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  1. Out of pure curiosity, what are you missing?
  2. Well, that's your point of view, isn't it? I love it when somebody says "this is the truth, and if you say otherwise, you're just wrong". well... Earth is not flat but, is it really round? Anyway, I'm not having this conversation. This is linguistics, bordering on philosophy. What you call imperfect, with your share of reasons, I have my reasons to call incomplete. You may try harder to see my point and understand why I think this way, or not. I won't give you any argument because, with all due respect, I don't really need you (or anybody) to share my point of view. That, and I'm too tired right now. You may further try to convince me that the concept of incompleteness is way out of place in this matter, if you feel like it. I will read what you say, but don't hold your breath waiting for an answer. I mean, if you convince me, I'll tell you so, if not, I'm dropping it. Just one question, as English is not my native language... would you say the tone of this post (or the previous one) is rude? I welcome your input.
  3. Yes, that's a bug, and yes, you're almost right. Not every product, though, far from it. What you're implying is, basically, that we have to settle for unfinished products, because, in certain cases, it's impossible to finish them before selling them. Interesting. I suppose you settle for unfinished food, an unfinished house, unfinished clothes... welll, you get it. We buy unfinished products, yes, we're made unwilling betatesters, we pay to do some remodelling and things get broken, and other things just don't end up being what we wanted them to be, yes, and that's not acceptable, so we ask for solutions. Not just the way they expected it to, the way they should. For example: - Helix could not correctly respond to incoming MIDI CC #64 (Tap Tempo) - FIXED - Expression pedals with inverted polarity could cause Helix Rack to freeze when connected to Helix Control - FIXED - The Looper block’s icon could incorrectly reflect its state after saving a preset - FIXED That's not the way "someone somewhere" would expect it to work, it's the way the company intended it to work, and it didn't, until it got fixed. Thanks Phil. Will do.
  4. And the bugs? are we entitled to bugs or are they a bonus we should thank for? :P (not that I've run into any of those that I've read about though) Bugs at launch can be considered as incompleteness, can't they? Having a hardware design that doesn't allow one of the advertised features to work correctly (amp switching capabilities) can also be considered as incompleteness? (unless they advertise which brands -and/or models- that feature works with) More of a design flaw, in my oppinion. My ideas at ideascale tend to be more "new feasible feature" oriented than the "gimme more variety of XXX" kind. Am I entitled to new features? I don't think so, although, L6 history says they usually add some juicy bonus to their (flashable) products along the way, until they cease to develop them. So no, not entitled. It is reasonable to expect it, but they're not bound. New models of XXX... entitlement? Well, no, but it seems the most obvious way to expand a product of that kind. So... apparently we're not exactly entitled to new features (although some come), neither are we entitled to new models (yet they come), but the software (reportedly) had bugs at launch and that, we can, and must ask for fixes for. Other than the amp switching not being compatible with any of my amps (which was one of the selling points in my case, but not one of the most important) I'm happy with it. I hope they offer us a solution for that. I won't go about telling what I love about it, suffice to say it inspires me to play, play more interesting stuff and play better, but there's room for improvement, and improved it will be. So they say, so I hope.
  5. Well, I just gave your comment a positive point or whatever they're called, not because I agree with all you say, but because I didn't agree with the guy who downvoted it. I don't think it's fair to punish you for expressing your oppinion in a civilized way. I personally welcome anything they add to the lists of amps, effects and features, and I also think there's room for a lot of good stuff in there, some simpler some more complicated to implement, but I let them follow their path. I mean, I'm sure they're working on Helix as we speak (it's their flagship product, no less) but maybe not as quickly as our GAS demands :D
  6. It comes with the guitar, at least with the JTVs. I'm not sure about the Variax Standard models.
  7. Voltage sagging for pedals! Anyone interested?
  8. Indeed. I think I'm gonna build it myself. It's 66€ for a pot in a box!
  9. That may be the case, Peter, in fact, I just tried using a passive D.I. in the opposite direction and it does work, impedance wise, but it also induces hum so... I'll end up getting one of those dragsters because they seem to be a smart piece of gear that could solve some problems (if, maybe, not this one) The fuzz models in Helix sound very nice, it's no big deal if that particular pedal doesn't want to fit in.
  10. Thanks Phil, I'll look into it. According to the info on the page, it should do what I want, but I'm gonna look for more reviews, videos, demos and the usual stuff
  11. I want to use an analog fuzz in one of Helix's loops, and not before the input, because I'm using a Tyler Variax into the VDI. It's that kind of fuzz, that wants to be first in chain, so it doesn't sound right in the loop. I've tried switching the loop to "line", but it's worse (as expected, anyway). Is there something I can do to make any such pedal to sound as if it were first in the chain?
  12. Taking a look at the linked picture in the original post would have done the trick though :D
  13. I just found this while looking for information on the Pod Pro's FX loop and... Guys, dbagchee, silverhead... the Pod Pro doesn't have any FX block. It has a stereo FX loop, but its position is fixed, and certainly, not configurable or represented in any way on any of the editors (Sound Diver, L6 Edit, Midiquest) or the unit's own interface. The Pod Pro is not the Pod HD Pro. The topic is misplaced.
  14. Much better results, much less time spent. That's what I'm experiencing.
  15. I'm also using both, mags and models, on some of my presets, only, instead of switching, I crossfade from one to the other using them as source for different paths and then controlling those paths with volume blocks. I tried to do it with other blocks, like the a/b mixer, but two volume blocks produced better results IMO.
  16. I love it! (and, silly me, I didn't know HD was able to do that)
  17. Go post it on ideascale, and then here, you can already count on one vote :D
  18. Here's another way to prevent accidentally changing models with the joystick: A simple double click that toggles rotation.
  19. I think it's the Helix's own file system that crops the names
  20. Yeah, it happens to me too, makes me be extra careful when editing on the unit. It can be solved in a number of different ways, so I hope they'll do it. Here's mine, I just posted it.
  21. I added this Idea a few days back, I hope you find it interesting The info provided in the link explains enough, maybe, but I'll paste the original text here: "I figure, if the Helix can control the pickup selector... why not the other way round? Seems simple, right? Now... what would really be cool, is to allow the pickup selector to select five discrete states. Very, very handy to use with the sync parameter in time related FX, for example" Thanks for your positive contributions
  22. Count me in! I've been thinking about posting that idea myself. Glad you did it, and thought of the same possibilities I had envisioned.
  23. I've found that using less gain and higher master volume settings gives me amazing response in distorted sounds. For example, I use the SLO with a gain of 0.5, master at 10, sag 5, bias and bias x at 10, 0 hum, 0 ripple... EQ to taste.
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