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  1. Thanks, I meant to mention that. I've used it for my Bean. Converted a ton of 500 and 500x tones. Haven't had an issue yet.
  2. I'm an on guy. I hate it, but, it's kinda good to see the tempo when you need it.......
  3. I understand these issues also happen if you load a corrupted patch, or one that was written for a desktop bean or other device. Make sure to only use patches written for the 500 or 500X, or whatever device you are using. Basically, the patches are not universal, and different devices have different sets of settings, so stuff gets overwritten with bad values and the POD gets confused. There's a converter in the sticky at the top of the POD forum that'll supposedly convert between all the different devices. I believe the 500 and 500X are cross-compatible, but that's it.
  4. How do you set up your 500X to run your guitar, mic, and aux to the PA at the same time? Is the AUX channel passed through clean? SD card? In what? What is your patch like with the mic and guitar running at the same time?
  5. I never thought you were bashing the product. I wonder, however, why you think Line6 might leave anyone hanging? No evidence to that as of yet. They are still selling the 500X. They cancelled the bean, but it is limited in input/output options, and probably wasn't selling so well compared to the 500X. The Amplifi stuff is just a product they are releasing, like many others they have done in the past. I see their link to IOS as just another step they had to take. They've been developing their modeling technology for years and years. I imagine HD is as good as it's gonna be for a while until, as I said before, they can cram more stuff into a DSP. I imagine they went with XT tech on this product because, as you said, they are marketing this to the IOS folk, who don't tend to like to have to think about tweaking, they just want to press a button and go... and it is my understanding that this is more along the lines of the XT tech than the HD tech. As they get this product working, they'll then morph the connection tech into their other products and improve the UI for tweaking models. I'm not saying you're wrong with your worry, just sayin' one product release doesn't ring cause for alarm in my book. I'd be more concerned about how the Yamaha purchase is going to affect future development. Will Yamaha take the technology and dump the company, or will they leave Line6 autonomous with deeper pockets to develop and market their products? So here's to wondering what the Yamaha purchase is going to do to Line 6......
  6. Ok, it's coming back to me.... http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-performance/irq-in-windows-8/dc829d10-b810-40d2-98f6-31a519b1bd26 http://www.windowsanswers.net/articles/fix-blue-screen?tid=irqlgoog&gclid=CPXTts_5o70CFeRlOgodezIAWg http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows8_1-performance/driver-irql-not-less-or-equal-neti0sys-blue-screen/b5c6f6e3-02cf-4c75-892d-b62efcd32926 Gonna need to figure out which devices are conflicting with the HD (i.e. the web cam, etc.), or, Line 6 needs to find their memory leak and update the driver.....
  7. Hmm, I remember back from the DOS days I think, there used to be issues assigning IRQ's to particular devices. Here's an article explaining IRQ's. http://www.realworldtech.com/irqs-explained/ Sounds like the HD500 isn't playing nice and I bet that two devices are trying to access the same IRQ at the same time. The crash is random because things happen so quickly that it's probably relatively low probability that they'll hit they IRQ at the same time. I don't know how Windows uses IRQ's these days. But I'm sure somebody out there does and can help sort this out. Find out which IRQ the HD500 is trying to access, and figure out what other devices are trying to access the same IRQ and try to move them to a different one. I imagine the HD500 needs this to keep latency low.
  8. Definitely update it if you haven't already. It's so worth the time investment...
  9. Unless...... You download a DAW like Reaper or Mixcraft or something, set up a track and arm it with the POD, then monitor the track through the DAW, then it can be set up to listen through your computer's speakers if you so desire.
  10. I'm still quite the newbie, but I'll work both ways, depends on what I feel like doing. I have the HD Desktop, and I like to use it through headphones a lot especially late at night or when my kids are around so I don't blow them out of the water with my amp. I haven't used the desktop live yet, I still use my effects and amp, so I'll set up an amp in the POD and connect my effects board in front of the POD and just play like I normally would to practice or record. Other times, I want to try out effects I don't own, or try other people's patches, so I'll just go straight into the POD.
  11. Really? How many awards does Guitar Player give out, compared to how many products are released per year? When was the last time Guitar Player gave out an award to a product that has been out for, what, 3 or 4 years now I think (The HD line)? What is the purpose of the awards? Is it to reward really good products, or is it a forum to help companies market their products so they continue to buy ad space? Of course the HD line is going to go into a period of languishing. Line 6 has limited marketing resources, so their product offerings go in cycles. Now they are concentrating on the consumer market. The HD line is reaching end of life for them. They have discontinued the desktop. I'm sure they'll continue selling the 500X for quite some time now. Imagine the resources required to come up with a product that blows away the 500X. It's gonna be a while before they come up with a replacement for it. Technology has to to increase for a while and decrease in price. I doubt, however, that the replacement will cost thousands of dollars. That's just not their style. They will wait for DSP technology to exponentially increase in power and decrease in price, they'll spend some time in the background improving their modeling, and they'll come out with a new product eventually in the same market space they are selling the 500X. It'll probably kill the current Axe product, but Axe will have killed that product by then, too. In the meantime, I plan to have fun with what I got :)
  12. Yeah, if they are going IOS only, I'm out. Never gonna own an Apple product.
  13. Is it possible they only fixed the HD500 patches? They seem to come up with all the fields filled in, whereas on the POD HD, only the amp is shown..
  14. When you say he did acoustic parts with a Les Paul, did you mean his guitar sounded like an acoustic guitar, or was he just creating a clean amp sound? If it sounded like an acoustic guitar, how did he accomplish that with an HD500? It is my undestanding the Line 6 stuff models amps and effects, not guitars? Sorry for the newbie question, my Pod HD just arrived today, and I can't wait to get home from work to check it out....
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