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  1. This rig can be very loud, but not crazy loud. Keeps up with a loud drummer, volume-wise. How "loud" is loud is really a matter of personal tolerance :P . To my wife, it's too loud if I have the amps set loud enough to drown out the sound of the guitar strings (acoustically), haha. Um, yah, that's not loud to me.
  2. Where does a person download the DT Edit software? Can someone please share a link? I've searched on Line 6's main website and on this forum, but haven't found it yet. It's likely super-easy to find and I'm just not seeing it. Also, which midi interface would you recommend to update and edit the DT25 combo? (will connect to my Windows 7 desktop) Thanks!
  3. I've posted this rig info a few times lately, mostly because I'm so dang excited by how much fun it is to use AND how killer it sounds. IMO, the DT25 combo amp stacked on a DT25 1x12 extension cab sounds incredible. It has the openness and top end sparkle of the open back combo and it has the oomph & bass response of the closed back ported extension cab. Best of both worlds. Guitar (Variax or electric) --> HD500X --> L6 link --> DT25 combo stack #1 --> L6 link --> DT25 combo stack #2. Sounds and feels amazing - truly a comprehensive dream rig. Love it. Fyi - "combo stack" = DT25 1x12 combo amp on top of a DT25 1x12 extension cab. The big Mesa cab in the center is not used (is unplugged).
  4. I was not aware of being able to use the looper as a patch audition tool. Great idea!
  5. Hi ColonelForbin, patch building was initially a bit weird until I figured out a couple key settings. Most of which are second nature and are intuitive now, given some thought. In the POD HD EDIT software, on the Mixer tab in the L6 LINK and MAIN MIX sections: If using a single amp (or single preamp) patch: Amp 1 Audio = Left, Amp 1 Control = Amp 1 Amp 2 Audio = Right, Amp 2 Control = Amp 1 Main Mix = Pan both paths to CENTER. No need to pan out to L & R since there is one (pre)amp in use. Note, any stereo effects are still actually heard in stereo. For example, the ping pong delay audibly bounces back & forth between the L & R combo stacks even though the panning in the Main Mix is set to center for both path A and path B. If using a dual amp (or dual preamp) patch: Amp 1 Audio = Left, Amp 1 Control = Amp 1 Amp 2 Audio = Right, Amp 2 Control = Amp 2 Main Mix = pan Path A to 100% L, pan Path B to 100% R then boost both LEVEL sliders up 6 db to compensate for the loss during panning. (I think that last part is correct, to the best of my knowledge). The 100% pan L & R enables each combo stack to essentially become the amp model in that given path. Another thing I've found is that although the cab models sound initially cool when starting a new patch, they really don't hold up when tweaking further for some reason. IMHO, generally, the preamps with no cab sim hold up the best with these combo stacks, especially at high volumes. I've read that when using the DT amps with the 500(x) and not just 500(x) standalone, that it's best to use preamps and no cabs since the DT is a real amp & speaker. After much experimenting I agree with that almost all the time. On the AMPS tab, one of the most important settings is the Topology setting. The Topology setting can speed getting just the right tone and I've found it can be a huge time saver instead of EQing and tweaking endlessly. I've been surprised at how often I've paired up the "wrong" Topology setting with an amp and had it sound killer. I didn't expect that benefit. To a lesser extent, the Class A vs Class AB setting makes a difference too of course. Much of the Class difference seems to affect the feel of the amp more than the tone. It affects the tone too, but just not as drastically as the Topology setting. I usually only use the Triode MODE setting for vintage-y tones, which makes sense I guess. I really love the JTV Semi middle position with Class A, Topology 3 and Triode for a basis for a gritty chimey classic vintage tone. Seems to pair nicely with the AC-15, AC-30, Divide and Gibtone models. Rock & metal are more my thing, and I couldn't be happier with this rig. I'm very much looking forward to the 2.6 firmware and amp packs! Ok, well that was long-winded. Thanks for hangin' in there!
  6. Guitar (Variax or electric) --> HD500X --> L6 link --> DT25 combo stack #1 --> L6 link --> DT25 combo stack #2. Sounds and feels amazing - truly a comprehensive dream rig. Love it. Fyi - "combo stack" = DT25 1x12 combo amp on top of a DT25 1x12 extension cab. The big Mesa cab in the center is unused.
  7. Hi patgold, I ran a very similar setup about a year ago. It was a POD HD500X into a 2:90 powering a stereo Mesa recto cab with v30's. It was very nice, but nowhere close to as perfect as my current setup which is a 500X into a pair of DT25 combo stacks (all via L6 link). My current setup is not as loud, but it sounds (surprisingly!) much much better than the "hybrid" Line6-Mesa rig. The full Line 6 rig sounds bigger, fuller, clearer, chunkier, all of that. My full Line 6 rig is just a tad less loud than the hybrid rig, but it keeps up with our extremely loud drummer with no problem. I couldn't be happier with this setup - so flexible, so easy to use now that I've figured out the little tricks & tweaks.
  8. Just wanted to say that I experienced some buzzing/zinging at the nut of my JTV-69s. After discussing the issue with my Sweetwater rep, I sent it back and they determined that the break angle across the nut was not steep enough just using the staggered tuners. They cured the issue by installing the exact same Tusq string trees shown in the earlier post from stevekc.
  9. I put in a set of JJ EL84's (and biased them) into one of my two DT25 combos and then compared them with the exact same amp settings. The JJ's sounded noticeably better - they sounded a fuller with more depth and the amp just seemed to "sing" and had more sparkly and less harsh treble. Not sure if better tubes are supposed to change the way an amp feels when played, but I swear the two amps feel different now - the JJ amp seems to interact nicely with my guitar and feels great. I wouldn't say that it's a night & day difference between the JJ loaded amp and the stock EH loaded amp, but the JJ's definitely sound better for everything. I'll be replacing the stock EH tubes with JJ's and then I'll keep the EH as spares. Would anyone care to weigh in on whether or not upgrading/replacing the phase inverter 12AX7 tube makes a sonic difference or not?
  10. pedromen, You do not need two DT50s to loop & solo as you described in your post. You should be able to record the loop with whatever tone you wish, then solo over it with the same tone, or with a different tone (patch). You can switch patches while the looper is playing back your recorded loop. Not sure of the exact step by step process but I'm confident that is possible. Best of luck!
  11. Yep, it sounds amazing - my guitar playing is still only so-so unfortunately - but it sure is a blast to play through!
  12. No problem geppert. It seemed that my experiment was relevant to this topic.
  13. Hi riko77, I've tried the DT25 head through my Mesa 4x12 with v30's and it sounds very good - big, full, plenty loud, it moves air. However, I decided to go with a full stereo DT25 combo stack rig instead and I'm blown away. "Combo stack" meaning the DT25 1x12 combo amp (open back) on top of the DT25 1x12 extension cab (close back, ported front). I wanted to weigh in on this topic because I did an experiment while I still had the DT25 head (sold it after this experiment). I ran my HD500X via L6 link into the head and into the combo stack - identical signal being fed to each amp. I thought the head & 4x12 would sound bigger, fuller, deeper... but to my surprise the combo stack sounded noticeably better in every way - sounded more open AND fuller AND punchier at the same time. The combo stack packs a nice beefy grunt too for heavy sounds if you might need that. I was shocked that the combo stack sounded better and now run two combo stacks. I sold the head (which was great sounding too) and will be listing the Mesa 4x12 this weekend. I've had that Mesa cab for about 17 years and have always loved it - until I compared it directly to the combo stack. So surprised! There's something awesome about the sound of the open back combo with the closed back 1x12, IMO. Not sure how or why, it just plain works and sounds killer for every kind of tone I try. Sparkly clean to AC-30ish to Uber and everything in between now sounds awesome! I've settled in with my newly completed rig and couldn't be happier. Guitar (regular or Variax) -> HD500X -> L6 - DT25 combo stack #1 -> L6 - DT25 combo stack #2. Picture attached - the big cab will be gone soon. Never been a Line 6 fan until this DT/POD HD series and now I'm hooked. Guess I drank the Line 6 Kool Aid, haha, it's tasty!
  14. Another update. After a few more weeks of keeping the amps physical knobs at "not zero", the problem has not reoccurred. This when using the HD500X as the brain for my rig via Line 6 Link (using AES/EBU xlr cables). The problem never happens while plugging a guitar directly into the DT25's. ****************************************** Update to the update: The electric heaters were NOT the problem (info below). The issue happened again with the heaters unplugged. I *think* the issue is that I had the knobs on Amp 1 set to zero (except the master). My new theory is that the HD500X somehow was getting a knob control signal back from the amp and then dialing the mids to zero on the HD500X. Since the amp's knob settings are stored within the HD500X patches I don't think it should matter what the amp's actual physical knobs are set to, but perhaps it does actually matter. That said, I've set all the amp's knobs to 12 noon, reverb to zero, master set to given volume need. Haven't had the issue since. Fingers crossed. ****************************************** Update - the problem isn't just for this particular patch that features the Uber preamp. It happens on any other patch too. I figured out the problem. I can't explain why it happens, but I've discovered what is causing trouble. I noticed that the mid control would move to 0, all on it's own, at seemingly random times. On my Uber patch, the mid control has a drastic effect on the tone and volume. When the mid control would move to 0, the sound would get super muffled and quiet. On patches with other amps, the tone would just get "scooped" when the mids glided to 0... noticeable for sure, just not as drastic. At first I thought I must have a controller or oscillator assigned to the mid control that was causing this whacky behavior. Nope. It turns out that the 2 electric space heaters' power cords were causing some kind of electrical interference. My rig is set up in my unfinished basement. It's in Minnesota and it's a bit chilly in the basement in January so I added 2 small electric space heaters to the room. Those space heaters are powered on their own electric circuit that is separate from my guitar gear's circuit. However, the extension cord used to power the strip used to power the heaters runs directly over the top of my HD500X's power cord and L6 link cables. When I switched the heater's power strip off my whacky mid tone behavior stopped. Very very strange, but I'm glad the problem is fixed. I have no clue as to why it would just be a problem for the mid tone control. Weird, huh? Now I just have to figure out a better way to heat the room, haha.
  15. Thanks hurghanico and MartinDorr, I'll try to experiment with the settings tomorrow.
  16. Hi Voodoods, thanks for your efforts on these leveled patches! Quick question... did you ONLY adjust the mixer levels? No other changes? Just curious - thanks!
  17. Has anyone experienced this issue? I have a HD500X patch using one Bomber Uber preamp with no cab and a few effects. Sometimes, after playing for a few minutes, the sound from my DT amps get extremely muffled and extremely quiet only when using this specific patch. The following behavior seems odd: If I switch to a different patch that uses a different amp model, the rig sounds 100% normal. Then... when I switch back to the "problem" patch it also sounds 100% normal... for a while until the problem happens again IF the problem happens again. The problem sometimes appears, sometimes not, it's not consistent. My setup: Variax or regular guitar - HD500X - L6 link - DT25 combo #1 - L6 link - DT25 combo #2, both amps running in low volume mode. If I plug directly into either combo amp and disregard the HD500X entirely, the amps work A-OK and sound great. Just curious if anyone else has stumbled across this, perhaps on other amp (or preamp) models? I don't have my rig nearby right now, but the one thing I remember changing in the patch that might affect the DT25's was that I selected Topology IV instead of the Uber's default Topology III. I don't think that should matter, just thought that info might help. Thanks!
  18. TheRealZap - thank you for your quick and specific answer! geppert - I used your link to the Mouser website to order replacement fuses. Thanks guys!
  19. Hi All, I recently had a tube go bad in my DT25. It also blew the tube protection fuse. I have a new set of EL84's JJ's that I am going to install tonight along with a new fuse. My question is what is the proper bias voltage specification? I know how to bias the amp and the safety risk involved, but I've found conflicting information about what the actual specific bias measurement should be. Can anyone weigh in on this? Thanks!
  20. Matt, glad to hear you've been woodshedding! I've read & re-read meambobbo's website, it's pretty incredible and must have taken him a long time to create & write. I hope to have time on Tuesday to put some of his methods & advice into my patches. I'm pretty happy with the patches I've created so far, but know that they could improve - especially in the gain staging/clipping aspect. Definitely check out his patch audio samples, this guy knows what he's doing. Most of his patches sound spot-on to me for rock & metal. I'm going to try a few of his patches but will likely have limited success without major tweakage since his patches are for direct use, not through an external amp & cab like I will be using them. Anyways, check out his patch audio samples HERE.
  21. Hi phil_m, thanks for weighing in. Do you think our ideas for volume leveling methods are on the right track? For example, putting a volume control block at the end of the chain, or flat EQ for leveling at the end of the chain, or mixer at the end of the chain (one amp/preamp patches). Essentially, I'm looking to achieve similarly perceived volumes across patches while maintaining the tonal integrity of each patch. Are there "best practices" for this? I've read that the Volume knob on the HD500X is tone-independent, but I've found that is not the case when connected to a DT25 via L6 Link. For me, the tone/grit/distortion/feel of a patch changes significantly if I adjust the Volume knob of a patch. Have you experienced this? Thanks in advance for your opinion!
  22. Thanks Rewolf48, using a volume control at the end of the chain is a great idea too! I'll give that a try the next opportunity I have to play at stage volume.
  23. OK sounds good, thanks DarrellM5. My experience with adjusting the volume knob was that it significantly affected the crunch/distortion/feel of the patch. I may need to do some more experimenting with that though. I did some more research and found another idea that might work nicely. Since most of my patches have one amp/preamp in mono, I'm going to place ALL post effects in the Amp A path after the amp. Doing this allows the Mixer to be placed at the very END of the chain and therefore volume levels can be adjusted via the mixer without affecting the post effect input levels. Then, in the mixer, mute the B channel and pan the A channel to center. Using the mixer instead of a flat studio EQ would also save some DSP. Hope this works! In another thread, one of the experts recommended a valuable, VERY in-depth website dedicated to the POD HD series. MUCH more detailed than the Line 6 HD advanced manual. Please check it out here: http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/
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