c) in fairness they were a poor match for my small room and I probably couldn’t get far enough away for them to sound as good as they would in a larger space. I know... duh. Live and learn. With the t7v’s I’ll need to tweak some (all) of my presets to my liking, but I am thrilled with the clarity I am hearing. I never knew what I was missing. The tones are clear as a bell and more like those I’ve heard guys getting on YouTube vids, but not able to reproduce myself. Evidently, I will need to get a better understanding of how volume works. I know there is an ongoing post on volume in this forum the last few days which I will read. Regarding volume, I almost packed them up to return as soon as I heard them. I bought the Freman mega pack two months ago and have been using them almost exclusively ever since. I was EXTREMELY concerned when I first plugged in the t7v’s and started playing (using Fremen’s tones). With guitar, helix and speakers all on 10, their maximum volume I would estimate was about 80% of the max loudness I would ever want to play at home, and I do not consider myself a very loud player. In fact, when first setting them up and starting with a flat 0 db (Helix and guitar both on 10) the acoustic sound of the strumming the electric’s strings was competing with the top volume coming through the speakers. When set to max vol, the T7V’s were much louder, but you could still easily have a conversation in the room by raising your voice. Assuming I was going to return them, yesterday I was playing around with a different bank of presets... ones I used prior to buying Fremen’s, all from CustomTones. Most of them immediately seemed louder... completely acceptable volumes... One or two of them barked so loudly I almost jumped. These speakers are PLENTY loud. The problem is clearly PEBGAH (Problem Exists Between Guitarist And Helix) lol. I’ll need to learn more about setting presets volume levels. I haven’t yet looked at why Fremen’s are set at low volume out of the box, but I am sure it is for good reason. Hopefully I’ll be able to boost them without losing or changing tone. I want to note that at one point in this process I was concerned about the sweet spot and directionality of studio monitors, but that was for naught. Yes, there is a sweet spot, but the sound fills the room satisfactorily anywhere I move to. End game: Once I understand more about setting volume levels within presets (and not affect tone), I’m sure I’ll be extremely happy with the t7v’s. They already sound great without much tweaking (albiet at a lower volume at the moment). Also, I’m ecstatic to gain back some of my living space and will now rebuild my left and right media towers (I make things) to house my home theater equipment, including L and R speakers, as well as the two T7V’s. I designed the right tower for the LT to sit on top about rib high. This way I can both see it and work comfortably with it when not on the floor. I could never find a comfortable position to sit, cradle a guitar, tweak knobs, switch back to guitar to test, make further changes, rinse, repeat. Once I decided to stand when working with Helix, the ergonomics got dramatically better. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and comments. Alright, time to put those DXR10’s on CL...
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    Less and less as the days go by. I get tired of having to start and restart bluetooth on my device then start and restart bluetooth discovery on the amp then start and restart the application just to get it to sync. I'm getting closer to going back to a traditional amp/pedal setup.
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