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  1. There is also now competition in the $1,000 range (Headrush). Would love to see a new Firehawk with HX models and ability to run third party IR's for $699. It wouldn't need the display panel that Helix uses, since it would continue to interface via Bluetooth, or even better WiFi (like the GoPro camera). It's routing flexibility would be stripped down compared to Helix, but the ability to output 1/4" without Cab/IR to an amp should be available while simultaneously routing Amp+Cab/IR to FOH via XLR should be there.
  2. DCWALSH, check out my old thread entitled SAVING TONES. The saving behavior is predictable, once you understand the pattern. The best answer in that thread is tagged.
  3. This might be worth a try, amsdenj... My band uses JBL 515XTs for mains. I use an EON 612 for my monitor wedge. I do have EON Connect working on my iPhone and have not had any issues with it connecting or communicating with the speaker. The other guitarist in my band uses Helix with an EON 610. Both the 610 and 612 sound very bright. I think it is because most other monitors we are familiar with, including the 515XT, have a natural roll-off in the high frequencies. Check JBL's website for response curves. EON 612 is one of the flattest I have seen. All that said, I set my tones (on Firehawk) to sound good through the 515's since I know that is what the audience will hear. Here's the kicker. I use a high cut at 4.5 KHz on Firehawk. Why 4.5 you ask? Because that is the fixed high shelf frequency of the EON's custom EQ. I run the high cut on Firehawk at -3.5 dB on most of my patches to get them sounding good on the 515. Even so, I still need another -1.5 dB to get rid of the fizzys when monitoring on the EON. I do this using the EON's custom EQ. I don't have a Helix (yet), but I posted here because I think this effect would translate to any modeling source into the EON. If you setup your Helix's global EQ to sound good on the 612, you may be cutting too much in the high frequencies for other monitors.
  4. AMPLIFi FX100 is my gigging backup. I plug the 1/4" left/mono main output into a powered monitor wedge with an XLR pass thru output that goes straight to the mixing console. Easy!
  5. I use Firehawk FX for my main rig. As a backup, I have AMPLIFi 100, going from mono XLR out to a small powered monitor, with the monitor's pass thru XLR to FOH. Simple and compact.
  6. Open the app, go to settings and log out. Log back in and see if that fixes it.
  7. Update - I tried to convert a standard "three flex block" Firehawk patch and it didn't work either. Upon closer inspection, Firehawk patches have 12 blocks total and AMPLIFi patches have 10. AMPLIFi is lacking the FX Loop and Looper blocks. Firehawk will load patches created or edited on AMPLIFi, but AMPLIFi will not load patches created or edited on Firehawk. In MyTones or on the Tone Cloud it is easy to distinguish the two types of patches by the FH prefix that appears in the name within your Firehawk app. In the AMPLIFi app you will not even see Firehawk patches in the list available for download. Hope this helps to answer your question David, even though it is not the answer you were looking for!
  8. I also posted a similar reply in the Firehawk forum. I was unable to convert BJ Clean 1 to an AMPLIFi patch. I attempted to do so by opening it in the Firehawk app, removing all the HD effects and saving it as a new patch in MyTones. I could see and load this new patch in the Firehawk app, but not in the AMPLIFi app. There is something about that patch, other than use of HD effects, that gives it an FH prefix, making it incompatible with AMPLIFi. Normally, a patch without HD effects will work in either app and load on either unit. Must be the existence of a fourth flex block. Unless there is a similar "rogue" patch out there for AMPLIFi, I think we are stuck with three flex blocks.
  9. No dice. I tried to make it an AMPLIFi patch by changing the HD reverb to non-HD. This was the only HD effect in the original patch. I then saved the edited patch as "BJ Clean 2" in MyTones. I loaded the AMPLIFi app and it didn't appear in MyTones. I then loaded the Firehawk app and there it was! It is tagged with the FH prefix in the patch name, even though it doesn't appear to use any effects that are incompatible with AMPLIFi. The FH prefix means is can only be used with Firehawk. Must be the fourth block...
  10. Firehawk is not only worth the extra money for the switches and HD effects, but the HD amp models are noticeably better. I also have an AMPLIFi that I previously gigged with. Right now on Firehawk I am gigging with a set of patches that use HD amp models exclusively, and every effect I use is HD if possible. No HD Mods onboard, so my choruses are the old school POD effects. My AMPLIFi has been relegated to a backup role!
  11. I tried some things with "BJ Clean 1" last night to push the limits of processing power. Moved the first flex block ahead of amp and made it a Screamer HD. Selected an HD amp model. Enabled an EQ. Made the second flex block the HD Smart Harmony. Made the third flex block an HD Delay. Made the fourth flex block a stereo chorus (no HD Mods available). Enabled an HD Reverb. Couldn't break it. All I haven't tried yet to run concurrently is four HD blocks and a patch with Wah and Comp blocks enabled along with everything else. Was able to save the edited patch to My Tones and reload it to Firehawk without errors. Seems pretty solid so far!
  12. I just found it... search the tone cloud for "Bj clean 1" You should see two tones with that name, pick the one by Skitterhawk. I have not played it through FH yet, but all four block are flexible, with no errors changing any of them to different types in the app.
  13. You can try my attempt at a cranked up JCM 800 rhythm patch. Just search the text string "ric1966" in the tone cloud. It is EQ'd for FRFR thru my JBL EON 612 monitor, which is very crisp. If you have a different monitor, you may want to put some of the high end back in by bumping the high mid gain and/or high shelf gain, or by turning off the EQ altogether. I tagged it to Hagar's "Heavy Metal" but it will work with just about any hard rock song from that era.
  14. I see what you mean about the Screamer HD. Have you tried making two presets with different drive settings on the same amp model? You could toggle back and forth between patches. Or maybe two different amp models within the same family? I use the Plexi 100 and JCM 800 models that way.
  15. Recommend Tube Screamer HD. It has a pretty wide range of parameters for tweaking and uses HD modeling.
  16. Yes, they are designed to do that as well as sit on top of a stand. There is a slick DSP that will EQ the speaker for use as a floor monitor, on a stand by itself, on a stand with a sub and on a stand with enhanced speech projection. It can connect with a smart phone or tablet using Bluetooth; not for streaming audio, but for controlling the DSP remotely. There is a five band custom EQ option when using the app, which includes three parametric bands. These speakers are surprisingly light and fairly compact. You can download the app and see how it works even without having the speaker, it's called "EON Connect." Only negatives I've discovered are a slight background hiss that doesn't increase in volume when you turn the speaker up, and the lack of a cooling fan. I haven't gigged outdoors with it in the summer, so I don't know whether lack of a fan is even an issue.
  17. I'm very pleased with my JBL EON 612 for a reasonably priced single powered monitor solution. It is definitely full range... I had to roll off the high frequencies, since it initially sounded a bit crisp on the cleans and fizzy on the medium to high gain patches. It sounds good at any volume; practicing at home, rehearsing or gigging. You might want to look at a pair of EON 610's if you want stereo monitoring.
  18. I think this may be a simple fix... Use the Firehawk Remote app in lieu of AMPLIFi Remote.
  19. Yes, just create a new patch by selecting "no amp" in the clean category. It will default to "no cab." Add whatever effects you want.
  20. Don't know if this helps, but I vaguely recall reading an article long ago where the two guitarists talked about using rack mount setups based around the legacy ADA MP-1 pre-amp... I believe they were using solid state power amps into banks of 4x12 cabs.
  21. I used to gig with it routinely. I would use it without the Bluetooth or USB connected and it worked just fine. I just pre-edited and pre-loaded my patches before the gig.
  22. Is your unpowered cabinet full range or a guitar cab (no horn/tweeter)?
  23. Correction, it was the 1/4" phones output to the Bose 1/8" auxiliary input. I remember being surprised by the latency with that connection...
  24. The Amplifi optical output to my Bose Soundtouch 30 does the same thing, it's delayed from the timing of my playing. I always assumed it was the decoder in the Bose, but maybe not...
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