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  1. Thanks for the incredibly detailed reply! As, or if, more of these posts pop up, maybe we can start to see a pattern as to why different users seem to be getting different results. As with so many other features or bugs where there are variances between the reported behavior, it often it seems to be related to users having different settings, or sometimes amounts to no more than differences in the way people describe what they are observing, or actual differences or errors between various testers in their testing methodology that go unnoticed. I tested my Helix with all of the global settings set to be identical with yours, even set up the volume block on EXP 3 with an external expression pedal per your settings. I was unable to replicate your results. The 'Behavior' setting always stays persistent for me, no save required. One thing I noticed during my test, across snasphots or presets, the 'Behavior' setting stays persistent per EXP (1, 2, or 3 on the Helix), but each EXP can be set differently (Toggle, Heel Down, or Toe Down). If you have bypass/Wait set up for example on both EXP 1 and EXP 3, then the 'Behavior can be set to 'Toggle' on EXP 1 and 'Toe Down' on EXP 3, but it will be the same for that EXP in every preset/snapshot. So, what I am finding is that the 'Behavior' value stays persistent for the EXP number(1, 2, or 3) that it is set on, with only one 'Behavior' option available at any given time on that EXP. The set value is the same in every preset/snapshot, however, it need not be identical across different EXPs. The reason I mention this, besides it being another relevant detail of how the 'Behavior' parameter works currently, is that it can skew the results of your testing if you don't keep a close eye on which EXP the block you are examining is assigned to. Is it possible that you were looking across EXPs during your testing? I noticed when I did this in error a couple of times when running the tests (with your described setup) it would appear as if the 'Behavior' was flipping back to 'Toggle' when actually it wasn't. I was in fact comparing the 'Behavior' on two different EXPs when I switched presets/snapshots, rather than comparing the values on the same EXP. Anyway, the more I test this, as I have mentioned previously, the more I notice how many individual scenarios need to be tested - different EXPs, every combination of pertinent global settings combined with all the new 'Behavior' options, legacy and new presets, HX Edit preset/snapshot switching as well as manual switching on the device, ensuring that HX Edit reflects the same value as the device, and other stuff I haven't thought of yet. To be thorough, all of this needs to be tested across setlists, banks, presets, and snapshots. Makes my head spin. This really is one of those features that is complicated enough to be best vetted, systematically with a test harness by Line 6 that can run through a ton of possible variations and check to ensure proper and repeatable results. I imagine Line 6 has been, and continues to test this in-house, as well as looking at the reports of user experiences with it in the wild. If not, then I hope they will. The 'Behavior' option would benefit from further clarification/documentation, and perhaps a fix if it is not functioning as intended.
  2. While I agree with the rest of your post as well as the bit in your "First Reason" regarding investing in R&D and staff, it is hard for me to see how not keeping these models only in the Catalyst will cause significantly reduced sales. The Catalyst is different enough from the Helix that it will hopefully hold appeal in other ways. One of the biggest pluses, often lauded, about the current crop of HX devices is the "ecosystem", its inter-connectivity, and the ease of transferable knowledge and even presets between devices and also, Native. IMHO the sharing of code, models, features, etc., across devices is to be encouraged. It helps to keep them all current, encourages updates which can be leveraged throughout the entire lineup, and I believe ultimately increases sales for all of the devices. If you like a model or feature enough to purchase a Catalyst to get it, maybe you will purchase additional HX devices that possess that model/feature in other form factors as well for greater flexibility.
  3. Download and install HX Edit 3.15 first to install all the necessary drivers and software. Make sure you don't have HX Edit up when you start the Updater.
  4. Agree with all of this. Even if damage to any devices involved is unlikely, I would not wholly discount it as a possibility. I also wondered about the specifics of how to go about splitting the signal. It could be relatively straightforward though. Sescom SES-AES-EBU-Y Impedance Matching AES/EBU SES-AES-EBU-Y (bhphotovideo.com)
  5. Actually, I do have one incredibly far-fetched thought. I wonder if anyone has ever tested splitting the output from the L6 Link output? This doesn't really address using S/PDIF and L6 Link simultaneously, but if it it worked it could allow simultaneously using L6 Link and AES/EBU. The outlandish experiment proposed below would still keep you in the digital realm. If the L6 Link protocol is close enough to AES/EBU, perhaps you could send one side of the split to your PowerCab, and another to an AES/EBU input on another device, and it would ignore any additional L6 Link data? Of course, it might just cause the Helix or any attached devices to go poof in the night with attendant smoking and burning. So, I am neither recommending this nor responsible for the possible consequences. Enter at your own risk or just - DON"T. Another possible issue is that the Helix might default to AES/EBU rather than L6 Link if two devices were connected via a split - one to L6 Link and one to AES/EBU. Have no idea and nowhere near the digital expertise to even hazard a guess. "Hazard" being the operative word here.
  6. Can't offer a solution but just had to say that is a hilariously humble post and topic title :-)
  7. Hmm, thanks for posting, if you have a moment, more details please. Will help in figuring out why different users seem to be getting different results: Which HX Device do you own? Are you using the attached Wah pedal or an external one? Did you do a factory reset and restore after your upgrade to 3.15? Which EXP(1, 2, 3?) are you using for Wah? What is your global setting (Global, Per Snapshot, or Per Preset) for 'EXP Pedals' --> 'EXP * Pedal Position'? What is your global setting (Discard or Recall) for 'Preferences' ---> 'Snapshot Edits'? Is the Behavior setting persisting between snapshots? Between presets? What is the 'Behavior' setting (Toggle, Heel Down, or Toe Down) that is not persistent when returning to the preset? Or is it any/all of them that behave this way? Do you click the expression pedal toe switch to use the Wah, or is the preset/snapshot already on the EXP(1,2, or 3) setting corresponding to the Wah?
  8. Modeling isn't for everyone, it can be a little daunting at first as there is a learning curve, but the Helix is designed for mere mortals, and you will most likely find yourself wrapping your head around it soon enough with some initial effort. After that point it becomes very rewarding! As you design your presets at home, you will get better as time goes by at anticipating what will work once you hit the stage, regardless of what you are using to monitor them. The advice already presented here holds though. The closer your volume is to performance levels, and your monitor equipment is to a PA speaker, the more direct the translation will be, and more likely fewer preset adjustments will be required for that transition from home to stage.
  9. Good luck and keep us posted if you think you have spotted a legitimate bug. This firmware is still brand new and the interaction of the various parameters with the Wah, global, per preset, and per snapshot, are relatively involved. There are a lot of new potential scenarios with the addition of the 'Behavior' parameter, and even more so if you are using the 'Per Snapshot' global setting. A lot of potential permutations to test. The sooner the Line 6 community spots any issues the more likely they are to get resolved in an upcoming firmware release.
  10. Did you follow the update with a factory reset and backup restore? This will restore your global settings to what they were before your update?
  11. It is a normal part of the upgrade process. No worries. You may see some specific presets rebuild here and there again upon restart if you import or copy them but not the full post-upgrade rebuild.
  12. @onager Take a look at the link below and the solution offered up by @rd2rk. Seems to have worked for the user who was getting this error. Replace the reference in the instructions to the older version(2.92), with 3.15. HX Stomp - Lost all my presets because of DSP overload - code 8611 - Helix - Line 6 Community
  13. ^^^ This!!! Personally, I don't think anything in a lifetime of trying different pedalboards and modelers (other than crappy sound), has pushed me to switch devices more quickly than lack of adequate footswitches or effects that make up my usual signal path. If you are intending to use snapshots(scenes) you might want to keep that in mind as well as it relates to available switches or alternatively adding a MIDI controller. All of the advice here is good, but this is basically a subjective decision that hinges on how you will be playing now and the foreseeable, but not distant future. There will be new devices available in the distant future. Budget, form factor, max # simultaneous effects, amp/cab modeling, simplicity, ease of use, whether you intend to retain your other pedals, whether you will employ a MIDI controller - all figure into the calculus of selecting the best suited device(s). You know the drill.
  14. Are the HX Edit and Firmware versions the same? Check the versions on each. Having a firmware version that is more recent than the HX Edit version can cause issues with backups. Also, did you do the factory reset after upgrading HX Edit and the firmware to 3.15?
  15. The first thing I noticed is your 'Position' parameter is set to 0% in these presets. You might want to consider changing that to something like 5%. Otherwise, any minute problem with pedal calibration or failure to press the pedal all the way heel-down may cause the bypass not to function properly. Noticed also you have your Wah's Level parameter assigned to the expression pedal. Can see that being potentially useful. I uploaded your presets and began testing them. When I change the 'Behavior' in one preset it also changes the 'Behavior' in the other(s). I am referring to the actual value, of the parameter e.g. Toggle, Heel Down, or Toe Down. This occurs with or without a save. This is as described in the video @theElevators posted. If you are not seeing this happen, I would recommend doing a Factory reset and restore. This is just addressing how the 'Behavior' parameter should be seen to act in the 3.15 firmware(bug or not). We are not yet addressing the issue of when the Wah engages/bypasses. There are several factors that impact the bypass state of the Wah in the preset when you either switch to the preset, or when you first start the Helix. One of the most important is how you have the 'EXP 1 Pedal Position' set, since you are not using snapshots yet, let's limit the discussion to "Global" or "Per Preset" Let's use EXP 1 for global settings and the 'Behavior' = "Toggle" in the following examples per your presets: The global setting --> 'EXP Pedals' --> 'EXP 1 Pedal Position' = "Global" When the value is "Global" then the Wah will come up in the bypass state dependent on where the expression is set currently. This will apply whether you are first starting the Helix or switching from another preset. Additionally, the bypass state will be dependent on the value you have set in 'Behavior'. Just to throw another wrinkle into things, it would appear that if you use the Bypass button to manually set the state of the Wah while the 'Behavior' = "Toggle" and save the preset, that state will be remembered and your Wah will come up in the state you saved, again, dependent on the position of the expression pedal. In other words, Toggle can either bypass or engage as you rock the from heel-down to toe-Down and back, depending on how you manually set the state of the Wah with the Bypass button. The Helix will remember this after a save. I guess the thing to remember is that in the Toggle setting, depending on how the bypass state is set when you save, you can inadvertently reverse the expected bypass behavior on the expression pedal, next time you start the Helix or return to that preset. Helix remembers whether physically moving, for example, to the toe down position, was causing the Wah to engage or bypass! This applies whether you are set to "Global" or "Per Preset". Sorry to repeat this but it is not the behavior I would have anticipated. Before the 'Behavior' = 'Toggle' setting existed, you would have had do something like reverse the Min Value & Max Value under 'Controller Assign' to see behavior like this. This is new, and I suppose a shortcut of sorts. The global setting --> 'EXP Pedals' --> 'EXP 1 Pedal Position' = "Per Preset" When 'EXP 1' is set globally to "Per Preset". The bypass state of the Wah should come up in the state(and position) it was last saved. Regardless of where the pedal is physically positioned when you either first start the Helix or if you are switching from another preset. As far as the Helix is concerned, regardless of the physical position of your expression pedal, when you switch to a preset with your global set to "Per Preset", the virtual position of the expression pedal is where you last saved it. When you are set to "Per Preset" most/all (?) of the same rules detailed in the "Global" section above apply to the Wah bypass state, with the exception of the fact that until you move the expression pedal, your bypass state is following the virtual position of the pedal in your last save. Anyway, I could literally spend an entire day just troubleshooting/testing the Wah behavior, so I will stop here. If I had been formally tasked with testing this feature, I would spend considerably more time to ensure my results are accurate and persistent, but this is the best I have at the moment. I hope it helps cut through at least some small measure of the confusion. I will have to figure out how to trim this down in a more concise manner in the future. Btw, I was able to have your presets behave in a predictable manner governed by the rules listed above if that is any consolation. I did not test as extensively with restarts as I did across presets, but the restart bypass states in the tests I did, looked correct to me. As I stated further up though, you may want to consider moving the 'Position' up to something like 5%. I should also mention that sometimes there is some slight latency that exceeds the Wait time when it is set low. Nothing that problematic but it just seems like on occasion it takes slightly longer than for example a set value of 300ms. I would rather expect that with many pieces of hardware, and I have not timed it, so it could just be my imagination.
  16. Maybe not the specifics you were looking for on the Helix but there are a lot of good tips on how to get the DNB sound at the site below, certainly some/much of which can be translated to the Helix. Starts at the section entitled "Step 2: Bass". Might be worth considering combining whatever sound you derive from your Helix with some additional processing from a DAW with some plugins, or a guitar/bass synth, played live. A more complex setup with some potential latency but it might get you closer to your intended sound. Still avoiding using a backing track that way. If you can pull it off with just the Helix, I hope you upload the preset. How To Make Drum & Bass: The Complete Guide - EDMProd
  17. Not that you would be entirely wrong about that, but your question was legitimate and thank you for the opportunity to see a little humor injected into the forum. There's usually room for a quip or three as well as an informative technical response. I don't think any insult was intended and it made for a more entertaining topic.
  18. Take a look at the video in the post from @theElevators. Could this be part of what you are observing?
  19. Yep, I am seeing the same behavior you detailed in your video. That means that at least in the 3.15 firmware, it appears at first blush, that setting the 'Behavior' in any preset will set it to the same value in all other presets where the wah is set up for auto-engage/bypass. More testing required but it is hard to understand why this would be intended behavior. Looks like a bug. At the least, something users need to be aware of.
  20. Wow! Haven't tested this behavior between presets yet myself but if this is consistent then the 'Behavior' parameter is acting like a global setting from within a preset. We have seen that before with the 'Variax Settings' parameter on the Input block and the 'Powercab Remote' setting on the Output block, also similar to those other "globals within a preset", 'Behavior' doesn't seem to require a save to affect all other presets. Unlike those parameters though, this one would probably qualify, as you point out, as a bug. Good catch! Going to run some tests and see if I can replicate your results.
  21. I watched the video and it has the Wah being set up on 'EXP 2' normally the default for the Volume block. Perfectly acceptable, but is it possible you subsequently tried to set up a Volume block and that is causing problems with the assignments? Sorry to hear this is still an issue. The problem you are encountering sounds a lot like the intended behavior of the Wah when 'Behavior' = "Toggle". At this point it might help if you upload the preset that is causing the problem with a very concise description, restated differently, of what the problem is. Unfortunately, I still remain unclear as to what exactly the issue is that you are encountering. It will be easier to just take a look at the preset. Btw, are you looking to have the Wah come up activated or bypassed when you bring up the preset?
  22. There is a brand new 'Behavior' parameter in the 3.15 firmware, and it profoundly impacts how auto-engage operates. It is found with the rest of the parameters that appear under the 'Bypass Assign' section when you set up auto-engage by changing the 'Switch' parameter from "EXP Toe" to "EXP Pedal 1,2, or 3", "Variax Vol" or "Variax Tone". This 'Behavior' parameter may impact the operation of presets with a block set up to auto-engage, designed prior to the 3.15 firmware. The easiest problematic symptom to spot in a preset is that the Wah either turns on or off when you were anticipating the opposite. Good news is you just have to set 'Behavior' to your preference and resave the preset. The default for the new 'Behavior' parameter is "Toggle". The options for the new Behavior parameter are "Toggle", "Heel Down", and "Toe Down". From the 3.15 firmware update notes Bypass Assign > EXP Pedal 1/2 now has a new Behavior parameter to control how bypassing is handled. The default value "Toggle" behaves as this feature always has - bringing the pedal past threshold will toggle the block's bypass state from what it is currently (i.e. enable if currently bypassed and vice versa). "Toe Down" and "Heel Down" always bypass the block at the designated position, regardless of the block's starting state. So with "Heel Down" selected, the block will always enable when you cross the Position threshold and bypass when you return below it As of the 3.15 firmware, you have more flexibility on the auto-engage behavior but may have to go back and retrofit your presets. If for example, you only want the Wah to engage when you move from the heel-down position past the 10% point, your settings should be as shown below(if you are using the Helix's default assignments of 'EXP 2' for volume and 'EXP 1' for Wah). Take note of the new "Heel Down" setting. If you don't use the default expression pedal assignments for your wah/volume blocks, you can adjust accordingly using the 'Switch' parameter under 'Bypass Assign'. Switch = "EXP Pedal 1" Position = "10%" (or your preferred setting) Wait = "300ms" (or your preferred setting) 'MIDI In' = "Off" (default="Off" or your preferred setting) Behavior = "Heel Down" ('Behavior' is the new parameter for auto-engage/bypass as of the 3.15 firmware)
  23. Think I may have figured out why you are having an issue with auto-engage and this will impact all users on the 3.15 firmware who use this feature. The key factor that may be missing in your preset would be the new 'Behavior' parameter when you set up auto-engage. This 'Behavior' parameter is brand new in the 3.15 firmware and profoundly impacts how auto-engage operates. If you for example want the Wah to engage when you move from the heel-down position past, for example, the 10% point, your settings should be the following (if you are using the Helix's default assignments of 'EXP 2' for volume and 'EXP 1' for Wah). If you don't use these, you can adjust accordingly using the parameters under 'Bypass Assign'. Switch = "EXP Pedal 1" Position = "10%" (or your preferred setting) Wait = "300ms" (or your preferred setting) Behavior = "Heel Down" (this is the new parameter for auto-engage as of the 3.15 firmware) From the 3.15 firmware update notes Bypass Assign > EXP Pedal 1/2 now has a new Behavior parameter to control how bypassing is handled. The default value "Toggle" behaves as this feature always has - bringing the pedal past threshold will toggle the block's bypass state from what it is currently (i.e. enable if currently bypassed and vice versa). "Toe Down" and "Heel Down" always bypass the block at the designated position, regardless of the block's starting state. So with "Heel Down" selected, the block will always enable when you cross the Position threshold and bypass when you return below it I am going to post this up in a separate topic to draw more attention to it as I suspect many other users have already, or will be encountering this, in the near future.
  24. Below are some general guidelines that you may find useful, but you also may have discovered a legit bug in 3.15. I am seeing some buggy behavior in the wah/volume switching behavior on my device when I set up auto-engage on the Wah, even when I create a new preset from scratch. I am about to rerun the factory reset and restore again on my device (I ran it once already when I initially did the update). I will retest after that and get back to you. Not sure I understand your scenario correctly. You refer to "shut down" and "reboot". Is the problem occurring when you actually power down and restart the Helix? Are you using snapshots? If so, it sounds like you may be using the terms preset and snapshot interchangeably. For example, are you saving a snapshot where you want the wah to come up engaged with the wah block active (not bypassed)? You mention the Wah is on 'EXP 2'. Due to the way the Helix, by default, assigns the Volume block to 'EXP 2' and 'EXP 1' to the Wah, many players have found it a best practice not to fight the Helix and instead to just follow the default assignments. Assigning the Wah to 'EXP 2' has caused some Helix users to scratch their heads when they find themselves wrestling with mysterious issues that end up being rooted in problems with the assignments.
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