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  1. Thanks for the responses. This cover band plays many genres including spanish, cumbias, bandas, nortenia, as well as oldies, disco, some newer pop hits, and yes, even 'Another Brick in the Wall'. I'm going to take your advice and just make it simple. As soon as I get time to start over, I'll post some progress here.
  2. The cover band I've been gigging with is making some major changes. After 4 years of creating patches for every party song they do, I'm going to create all new tones. This is an exciting time for me since I've learned so much from this forum. I'm going to concentrate on making my own sound that I will use across the many genres I play (instead of emulating other artist's tones). It's great that POD is so flexible to allow this. If you have also decided to make a big change, let's all post our progress here!
  3. Since it probably won't be updated, use the software accessibility magnifying glass on PC and MAC. Works great.
  4. I used to do this all the time when I was using my SV MkII (Same preamp and user manual as the HD100). Press the Presets knob, press the L/R arrows until SETUP is displayed, Press UP/DOWN, Choose->DirOut->Studio. Now you can use your Direct Out XLR jack to the mixing console. This is a post Preamp/FX send that is not affected by the Master Volume on the HD100 (use that for stage volume, or just put it to off if you have other monitors), but the LEVEL setting for the patch will affect the volume sent to the console since it is part of the preamp sound. Enjoy!
  5. That's what I was thinking at first, but clearly he's not describing exactly how everything is connected. It reminds me of some of the thousands of calls I answered in tech support. Eventually, the real issue is uncovered, but I LOVE your response!
  6. I don't know why it's doing that, but a work around may be to try saving the patch with a delay mix setting to dry or %0.
  7. Do you notice any latency when using SPDIF to the interface? (having to adjust buffer size/samples)
  8. The Microsoft Windows Magnification is one of the greatest features of the OS to help viewing on small or far away screens! Please read all of this first before trying it, so you will be prepared when your screen changes. Don't worry about changing font sizes or screen resolution settings. Keep all of that default. Go to Start->Settings->Ease of Access->Magnifier ON->It will be at %200. Click it back to %100. A Magnifiying glass will be on your screen. Click ON for Start Magnifier Automatically. Click on the Magnifying glass (it's lightly hovering somewhere on your screen). You will see VIEWS with selection for Full Screen or Lens. These can be changed any time during magnification. You will also see a + and - for magnification. Start with %200. If you are on Full Screen, you can move your mouse to the edges of the screen to move around. If you are on Lens, then only the box is magnified. Customize them to what works for you.
  9. It depends on why you are upgrading. One gig can pay for the entire full model pack if you get the right tone. In my case, it was worth it. Much love to L6.
  10. The 212 is so heavy that eventually one of the screws that hold the handle in tore out from hauling it to gigs and practices. I suspect it rattled loose from the volume this beast puts out. However, I have rarely used it anymore since I went direct to PA or FRFR from Pod HD.
  11. Thanks for the link! After the show, is it easy to wrap up in a circle like mic and guitar cables?
  12. Maybe redirect your post to http://line6.com/support/forum/52-spider-i-ii-iii/
  13. I'm not sure how that may effect any noise that could appear. Hopefully we will get an informed response from some of our tube gurus on this board.
  14. Thank you for the updated info...This issue is really looking like some kind of hardware issue with the SV. You mentioned changing the tubes. Which tubes were changed, and were the replacements a different type than factory?
  15. Does this guitar use active pickups (check battery)? Does the noise happen if you plug the guitar into another amp? Does the noise happen if you try a different guitar into the SV? Try a different guitar cable? (I know it seems obvious, since you already took extraordinary measures when rebiasing, but still...). Does the noise happen if you plug the SV into a different power circuit (possible ground loop)? Since you are dealing with presets, it wouldn't hurt to factory reset the SV (save any custom tones first).
  16. That goes both ways. Help us help you. Can you provide your physical setup and which amp model/effects you used in the SV?
  17. As of my post today, I wonder what any FBV3 Manual says about how to use it with the SV Mkii? It's so wrong to release this unit on it's most dedicated fans without basic instructions. How can we recommend it to anyone without our own positive experiences? I would love to help L6 right this ship!
  18. This FBV3 is clearly not fully ready to release to the Line6 customer base it was announced to on the Line6 website. How can documentation be so incomplete for all the L6 products that were listed for it? We're seeing more basic functionality questions from customers who bought it that should have been tested and discussed by front line L6 staff before causing this kind of confusion among early adopters. Maybe they did, but they're not in charge of steering the boat?
  19. My Backup 'rig' is all in one tote bag. It has a black POD HD Desktop Bean, It's corresponding Power Supply unit, FBV MkII Express footpedal, Extra Ethernet cable, and Extra 1/4" Guitar cable. There's a bank programmed with 4 tones. Clean, Dirty, Clean Boost, Dirty Boost. That will get me through the set until I can resolve the main issue. Oh, it came in handy when a bass player forgot his bass guitar. I programmed a tone an octave down, while he played on a backup 6-string guitar, and it saved the gig for all of us!
  20. I use Alto TS110a for monitors, and I set up the PA for most of the venues I play. At a particular venue, I noticed a horrible buzz sound from the Alto that would not disappear from pressing it's ground button, or swapping XLR cables. However, when I turned the device that it was connected to ON, then the buzz completely went away. Clean sound. I think it has something to do with the electrical grounding at that location, but I cannot be sure.
  21. Why use MIDI? Ethernet is probably faster and simpler for your setup. I'm thinking FBV->Ethernet Switch Port 3 (NOT Router)->Port 1 to SV-AMP#1, Port 2 to SV-AMP#2. The reason for not using a router is to prevent separate networks from occurring, which would be consistent with how you would normally use an FBV with only one SV-Amp. Of course, this is only a theory since I've never had a reason to try this.
  22. I was wondering what FS5 would do in patch change mode. If FS1 is Looper, then it appears that FS2-5 is basically what FS1-4 did on older FBV pedal boards. Of course, I'm hoping all of my posted theories on this will be fuel to press Line6 to release the official FBV3 manual online. It's holding up my purchase for sure. Thanks for the updated info!
  23. I'm very interested in your post, since very few have received their FBV3 at this time. It's surprising that you find it difficult to understand how to make basic settings like ON/OFF block. I can imagine getting stuck in Looper function can be worse than frustrating if using the FBV3 on stage. Did it come with documentation on how to work with your POD?
  24. Good to know! I really like my SV212 but it's so heavy, I rarely use it on gigs anymore, but hmmmm...
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