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  1. Is the result using MixIR2 different from just mixing multiple IR wav files on separate tracks in a DAW and rendering the resulting wav file?
  2. If Helix SPDIF signal doesn't have dropouts for you, then why not.
  3. DT 880 pro here in 250 ohm. Sounds great, but that's a completely different product...
  4. Sure you can do additional processing in a DAW, but it shouldn't be necessary for getting a good sound. Decent instrument > Helix > Good monitors / amp + speakers / headphones > Nice sound.
  5. Ka5par


  6. Returns 1 and 2 as a stereo input.
  7. The key is "given the exact same input". So if you use Helix as an audio interface... ... or one of the few other interfaces. Once you're in the box - it doesn't matter who or what makes the calculations.
  8. Ka5par


    Haven't tried this yet, but can you play the synth blocks from the MIDI keyboard without assigning a controller value for each note? Like a regular synth.
  9. Ka5par

    SAVE-AS Preset?

    In the editor, like other computer stuff works?
  10. Maybe if there would be a way to specify the blocks affected for each snapshot? Checkmarking all blocks that you want to control and leaving others blank.
  11. Ka5par

    Creaking pedal

    Also bike chain lube applied to the sides of a metal ruler can do the trick without opening the unit. Just loosen the pedal bolt a bit, not so much that that it drops in the chassis - people have done that too.
  12. How does it compare if you record it? That's a more apt comparison, I think. But ofcourse it's OK to have a better sound while playing without an audience.
  13. Ka5par

    Redwirez v Ownhammer

    There are some free Redwirez to check out: http://www.redwirez.com/free1960g12m25s.jsp?ref=home
  14. Thanks for the info! Aah, damn the dropouts - I guess there's no point in bothering with the converter until these issues are fixed, if they even can be fixed that is.
  15. Sorry for late reply... So you have any experience with the units - are the cheap ones good enough? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Coaxial-Coax-SPDIF-to-Digital-Optical-Toslink-Signal-Converter-Adapter-Splitter-/371343649796?hash=item5675ce6c04:g:W7YAAOSwpdpVcGd9 vs. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/StarTech-com-Two-Way-Digital-Coax-to-Toslink-Optical-Audio-Converter-Repeater-/302099411576?hash=item4656873278:g:FAYAAOSwpLNX9-dM
  16. Yeah, I have RME Babyface, that's decent, but unfortunately it only has optical digital input.
  17. Ka5par

    Does Helix do Techno

    Thanks! The instruments: Drums, Stick, 2 synths, sampled bass. Almost all that is played with the Stick is Helix only: 1) Bowed Stick - 00:09; 02:21 2) Doubling the sampled bass 3) Bitcrush - 01:51 4) Jack noises - 03:09 5) Bowed with pitch shift - 04:45; 05:15 6) Arpeggio (.R) - 04:12 etc
  18. Ka5par

    Does Helix do Techno

    First half ambientish, second half technoish: https://soundcloud.com/kaspartorn/biitnik
  19. What you can do is: * Choose one amp and cabinet. * Go through all the amps and select the one that appeals to you the most. * Then go through all the cabs and settle for the most promising one. * Then go through all the mics... you know already what ;) * Then start tweaking the amp controls to get it to be as you like the best. * Then add a distort pedal in front of the amp, see how that changes the sound, what different pedals do. * Add delay and a bit of reverb, hear how that sounds. And yeah, you can have a looper playing at the beginning of the chain so you can better compare. But I've found that the final truth is still playing it in real time - some combinations may sound good with a specific musical idea, but are not that versatile.
  20. I think Jim Roseberry and Rosen Digital are not the same - correct me if I'm wrong: http://studiocat.com/opencart2/index.php?route=product/category&path=80_81
  21. 256 samples, not ms I hope. 256 ms would be unplayable. It should be in the sub 10ms range.
  22. I have the Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro headphones and like them a lot. They aren't closed though, that might be an issue if you want to use them for recording with mics also. They don't keep outside noises out very well too.
  23. Could be useful sometimes... Maybe checking the CPU limit without the CPU connected would be tricky?
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