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  1. Translated using Google "Prompt good people where it is the EQ and how to use it to find the find, but it is not clear how to turn on / off and so on." Press and hold "view" to go to system settings. go to page 11 and press "enter" to enable/disable Global EQ. all other parameters are controlled by knobs 1-4
  2. i'm using XLR outs and can confirm Global EQ works. so it is possible it may not apply to L6 link. that would be a bummer.
  3. you have to press save on the pod itself. the patch is only "finalized" on the device when you disconnect the pod or exit the hd500 edit application
  4. are you buying online or from a distributor? based from my experience, here's what you should do: - first, buy from a distributor that can support hardware issues on site (perform firmware upgrades, replace units, etc) - while buying, check the unit for drop outs. if it does, ask for another unit immediately while in the store - if the good unit comes with an old firmware, ask them to upgrade it for you. it may take an hour or 2 or they may ask you to return later. at least it saves you another trip to the store that should save you the hassle of going back and forth with the store and line 6 support. that's what they would tell you anyway - replace the unit, update the firmware, etc.
  5. very nice! that video really helps when it comes to dialing tones on the pod
  6. i thought the volume pedal is an external one? based on your original post, this is how i understand it volume pedal - external pedal (is this connected to the expression pedal input which makes it exp-2?) exp-1 - amp gain control (built in pedal) exp-2 - wah (built in pedal) how come exp-1 is now a volume pedal on your setup? better test out and layout the actual effects that you are going to use before we make the assumptions
  7. ***edit*** i see. how about dual amp setup. use the footswitch to switch between 2 identical amps plus enable the wah pedal toggle 1 - amp 1 with exp pedal controlling gain (wah off) toggle 2 - amp 2 with fixed gain and wah on
  8. agree with this. unless the footswitch assignment has been maxed out? i think you only have 6 effects on the chain so you can still use one for the wah/volume pedal
  9. have you tried changing your guitar cables? or even tried to use a different guitar (maybe borrow one)?
  10. just it the same for a POD HD PRO? The thread starter is using an HD PRO and not a 500/500X
  11. it's not really "after the amp" right? that chain is actually after the preamp and before the power amp section of the amp in edit software
  12. i believe it was referring to this video which is only for hd300/400 units. the instructions for HD PRO does seem confusing as the factory reset instruction leads to nowhere after reinstalling the flash firmware i guess the only workaround is overwriting all the preset/set list with a blank one after the factory/global reset
  13. i believe that was taken from this article:
  14. hi. i think the situation here is different because on both tests described above, the device has been disconnected. in my case (and i guess for the OP), the issue is with editing and switching while connected via USB. disconnecting the device from the PC seems to finalize the change and tells the POD to overwrite the stored patch with the new one. - while connected to the PC edit a patch using the edit software. switch patches back and forth using the edit software (double click the patch or press enter), the sound is ok for the edited patch - while connected to the PC edit a patch using the edit software. switch patches back and forth using the POD footswitch, the sound recalled for the edited one is the old patch stored on the POD what works for me as i mentioned in another thread is
  15. i think this is related to the other topic:
  16. yes this happens to me too. it looks like even if you "send" it to the device, it only resides on a temporary location (not totally applied to the device) until you disconnect the USB or exit the edit software. what i normally do is this: - edit/create a patch in hd500x edit - press send in edit software when i'm finished - on the hd500x unit, i also press the save button if i do not press save in the device, i will get the same behavior as OP described.
  17. I see they are available/sold separately
  18. good point and only Line6 can answer that!!! we have 4 confirmed brand new units in this thread that came with an old firmware so there's something amiss with the production line. so the question still stands - why are brand new units being shipped out with old firmware?
  19. @dboomer hi. i guess my concern is more about the new units still having old firmware. The serial number should tell us when it was manufactured right? I believe the firmware has been out since 2012 so i don't expect new units to come with the old firmware. They should come with RF2 enabled right out of the box right? Unless line6 is just repacking refurbished devices and shipping them as brand new units.
  20. i was checking this video from namm and i don't see the new model packs pre-loaded on the firehawk: [media=560x315] [/media]
  21. I believe line6 shipped a lot of G30 units with the old firmware installed even though it has the paper that says it's already RF2 enabled. one example - I bought the G30 set last year and out of the box the unit was faulty. the signal just drops out every minute or so and I checked that the firmware is not yet upgraded (based on the youtube vid instruction). so i went back to the store to have it replaced. i tested the new unit and no intermittent drops, all working as expected. i see the paper and it says RF2 enabled. i go and check the firmware and guess what - the replacement unit, a new one also has old firmware :huh:
  22. try using dual amps? same amp and settings except for the drive level. 1 has higher drive level and 1 for lower drive. use FS to toggle between the 2 amps.
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