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  1. Now we would need an actual multiband distortion effect in Helix.
  2. Would be great not having multiple copies of the same preset on Helix just to organize stuff. One could make some tweaks to a preset and end up with different presets that seem the same, because of the name.
  3. One thing to look out for is that if using a dual cabinet, then by default the cabinets are panned L and R. This gives a nice stereo effect if the cabs/mics are different, but it might not be desirable for bass if you want more focused sound. I usually just add a mono block after the cabs in these situations - EQ or Comp.
  4. If you already have increased the buffer and it doesn't help and you have a fast CPU, then check the: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Power Options I had it on "balanced" initially which is not good if it throttles the CPU. Try changing the processor minimum state to 100% in advanced settings. It helped me to run lower buffers when using many power hungry plugins, like Helix Native etc. If something causes DPC latency spikes in your system, then it might not help though.
  5. Maybe an active DI box will work for this? I've been meaning to try it, but haven't yet bothered. For now I also use the returns.
  6. Is the jumped Matchstick a combination of 2 overdriving sections? Maybe one distortion somehow modulates the other? No real knowledge here, just guessing.
  7. And then there's X Bias. I notice on some models that the combination of high/low vs. low/high Bias / X Bias produces results that aren't always predictable.
  8. More filters. Moog LP filter for an example. Freeze thingy. Have done some poor workarounds to get these jobs done.
  9. For a moment I was excited to see if a playlist / setlist feature has been added! ... no :)
  10. I think it was 30% off in addition to the hardware discount.
  11. That's the workaround, that would mean making modified duplicates from all of my presets and losing the separate input gates for L and R. What I would have liked is in the screenshot of the first post. There are two completely separate paths from the beginning, not split paths. So top Host L would be going into Path 1A and bottom Host R going into Path 1B. But maybe in the future. For now I guess I can just modify and save all the presets while browsing for the best one. And maybe use another instance of Helix in the beginning of the FX chain for the gates.
  12. Had a look at the manual. It seems it isn't possible - Helix always wants to route both channels to both paths.
  13. Actually a more apt description would be: Can the inputs of a sound card be routed to different paths in the Helix Native? Like they can on the hardware Helix.
  14. I've tried to use my presets from the Helix floor in Helix Native, but can't figure out if it's possible to route left and right to different paths. Both of the inputs say just "host" and receive both L and R. In the floor unit you could set the inputs from various different sources. All my patches are set to receive from Return 1 and Return 2. Importing the patches into the Native, I can't use them as they are. Or is there a way?
  15. I use a 10 string Chapman Stick with ACTV-2 block. Everything works fine using the FX returns as inputs. The output from ACTV-2 is a bit low so I use a gain block to compensate. Could perhaps use the guitar input and the aux with a DI box. I haven't bothered yet, because with returns I have less boxes to carry.
  16. It would be nice if the gain block also had the logarithmic option. Or if the volume block could add gain. As I use a gain block in every patch to get my instrument to a proper level.
  17. 4) use good monitors or headphones
  18. Great effort! But aren't the settings entirely dependent on what the aim of the sound was? Clean / dirty for an example. Also on how the various parameters interact - amp tone controls, preamp vs. power amp gain vs. stomp distort gain etc.
  19. I finally updated Helix from 2.20 to 2.54. Before doing so, I made backups of my presets/setlists. With the old editor and with the new 2.52. Also the File > Create Backup. After updating I restored from the new editor backups and found all the presets a bit strange - wrong inputs, just the top path populated with blocks, only the names were correct. Luckily the backups made with the old editor were correct. So, be careful and make as many backups as you can.
  20. I is a bit busy and not as clear as the old one, but I like the post contents preview.
  21. Good point about the legacy stuff! I haven't made the update yet, but I'll try it ASAP. @ Verne-Bunsen Yeah, the FX loop could facilitate many nice stomps. I'd prefer to not go that route just yet.
  22. I recorded an example and processed with Reaktor ensemble Soog V2 https://www.native-instruments.com/en/reaktor-community/reaktor-user-library/entry/show/7814/ Also for comparison there are the dry track and Helix Simple Pitch version (which doesn't have that square wave sound that I want): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hhj74pzq3bdxwyh/AAAn8iEQIs9Ig6w9nK4utilza?dl=0 Has anybody gotten that kind of a sound out of Helix? Or have an idea how to get something similar?
  23. If pressing Save on hardware brings up the option to change the name and location of the preset, the same would be good in the editor too. Or separate "Save preset as" button.
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