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    "Undecided" - Ella Fitzgerald First you say you do And then you don't And then you say you will And then you won't You're undecided now So what are you gonna do? Now you want to play And then it's no And when you say you'll stay That's when you go You're undecided now So what are you gonna do? ----------------------------------------------------------- DUDE! Get over yourself! Many thousands of people are happily using Helix Native EVERY DAY with MANY different DAWs. Just because you can't figure out how to use it with YOUR DAW, and haven't got the patience to learn, don't bad mouth the product! I personally use Helix Native with 3 different DAWs - Reaper, Cakewalk and Ableton LIVE. I got no problems like you can't handle. You said we got it working for you, then you got PO'd and QUIT, so I'm not even sure what your problem is! I had never used Snapshots in Native, took me 5 minutes to work out. It works JUST LIKE THE HARDWARE! FWIW - I tried Cubase and thought it was the most un-intuitive, difficult to navigate POS I'd ever had the misfortune of wasting my time on. Did you notice - nobody chimed in with "HI! I use Cubase, here's how you do it!"? Not that Cubase is necessarily the problem, but it sure ISN'T Native! Let's see, what's that leave........? So, kick back, have a beer, smoke a doob, and when you're ready, come on back and we'll fix it for ya!
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    Is Studio One configured to use the Helix and its ASIO driver as the audio input and output device? After arming a track for recording, what are you selecting as the Record Input source?
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    Glad it worked for ya- Think you could change the "Joke" comment to "solved" in the topic now?
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    However, what you hear playing the patch with your guitar using your amp or speakers may not be even close to what the patch creator hears using his equipment. That’s one of the main stumbling blocks with Customtone. There’s much more than just the patch involved in the signal that travels from your fingers to your ears.And each component can have a dramatic effect on what you hear. Often when I download and listen to a patch I don’t think it sounds at all like the title or description suggests it should sound like. That doesn’t mean the patch creator did a poor job. More likely it means our external equipment is quite different.
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    textual response to the slogan of this thread (for those who plan to buy it, or for those who already have it and are angry because 6 blocks are not enough) well ... I have tried to understand the problem referred to in the 6 blocks ... considered to be a minimalist device designed to meet minimalist needs ... fits in any backpack, very comfortable ... well ... you can't have it all. My hx stomp (outdated old photo) is mounted on a nux stb4 pedalboard of approximately 40 cm and it is as if it had 8 blocks (sacrificing portability and a little convenience related to size) In my case, I open a shipment (type loop fx) at the beginning of the chain, the configuration would be more or less like this: 1 loop fx (send / return (block) if you enter by guitar in will not spend any slot, but it is a matter of taste) here I chain the following 3 pedals: * 2 cry baby mini (physical) 3 tube screamer mini (physical) 4 mooer yellow compressor (physical) 5 amp or preamp (block) * 6 go (block) * 7 reverberation (block) * 8 delay (block) 9 delay * 9 block (maybe an equalizer or a modulation, usually vacant) * * hx slots As you can see, I had to incur a series of additional expenses to meet a need, (screamer and wha in all my presets) I bought 3 physical pedals (3 inserted in a single block and I will stay 5 available), I actually have 8 blocks, as you can see, it is not that complicated, you have to spend a little more, if you only "need" more blocks it is a fetish and fetishes are usually expensive. If you consider the rumor that by 2020 through the FW 3.0 update, the HX Stomp would be left with 8 blocks, so in my case I will have 10 blocks, going back to the hx stomp if I needed more 6 blocks would have gone for a Helix or fractal, in my particular case more than 8 slots would be a circus fetish, I don't defend companies ... they don't give me anything for free, nor did they lower my price unit for having registered one unit for each generation since xt pod, I don't work in a store selling pedals neither guitars, so fanboy or brand lawyer can not accuse me ... just try to see what I am simply not going to buy a suzuki maruti to use as Ferrari, you should analyze well your needs before buying something, if you want to be the "SLASH" of your neighborhood you need a marshall, a lespaul and a top hat (simple needs) ... even if you are open minded with the small stomp and an epiphone lp will reach you well and make you happy ... but if you are a guitarist with complex needs with a chain of 8 processes or more, this is not your device. If update 3.0 brings the 8 blocks, (or not) I will be happy anyway, it doesn't kill me to fix them with 6 blocks, because I asked myself the question before buying. Every purchase must be aware and studied, now ... if you need the "THE EDGE" pedalboard, this device is not for you, then go to your favorite kiosk and order your LT with double cheese, headrush or even mooer ge 300 ... FW 3.0 could give you 8 slots but you are forgetting the DSP limit and temperatures by increasing the load of that cpu ... What if you made a mistake when buying the hx stomp? ... Oh, what a pity! ... the limitations of stomp were never tabu, in that case there is no more guilty than yourself ... you just had to investigate and think well before buying ... ...Thus Do your homework and investigate before buying anything. and as an audio engineer my friend says "the more effects you use the more damaged you can get into the mix" I hope it serves to guide new buyers rather than offend the good readers of this forum, good luck!
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    Unfortunately Line 6 does not allow for comments on the Customtone Page. All we have to go on are the star ratings, which are not very helpful. I have D/L several 5star rated tones with Lots of downloads, and they were not good, and I have downloaded some with no stars and few downloads and got some good tones. Linking comments and reviews would be very helpful. The Helix is capable of some of the best tones available yet finding them is like pulling teeth, and most (not all) require use of 3rd party IR's. It would be nice to be able to find good tones easily with the addition of outside 3rd party IR's or plugins. Just to be accurate the Dual Marshall tone is best used on a Humbucking Bridge pickup. It might sound good on single coil or neck pickups, but I wouldn't know. I use an EVH Wolfgang Standard and a 2019 Charvel San Dimas. I only use the Neck pickup as a pinch harmonic locator, lol. I have added a couple of Presets that I have found to sound very good. They have not been tinkered with and are As-is from the customtone page. Petrucci Mark IV.hlx Van Halen One.hlx
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    Thanks try it asap - appreciate it
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    Hi. I download the HELIX NATIVE trial version to evaluate if work or not for me, because I want to buy the HELIX STOMP. I play Guitar and Keys and I need a Guitar FX unit with midi to control from the Kronos Sequencer: to change between the snapshots (SS) and different values in the blocks. So, to try the sound and the functionality I try with HN (Helix Native) and guys........ This is a complete waste of time.!!!!! My DAW is Cubase PRO last version. I create a new PATCH with only 6 blocks., like HN and using only 3 SS. When you change the SS 1 to 2 or 3, the values are the same. Doesn't change!! Sometimes one of the blocks bypass on/off work... but that's it.!! SO.... If the Helix Stomp work with the MIDI and values like the software, I DONT Want it..!!! I make all the combination. Bypass SS, no bypass SS, Automation the SS just the parameter, save a new patch, close and open again... and NOTHING. IS COMPLETY RAMDOM. Any advise..? Im very disappointing with this functionality. Not the sound.!! Thanks.!!!!
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    I've done this using the FX Return of my original Boss Katana Head and it sound great. NOT FRFR though, so you would want to bypass/ remove the cab or IR from the chain so that you aren't putting a cab sim into an actual cab.
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    I’ve never used Skype or made videos using Helix so my comments are theoretical but here’s what I know.... The Helix driver is a fully compliant ASIO driver. That means the computer and any program running on that computer needs to be configured to use Helix as its audio device for both input and output. I’m not sure how well the various programs (Skype with video? Audio recording and playback? Audio outside Skype with no recording? YouTube?) will play with each other simultaneously using the same audio/USB connection. I don’t really foresee issues because I expect all the programs should just let the PC manage the single audio device and connection. However someone with experience doing this will have to clarify. Consequently, your internal PC soundcard is bypassed. All inputs and outputs must be connected to Helix. That means your microphone and all instruments need to be connected to the Helix inputs and your speakers and/or monitors and headphones must be connected to the Helix outputs. You have to set up your Helix presets accordingly, assigning mic, guitar, Aux, Return inputs as desired to your various physical inputs. Check the presets in the Helix factory Templates setlist; one or more of those might be good starting points (e.g. the 4-channel mixer). Speaking theoretically again, I would avoid using Helix Native for real-time live processing. Latency would be an issue I expect. You could use Helix Native for post-processing a dry recorded signal. Latency won’t be an issue in that case. So you could prepare a recording for use during a lesson; in that case your recording program will just ba another program like Skype or your video program. Mic’ing your acoustic guitar could be problematic if you also want to speak/sing simultaneously. There is only one mic pre-amp/input on Helix. Try running your acoustic guitar through a DI box that lets you set its output to Line level and use the Helix Aux or Return input with the level also set to Line. Or, if your acoustic has an onboard preamp, connect it directly to the Aux or Return input with level set to Instrument. Same thing for bass guitar- Aux or Return set to Instrument.
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    I have one and it sounds pretty good.You can only use the master volume once you connect into the power amp part of the katana it disables all of the controls except master volume.I like the boss because its a really good amp also and it would make a great backup.
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    Sorry you feel that way. I tend to disagree (which is totally fine). It's not an absurd amount of work and knowledge required. It's called evolution. It has become an accepted standard that guitar rigs have become much more complicated, including 4CM-setups. With development and evolution comes an increased learning / knowledge curve, unfortunately. Back in the old days we replaced batteries with a daisy chain to power multiple pedals, and we fought with ground loops. The first isloated power supplies cost a fortune, were hard to find, and as a result you had to deal with a more complicated pedalboard setup if you wanted a hum free experience. It's always been like that. Plus, back in the dino age a little bit of hum and noise was perfectly acceptable. These days, people freak out about the most minimal amounts of noise (including me, I'm guilty as charged as well!). Again, this is not a design flaw, it's a limitation of physics. Every bit of kit (can't stress that enough: EVERY!) that can be used with multiple ground referenced connections suffers from this problem, not only guitar setups (think recording studios and such - buying an iso transformer or two is a cakewalk compared to that). A ground loop is a physical, electrical limitation. Sure, there are things you can implement to prevent them, and it would be peachy if every manufacturer implemented every possible measure without raising the price tag; but, unless I missed it, not even the AxeFX III (which costs twice the price of the Helix) offers transformer isolated outputs; they sell you special cables as solution for that problem (sell being the keyword here). If you don't buy the Humbuster cables or isolate your output, you will have an increaded chance run into a ground loop in 4CM, as with every piece of equipment. Almost no amp with an FX loop has integrated iso transformers, no matter how high end it is, even though it's practically guaranteed to have issues with ground loops. There's maybe a handful of amps (if even that) that have them, and these amps cost more than my car. If you're lucky, they MIGHT have a ground lift. Most don't. So yeah... you want a more complicated setup, be prepared for issues. Otherwise stick to easy setups. Applies to life in general, I guess.
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    I have the MK II Express pedal and a Spider V 60 amp. I can't find any way to start and stop the recording of the Looper on the amp. The MK II manual doesn't mention this and is mostly useless to me. I can control it by pressing the button on the amp but this leaves a blank space in the loop as I reach for the button. How can I set the foot pedal switch to start and stop the recording? I have also looked at the Line 6 FBV control software interface with the foot pedal connected to my computer but there is nothing that says start/stop looper or anything close to that.
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    Please provide some technical details. What computer/OS are you using? What recording program? How is your Helix connected for recording to your PC? Where are your headphones connected?
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    You need an INSERT Cable (Single 1/4" Stereo to Dual 1/4" Mono). When you get your Helix, READ THE MANUAL, specifically the sections COMMAND CENTER and SNAPSHOTS. The attached Preset demonstrates the technique. Use Command Center to see how it is done. I don't know which Channel is activated by which connection, TIP or RING, so I've called the Snapshots TIP and RING. When you load the Preset, Snapshot 1 (TIP) is active. Ch Switch.hlx
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    For me, I have Helix Floor and get blue screens and major issues. the root problem is the supremely evil Logitech ghub software. you can start by killing anything logitech in your task manager to see if things work fine... otherwise you may need to uninstall logitech product software. this has been an issue for 2 years (with Logitech) not helix. I think logitech incorrectly sees the helix/HX as one of their products and then tries to launch the drivers for it and screws up the system.. give that a try & let us know.
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    You add the controller to the Preset, then tweak it in the Snapshots. Be aware of the Global>Preferences setting of "Snapshot Edits". When I'm tweaking I set it to RECALL. That way I don't have to remember to SAVE between tweaks to different Snapshots. When I'm done I set it back to DISCARD.
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    Except here in Washington state (and I think Ohio too!) we are no longer allowed to be in a room together. But some people are still able to act like virtual A-holes.
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    Since you haven't used it in a while, the Effect Tweak knob may have oxidized. Try spinning it back and forth for a while and see if that helps. If you have contact cleaner, pull the knob off and shoot a little of that on it (while the unit is powered off) and then spin the knob back and forth for a little while. Then power on and try it again.
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    You can assign buttons to certain keystroke(s) and that's how it's done. So you could assign CTRL-A to a button. I'm assuming it's transmitted via the USB but I at least know you don't need to purchase anything else.
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    My bad. I didn't update to 2.82 until recently, and inadvertently mistook the March 2020 date on the most recent Line 6 Updater release to be the 2.82 release date. So I was operating on what seemed to be (in my mind) a 6 month variance in release dates between Native 1.82 and Helix 2.82. Thanks for the clarity,
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    problem there would be if you have this and are trying to hit the presets to switch presets, and it give you a save prompt and doesn't switch it could screw you over live. Maybe if you made it an option you could turn on or off in global settings it might work, but there would have to be an option to turn that off.
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    soundog, I was trying to help loutowart, though thank you. I'll check out the link, see what I might learn.
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    As a great musician once said, "before you can make good music, you first have to get the bad music out." Don't think your demos wouldn't be useful to someone just because you aren't an "expert." I would love to try your patch, for example. Its always interesting to hear what others consider a great tone. Good luck!
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    That's why I refrain from posting demo's online of my gear. I'm afraid I'd be doing a disservice to the product. Maybe someday, when I'm an expert, but I don't feel like there is some void going unfulfilled.
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    Thanks for the replies. I mentioned overheating only because it seemed a potential cause since the problem occurs after a period of use (maybe 2 hours?), and switching it off and letting it 'cool down' (say overnight) seems to work. It's uncovered and sitting on carpet, and it's not been moved/relocated in the last 4 years. Good idea to try one of the Returns - but since the Tuner also stops registering any INPUT when this happens I'm thinking it might be electronics related.... I haven't swapped my Monitors out since they are also playing sound from my PC via a Behringer mixer (which I did also troubleshoot by plugging the Helix 3/4 outs straight into the monitors) I'll raise a ticket but the answer will be to ship it to the service company and pay the money... I just wondered if anyone had had similar issues.... Jim
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    If you are obsessed with renaming HX Stomp Snapshots so they actually mean something .... or ... you're determined to outwit whoever decided this wasn't important for HX Stomp users, but for Helix Floor users - "yes, we'll let you rename snapshots" ... or .... After a "bit" of trial & error (.hlx file scheme is a bit wonky!), I've deciphered how to do this ... it's easy (ish) To help you out, I've attached an "rtf" format file as an example. To check out the rtf file you'll need a text editor that supports this common format. It's rtf format so I could HIGHLIGHT AND BOLD IN RED where the snapshot names are, along with the preset name that will be displayed in HX Edit on the Stomp. Also attached is the .hlx file with renamed snapshots if you want to import it into HX Edit for reference. You will have to export each preset you want to rename the snapshots for You will have to use a basic text editor to edit each .hlx file There are restrictions on how many characters in a snapshot and preset name, the attached sample file contains the max number of characters that will be displayed in HX Edit or on the Stomp Order of snapshots in the .hlx file DOES NOT match order of snapshots as seen in HX Edit i.e. "Snapshot 2" in HX Edit is not second snapshot you'll come across in the .hlx file How To: Open the .hlx file in your text editor Find/replace the snapshot names and/or the preset name, using the attached files as a guide Save file, keeping .hlx extension Import .hlx file into HX Edit Done! Cheers! Ken 2CH 2Guitars Template.hlx 2CH 2Guitars Template colors.rtf
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    Even the world's best tools are no better than a simple hammer in the hands of people who don't know how (or take the time) to learn them. ;) Likewise, real amps and analog gear can also sound terrible, if you don't know how to set the knobs, dials, and sliders! Glad you're enjoying yours. I bought mine last year fully expecting to have buyer's remorse. But instead I still appreciate it every time I turn it on and play. Side note -- this is one of the downsides of making advanced technology and professional equipment so readily available to everyone. When the barrier to entry falls, it becomes hard to sort out human error from flawed products. You can give everyone on earth the best paints and canvas money can buy, but most of the example work you'll see from it will be a total mess :)
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    There are indeed. Also lots of unhappy bunnies pitch up here complaining that Helix doesn't cut it, perhaps blaming the tools prematurely. My experience has been as yours: the amp modelling is excellent assuming that the patch is optimally set up. A big assume, unfortunately, as there are so many things that can go wrong, not least cab and mic choices. Anyway, very glad you hit the nail on the head first try, and thanks for saying so in public. Makes a refreshing change :-)
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    I know pretty much all of them are working from home right now. Whether or not they'll be able to release the update during this time, I don't know. I imagine it's probably not a big deal from a feasibility standpoint, but things like QA/QC might be harder now.
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    The amp modeling is very accurate, let no one tell you otherwise.
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    i have the exact same problem in 25.03.20
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    I've cracked this. They are bad instructions on YouTube and their help page (below). First you must choose an option in the first pulldown ("Relay G10"), not leave it as "All Hardware” as it says on YouTube (although they do say to complete it on their website). Then after updating the receiver and continuing, you should see the transmitter listed (GT10T) as well as the receiver. Before you update the receiver, you will only see the receiver to update. What’s missing on YouTube and their website (https://line6.com/support/page/kb/live-sound/relay-digital-wireless/how-to-update-the-relay-g10g10s-firmware-r931/ ) is clearer instructions a to what to do and select after the receiver has been updated.
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    i have the exact same problem in 2020 - anybody got a solution ?
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    If you actually LIKE Boss's modeling, you should get one. Many of us simply do not like COSM modeling at all, that's one of the reasons that we go with Line 6. Again, if you don't like HX products, why are you even still here?
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    You think if you synced the temp to what you're playing, they would have been smart enough to have it SNAP to the closest beat measure... and have a setting to switch it from 1/16, 1/8, or 1/4... This makes it INCREDIBLY easy to just play and hit kinda close, but have it cut a perfect 4/4 loop for example... WHY?? don't people take the time to make products that are capable of doing more. I can NOT be the only person to have ever thought of this.
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    For what it's worth, I think this is a problem with a lot of home appliances. The other day I wanted to power my refrigerator with some double sided scotch tape, but after being on hold for 45 minutes, and then going round in round with fruitless negotiations for another thirty, the manufacturer's rep yelled at me that I HAD to use the included power cord, and then rudely hung up on me.
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    Have you tried sticking you foot in the VDI port?
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    My foot hurts, and L6 doesn't have a staff podiatrist. Which way to the complaint department?
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    Try rightklick > open > There should appear a "open" in the popup window
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    Here is a copy of an earlier post in this thread about getting a Legacy Variax (such as the 600) and the legacy Workbench (not HD) working on Windows 10. A few months ago I got a brand new Windows 10 machine and needed to get workbench working again... all I did was follow these steps and it worked. ------------------------------ Go to JAVA.COM and download/install the latest stable version of 32 bit JAVA When downloading Workbench from the L6 site, the older Workbench will not show as an option when you choose "Windows 10" as the OS, you need to set the OS Version to Windows 7/8. No worries, the version of workbench this search will display is the one you need for Windows 10. Install it! (Remember, you DO NOT WANT WORKBENCH HD! When installing Workbench.... uncheck the box what would install JAVA (you already have it step 1).
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    You're off to a good start. As you should be. Which defeats the purpose of having a modeler. well, actually, you need a power amp to make the speakers work regardless of if you are using a multi-effects processor You need something to power the cab. Lose? I don't know if 'lose' is the correct word. But, yes, anything that goes between your brain on the way out and your ears on the way back in is going to change the tone. This includes, but not limited to, changing guitars, changing strings, using a different pick, using a different lotion on your hands. It certainly includes switching rooms. And, my gosh, by dolly, it absolutely includes using a different amp, cab, or speakers.
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    For years, lots of devices that don't know anything about beat divisions have let you set delay time by tapping, just sets it to the average time between your taps. The MIDI-related beat/tempo stuff is certainly useful, IF you're synched to a DAW or something, but it shouldn't have replaced basic common sense tap-tempo functionality if you're not.
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    Find the knob or the time... PRESS it... that will switch it into note-sync mode.... then the tap tempo will work.
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    Thanks for the quick response. Oh dear. I'm after spending half a day setting it up thinking this was possible... :-( Maybe I'll use it to control the lights in the sitting room...
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    right - here's some more findings, and it's all good. it seems the FX buttons work while the app is connected and you're editing a preset, so that's good. the vol pedal works, and controls the 'volume' effect block in the preset, for which the min and max vol can be edited within the preset. the wah pedal and on/off toe switch also works as expected. the function 1 footswitch turns the compressor on and off. the delay footswitch (and the other FX footswitches) seem to only turn on and off 1 delay or effect block, even when more than one delay effect block are in use. and here's where things get interesting: the reverb footswitch will only turn reverb on and off, even if you move the reverb effect block to a different location (it can be the last in the chain, or just before the amp FX block I should point out that out of the effect blocks, some are of a fixed effect type. so e.g. the reverb FX block can be changed to different reverb types, but only reverb. same for wah. the noise gate, comp, eq and vol are fixed FX, and although their settings can be changed, the fx can't be changed for other comps, EQ FX respectively etc. the stomp, mod and delay FX blocks can be interchanged for any mix of 3 FX from any mod, delay or stomp. those 3 can then be moved in any order to before the amp or at the end of the fx chain (except the reverb would be dead last if it's post amp). those 3 fx blocks (stomp, mod, delay by default, but can be any of those 3) are then controlled by the stomp, mod and delay footswitches but in the order they appear in the fx chain. so say this is your chain: gate > wah > stomp > amp > comp > eq > vol > mod > delay > reverb then on your FBV shortboard MKII, the 3 FX switches will control the FX they are labelled with (stomp controls stomp on/off, same for mod for mod, and delay for delay). and reverb will control reverb (remember reverb is always reverb and comp is always controlled by func 1) if this is your chain: gate > wah > delay > reverb > amp > comp > eq > vol > stomp > mod then reverb and func will control reverb and comp (they always do), but the other 3, will be as follows: stomp switch controls delay fx mod footswitch will control stomp fx delay footswitch will control the mod fx, as that's the order the pedal and the fx chain match up with the 3 fx blocks that can be controlled to the footswitches from left to right. the FX parameter on the amp can be moved to edit fx parameters from stomp, mod, delay or reverb. just make sure the slider is down low on the fx parameter you want to assign the knob to, and touch and hold on the xx% number for that parameter for a few seconds and your iOS device will ask you if you want to assign the fx parameter to that slider. phew - I hope all that makes sense - Over and out for now Cheers Rowbi.
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    Well it was free advice. Take it or leave it
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    I know what to do. Lets paint it white, instead of adding more blocks. And lets charge 50$ more for it so instead of 599.99 it will be 649.99usd instead of fixing the looper. --- Why am I here? I bought this box that I think needs fixing/updating called the HX Stomp. Why am I still here? Well, I am really starting to wonder that myself. ----- Implying that I do not have boss modeling is kind of like acting like you know me, I have different tool's for different jobs. It seem's like many would rather have me disappear then have me in the conversation, get over it, this conversation has been going for months if not a whole year already. In the simplest pseudo code speak - -------- 01 "FIX IT!" -------- 02 go to line 1 // a looper that cannot delete audio correctly is not a looper but rather a broken looper :| p.s. I hope you all and all of your families are doing well and that you are taking care of each other! This pandemic is pretty crazy!
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