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  1. I'm using the Pod HD Bean with the following config to go direct to PA on live gigs and it works great: Guitar -> 1/4" Pod input -> 1/4" Pod left output-> 1/4" DI input -> XLR Out to PA
  2. napynap


    Here's a couple of photos of how they displayed some HX Effects from the Line6 Booth at NAMM2018.
  3. Thanks ozweepay! Finally, a way to have more than 4 available patches without switching banks!
  4. To answer your question about your ears, go ahead and get an audiogram test. In general, as we get older, the higher frequencies tend to get lost. There's nothing like knowing which frequencies you actually hear in each ear. There may be some audiology facilities in your area that offer a basic test for low cost or even free.
  5. Yeah, at the 4 Points Swapmeet today, as we went to overtime, fans lined the front of the stage with beers for the band filled to the brim. A mere 5 inches away was my FBV board. I was so glad it wasn't a 500X or Helix! My POD HD Desktop was stored neatly away behind me in a Sterlite container. *Whew* Napy dodged another front of stage disaster!
  6. Put the POD into A,B,C,D mode. Level and Mixer volumes are programmable. Once you get the sounds you like, start adjusting those and saving while you tap the different presets using a FBV foot switch. You can assign one foot switch to turn on a Studio/EQ block that just boosts level. That can be used for leads. Well, there's one way I do it. Yes, there are a hundred+ other ways across these forums...
  7. Sometimes bad power can knock out the software in digital devices. I had this happen one time to a digital mixing console in the middle of a gig. It turned out, I forgot to connect it to a power conditioner, which I normally do. After reloading firmware/patches, and only connecting to clean power, I never had that problem again.
  8. I've had a similar experience. This happens mostly at private parties where there is no real stage to separate musicians from patrons. I have had a whole beer spilled on my Mk2 Shortboard. Thankfully, the POD HD Desktop it was connected to was far behhind me in a box where nothing can touch it, not even the knobs. Yes, I took apart the board and just washed it with clean water. It was a pain, but could have been much worse.
  9. The amp could be overdriving the gate. There should be a mixer block already assigned between the amp and the gate. Try turning down the mixer gain/volume.
  10. Try putting the gate AFTER the amp and before any reverb fx.
  11. I wrote a post a while back about how my bandmates couldn't 'feel' my sound on stage once I went direct. I started making sure we spent time to put me in their monitors and the complaints stopped. Also being a sound guy, it is much easier to get a great FOH mix with lower stage volume. For those musicians that keep their amps loud, I found putting them on amp stands made the player finally turn down on their own. When the amp is on the floor, the sound just blows by their feet so they tend to turn up.
  12. With those extreme cold conditions, maybe pedals would be more apporpriate for long term, considering the root cause. p.s. I'm fascinated by your cold weather gig since I play Line6 in the opposite extreme condition, 105 degrees - 4 Points Swapmeet, CA.
  13. I haven't had that happen, but I've always imagined it happening, so I bring a backup POD HD desktop + Power supply +ethernet and FBV just in case. The same sounds are loaded into it.
  14. As such, it would have been cool if they called it 'Line 7 Gate' indicating transfering any caller to Line 7 would have been routed to a phone extension with no answer. (See Line6 company history for context).
  15. Your settings will vary, but I get a tight distortion sound that can play Green Day style songs direct to PA or FRFR with a POD HD like this: Input Settings: Impedance 1M, Input 1 GTR, Input 2 to MIC I use Tube Comp > Color Drive > Noise Gate> Blackface Dbl Nrm > CAB 1x12" Blackface Lux w/ mic 57 On Axis CAB settings: Turn down E.R. (Early reflections) PA Settings: Make sure there's not a whole lot going on here in terms of EQ or Compression, which sound engineers sometimes adjust.
  16. Yeah, it's designed for that. They want you to send your amp signal directly to their PA. Set it to Studio/Direct, and then your master volume will ONLY affect whatever small stage speaker you use to hear yourself on stage. If they won't let you use any stage speaker, or there's no space for one, then you can ask them to give you some guitar in your monitor. Also, other bandmates may also need to hear you in their monitor so they can feel what you're playing. It will complicate the engineer's work, but it's part of their workflow, and what they get paid to do.
  17. napynap

    saddest tone

    I remember showing this song to a loved one the first time. I should have prepped her. That is among the saddest songs ever!
  18. napynap

    Pod broken?

    That is scary, it feels like it's about to explode! It must be a circuit shorting out after the components heat up or something.
  19. It's probably not broken, it's just not programmed correctly. Exp1 is when the red light next to the toe pedal is lit (usually set for Wah). Exp2 is when the the yellow light next to the toe pedal is lit (usually set for Volume). Add a Wha block to your preset, and then ASSIGN it to Ext Pedal1 Toe Switch. I found this process responds to the PODHD unit itself more effectively. It gets out of sync sometimes when using the Edit software.
  20. From the Spider Valve Guides (Advanced and Pilot), it doesn't appear that you can disable the amp portion of the preamp tone. I suggest using the Clean Amber Amp model for the cleanest tone to feed effects into another physical amp's preamp input jack. Documentation from the Line6 Spider Valve MkII Advanced Guide, Page 1.5: Rear Panel I/O Preamp Out - Use the Preamp Out to send your Spider Valve MkII DSP Amp and FX Modeling output to an external power amp, guitar amp or FX device.
  21. I don't think the PODHD series tracks individual notes and sends them as data on any of it's outputs. Furthermore, it's MIDI capability is for controller data and program changes.
  22. I don't see it. Can you check it and re-attach the file?
  23. Yes, I had the same issue. There have been other posts about this in the past. This amp is notoriously loud. Put a physical effect that has a volume setting in the effects loop (preamp out / power amp in). I use an Alesis Nanocompresser and just use the volume only to turn it down. This way I can set the master level to something more reasonable like 4 or 5.
  24. The preamp section includes all of the amp and the effect models. The signal is then fed to the power amp section which includes the 12AX7 as well as the 6L6 tubes. If there is no drop outs when connecting to the power amp section, something is happening within the preamp section. It could be some electrical component failure in the circuit board, or something as simple as one of the knobs moving from sound vibration.
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