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  1. When you plug in and wait a few seconds the "not charging" should change to the charging (lighning) symbol. If it does not you might have a bad cable and the best way to resolve this would be to contact our customer support.
  2. Did you go into the settings on the iOS device-> Privacy-> Microphone-> Mobile POD?
  3. You can assign any speaker to any bus in the L6Link settings. If you want a speaker to play the main mix just assign L, R or L+R to the speaker in the L6Link settings.
  4. Feedback is always an audio issue. The wifi dongle just enables remote control via WiFi. If a feedback ocurred during a show without adjustments it was a feedback loop between a microphone and a speaker. Sometimes very little movements of microphones or even people in front of microphones can cause a feedback if the microphone was already very "hot" First you have to make sure that it was really a feedback in the PA system (it could have been a guitar amp, a broken keyboard...) If it was you want to find out which channel it was by very carefully (earplugs, nobody in the room) turn up the level of the mains and monitors and muting channels one by one until the source is identified. Then activate feedback suppression on that channel, turn down the gain a bit if possible, try different mic positions)
  5. If you are in the Deep Tweak view and you select the icon in the mostleft upper corner the inspector pops up. There you can change the DSP type. Please be aware that the inputs 13-16 have different DSP types available than inputs 1-12.
  6. The Sonic Port (VX) converters for the guitar input are actually two stacked 24 bit converters. This is how we get the extremely high dynamic range (120dB) If you turn this up in software there should be no noise problem.
  7. Tudscamp, We are sorry to hear this. Please contact our customer service. They can resolve this. Best Answer Line6Tony, 14 May 2014 - 12:51 AM We’re glad to announce that we’ve tested and approved a replacement fan for the L2 speaker. At the end of this week, our authorized service centers will be able to order the replacement fan and perform the repair. Alternatively, Line 6 can perform the repair if an RMA is generated. As both scenarios offer the repair under our three-year warranty, please ensure you can furnish a copy of your proof of purchase, a requirement for warranty service. Please see our Service Page for repair process details. Thanks again for your patience and your patronage.
  8. This is a fun subject. Thank you. Not that I would recommend this for obvious reasons but I have done some shows with two m20d s with full access to all mixing including individual monitor sends: Connect the main out of unit 1 to input 11-12 of #2 Connect Mon a, b, c, d of unit 1 to input 13-16 of #2 Make sure no processing is on. Adjust the input levels so that an input on unit one comes out at the exact same level as an input on unit 2. Adjust the mix on unit two so that 11-12 goes only to mains, 13 only goes to mon a, 14 only to mon b, 15,16- mon c, d. Do not touch the output levels on unit one. Ever. Have the exact same FX in both units. Ta-da! 30 analog inputs- 22xlrs
  9. Please have the unit repaired through your dealer. The screen behavior is a hardware issue that can be fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  10. You can make the monitor outputs stereo by choosing a stereo monitor preset. (Firmware version 1.20) You would have to control the main outs with the master fader and the monitor out with the monitor out knob.
  11. Does it behave like this without the SD card? We have seen some slow SD cards causing trouble..
  12. I just looked at your setup and found that channel one in the setup "duo" has a trim (gain) of 0 while channel one in the setup "balla" has a gain of 31dB. There is no hidden automatic control. Even if the FBS turns down the gain you would see a red bar on top of the input tab in deep tweak mode that says "Emergency gain xdB" When resetting the FBS of loading a setup this would disappear. Maybe i have got the scenes you are referring to wrong but from here it looks like there is significantly different trim (gain) going on.
  13. If the levels are different there can be many reasons: EQ's, compressor make up gains etc. You can disable the FBS and check this.
  14. The scenes and setups are fine since the FBS parameters are not saved with the setup.
  15. The FBS happens on the input channels. If you go to Tweak- deep Tweak- Inputs you can see the settings and an FBS reset button.
  16. The FBS uses very narrow notch filters that are usually not audible. In extreme cases of severe feedback the gain gets reduced as a last resort. The settings are not stored with setups or scenes. If the FBS is resorting to reducing the gain that means that there is a severe problem on stage. Most likely the stage is way to loud, a microphone is right in front of a speaker, limiters and compressors are too extreme or similar.
  17. Did you give mobile pod access to the microphone? This is a bit unexpected but you have to go to settings- privacy- microphone- and allow mobile pod to access the microphone.
  18. The Mute Mics button works like a mute group. When it is pressed and you mute or unmute a channel it will remember this. Just press Mute Mics and press the desired channel mutes.
  19. Did you give mobile pod access to the microphone? This is a bit unexpected but you have to go to settings- privacy- microphone- and allow mobile pod to access the microphone.
  20. Yes, it's two modes. Universal and vocal. Thank you, we'll correct that.
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