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    Carrying case or bag

    Thanks for clearing that up, I misread or just looked at the images and mistakenly thought it was a flight bag. So how has it worked out for you, quality OK, any regrets about the backpack? Are the top and bottom (the large faces) just padded or is there something stiff, like a cardboard inside too? I have concerns about the pots, as if it's just a soft padding, they might get some occasional bumps from handling. Maybe too early to tell...
  2. Ka5par

    Carrying case or bag

    I'm looking at the UDG bags and so far the medium backback seems the closest fit - maybe a little too close? The width and depth measurements are exactly the same as Helix, so probably no extra padding can be added. What's interesting is that the medium size flight bag has only 53 cm width vs medium backpacks 56 cm - maybe a typo? Suspecting it because EdwinV here seems to have a medium flight bag and it fits nicely: http://line6.com/support/topic/15916-carrying-case-or-bag/page-5?do=findComment&comment=146572 Backpack - medium https://www.udggear.com/productfotos/pdf/U7201BL.pdf 56 cm x 37 cm x 9 cm Flight Bag - medium https://www.udggear.com/productfotos/pdf/U7001BL.pdf 53 cm x 34 cm x 9 cm Flight Bag - large https://www.udggear.com/productfotos/pdf/U7002BL.pdf 70 cm x 40 cm x 11 cm Hard Case - large https://www.udggear.com/productfotos/pdf/U8302BL.pdf 59.3 cm x 35.3 cm x 9 cm
  3. Ka5par

    To enhance, delay

    It would be interesting if the effected delay could be fed back to the delay block. Examples: 1) Distorted delay going back, gets progressively distorted again until it'll probably turn into noise. 2) Pitch shifted delay pitch shifted again until ultra or infra-sound :) A feature request maybe?
  4. Listened... Definitely interesting stuff there.
  5. More flexible routing to USB Proposal: any input should be usable as the dry signal source for USB recording. Usage: If you play a stereo instrument or use the returns as inputs for some other reason. I'd like to choose "return 1/2" inputs to record the dry signal from Helix for reamping. I play the stick, and at the moment can't record the DI, unless I sacrifice one path for just that. It's not often possible though. http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/More-flexible-routing-to-USB/815364-23508
  6. Without actually listening your file, I'd say that the instrument needs to be farther away from the computer, not so much Helix. Have you experimented with the ground lift switch on Helix?
  7. Probably because the Helix IR Manager will utilize only the left channel of the imported stereo file: http://line6.com/support/topic/16315-ir-sample-rate-question/?p=121260
  8. Thanks! Hopefully they add a button for that and/or a confirmation dialog. Actually here it seems that two different paradigms are meeting - the device asks before overwriting, but on the computer programs just save usually. I think because the editor tries to mimic the device, I was expecting the same behaviour.
  9. Ka5par

    headphone sound

    I would say the flatter response the better. You can compare them on some websites: http://www.head-fi.org/t/588290/headphone-graphs I have Beyerdynamic DT880 pro phones. They're of not flat but flatish. And for the price very good, I think. Guitar sounds also great through them. If I have adjusted a patch listening through them, I find that it also sounds good playing through speakers. But yeah, bottom line is that you have to listen yourself and decide what you like. And I've said flat a few times too many :)
  10. It would be great to get some Helix expert opinion on this topic, but it seems it hasn't caught their attention yet.
  11. Has anybody figured out how to do a "save as" to a patch? Different name, location, without owerwriting the original as the "save" button does without a warning.
  12. I'd like a mono version of effects that currently don't have one. First in order would be the spring reverb. I like to use them before cabs and sometimes before the amp - it makes the spring reverb become part of the guitar sound rather than ambience. If there was a mono spring reverb, it could reduce the processing demands and leave more for other things, as going through the amp, it'll become mono anyway. Vote here if interested: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Mono-Spring-Reverb/814190-23508?submitted=1
  13. Just adding my procedure here: http://line6.com/support/topic/18575-line-6-staff-squeaky-expression-pedal-answer/?p=144718
  14. I finally tried it myself and it seems that it's possible to choose Helix as a MIDI in/out device in a DAW. So it looks like a MIDI interface, but with a limited functionality. I connected a MIDI keyboard to Helix's MIDI in and played/recorded some notes - very few of the note on messages got through and none of the note offs. If this is indeed the expected behaviour and not a bug, then for "MIDI interface" usage one needs to have an additional interface that can handle note information.
  15. Haven't tried out it myself, but remembered this thread, second post: http://line6.com/support/topic/18944-helix-as-a-home-studio-in-a-box/?hl=midi+interface&do=findComment&comment=141778
  16. Helix is not a MIDI interface. Yeah, if OSX works as well as Windows, no need to switch.
  17. Or the thing that it's not allowed to attach *.hlx files in this forum, so you need to be clever. EDIT: in this case not...
  18. In addition I think would be better to cut the previous section short and switch the preset 1/8 or 1/4 note before, so that the beginning of the next section doesn't suffer. But that's just another workaround that gets the job done.
  19. Overall very nice experience working with the editor - could sit upright and play the instrument while listening. Working with sliders and clicking the blocks directly is very fast compared to knob-turning and navigating in the unit. A couple of things: 1) The save button provided a surprise by not working the same way as in hardware - it saved immediately, without asking for confirmation, nor the place where to save, overwriting the original preset. This is potentially dangerous. How do you save to another slot anyway? 2) To me the "export" "import" terms seem inverted. When I'm working at a computer, I would expect "importing" the presets from Helix. But that's down to preference I guess.
  20. You mean buffer size in samples not ms, right? Latency would probably be around < 10ms range.
  21. Ka5par

    Screamer 808 - EQ

    You might get something from this page (towards the end - 2. The Tube Screamer Sound Signature): http://www.electrosmash.com/tube-screamer-analysis Although things are a bit more complicated. Or perhaps run an analysis on the Helix effect, compare with dry signal.
  22. You could try the ground lift button on Helix if it makes things better. I'm also using the stick with Helix. For now I'm using the returns as inputs for both sides.
  23. The "trick" is to set the effect mix something less than 100%
  24. You can switch it off with the switch that's inside Helix. One thing to consider is that the switch needs to be pressed quite a forcefully. Maybe you're not stepping on the pedal hard enough?
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