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  1. This troll has perseverance. Haha.
  2. I like the Variax settings on per preset. This time around I updated from 2.21 to 2.50. I downloaded the newest HX Edit and created a backup. Then I ran the newest Line 6 Updater and updated to 2.50. Once installed I restored my backup. I decided not to put the newest factory presets on so that’s where I ended the process.
  3. Since updating to 2.50 my Helix won't control the Variax to do custom tunings anymore. I can still do them from the Variax, but not from the Helix. Might I be missing something? I've got the tuning knob turned to Custom and nothing.
  4. Too good to pass up. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
  5. Hmmm, now you’ve got me wondering.
  6. Yeah that’s how I have mine.
  7. So the way you put the unit in are the switches facing the shoulder straps? I’ve always got the back of the Helix facing the straps.
  8. I didn't have much learning curve when it comes to my JTV. I've found the models to be close to the models they're emulating. I'm just a P&W guy, but I tend to use mainly the Lester models paired with an AC30. I love my JTV. I'm getting nervous that I'm using as a crutch. It's so versatile that I just don't like to use my real Les Paul. I think you're gonna have a great time learning on your new Helix.
  9. I'm sure it will. Glad you got it figured out.
  10. I'm not an expert by any means, but I was able to clear my squeak by taking the back plate off and using dry lube carefully on the main bolt. I sprayed while moving the pedal back and forth and was lucky enough to have cleared it. I did it a few months back and have not heard a squeak since. I have used it regularly since Jan 2016 and have only had to do that once. I'm not sure if it's the most effective or safest way to do it, but it was easy enough.
  11. Also, search Alex.Guitars on YouTube. He has a few patches on his channel. He takes song requests too. I think he makes a very simple patch sound great.
  12. I have a single 612 as my home speaker. I really like it. So far I've had great luck setting tones and having them sound very close at church.
  13. I made sure to set it to Per Preset, but nothing I did made the notes change. I decided to reset the device and it started working, but I wasn't sure if it was a one time thing because I had just run the update or if it was a bigger issue that may choose to bite me on stage.
  14. Is this an issue with the 2.21 FW? I just updated from 2.00 because I've been a little nervous about running into problems. I went to some of my old patches with custom tuning and not only did it not recall the custom tuning, but the Helix wouldn't register note changes at all. I could still transpose with the Variax Tuning knob, but not from my Helix. I decided to update because I won't be playing live for a few weeks, but I still get nervous when I can't figure out something. I'm pretty sure I have everything setup the same way as before.
  15. I've been nervous to update. I'm still on 2.00 :(
  16. I know how that feels. I don't think I've truly progressed in years. I just recently started practicing serious again to improve. Don't beat yourself up too much. Every day is a new chance to get better.
  17. DoeWoe

    Impulse Responses

    There are a lot of good videos out there about IRs. I just grabbed one for you from Scott from The Helix Channel. He posts here and his channel is very useful.
  18. After a year of use this just happened to me too. I read a lot of the suggestions made here by other users and while I'm no expert in the matter I just kind of used a combination of methods. Some people seemed to be more comfortable taking the pedal apart, but I could just see myself screwing that up when trying to place it. I ended up taking the back off and carefully spraying dry lube all around the lug nut that's connected to the controller. I just kept moving the pedal up and down to make sure the lube worked its way into the right spot. Luckily this worked for me. Sorry to be so long winded about something so simple.
  19. Very cool patch Peter! That sounds awesome. I've been trying to get a pad sound like that, but my knowledge on how to setup the reverb is limited. I always get too much pick attack and the reverb always sounds too heavy. Is there a simple way to add that pad sound to my current patches?
  20. I don't use mine the same way that you'll be using yours, but I haven't regretted my purchase at all. Coming from the HD500x where I know you can get good tones, but I struggled. I hope you enjoy it! I got mine around this time last year.
  21. That's actually why I like 3sigma. Not only do they sound great, but I don't get as much analysis paralysis.
  22. I'm in a similar situation, but I run direct instead. When I had the HD500X I used to build my patches at church because the sound was never the same at home. With the Helix I've been able to reuse the same base tone for almost every patch. I typically just switch out the delays and reverbs to fit the song or add any extra effects. It's been working well for me to the point where most weeks I just build the setlist at home without testing it until practice. If you can find a few tones that you know work good in the room than just tweak the extra stuff to taste and you should be good.
  23. Make sure the phantom power is off on your channel.
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