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  1. Glad to hear it worked! The backup that is part of the automated update process creates a comprehensive backup file with the extension '.hxb' that includes your presets, IRs, setlist info, global settings, favorites and defaults. The extension for a Helix setlist is '.hls'. There is no "i". Don't remember if there is a default directory for exported setlists as I long ago created a custom location but if I had to guess it is probably under the "Line 6" directory or subdirectories. I would just search for *.hls on my drives to find it if you lose track of where they are located. Keep in mind that going forward you don't have to export setlists, but it never hurts to have them if a backup file(*.hxb) ends up corrupt. I used to export all my setlists before every update but have gotten lazy about it as the backup/restore process seems to work pretty well these days. Hopefully being slack on that doesn't come back to bite me. One thing I do is manually create an extra backup with the 'Create Backup' command, in addition to the one that is created during the automated update, just for insurance. I also use the 'Extract Files From Backup' command (under the 'File' heading in HX Edit) to give me all my presets in separate files.
  2. First step, make sure both HX Edit and your firmware are at 3.15. Did you do the factory reset & backup restore after updating? Which HX device do you have?
  3. Go over to the second page of parameters on the Input block of any preset using a Variax input block and make sure 'Variax Settings'="Per Preset". Once you set it in one preset it will apply to all, that is actually a global setting located in a preset. Also, if, as @datacommando indicated, if the problem is in your global presets, make sure you did the factory reset and restore backup step recommended by Line6. If you use the backup that was made by the update process, it will restore all your global settings to their state prior to the update(as they should be).
  4. If it "didn't erase your presets" that might mean the factory reset didn't take on your second update. Might not be a terrible idea to backup, do a factory reset, and restore your backup per the update notes' recommendation.
  5. True dat, would only be a potential issue for them, so if they can manage it to their satisfaction, your mix will be unaffected.
  6. Did you do a factory reset and then restore your backup? My first guess would be that your global settings were reset to default. Restoring the backup will also reset your global settings to your preferences from before the update, as well as ensure your device is ready for prime time. Recheck your physical connections as always.
  7. The one consideration with this setup is any changes to the FOH mix, will also be reflected in the monitor mix. Volume changes being the one you would probably most be concerned about.
  8. Have to respectfully disagree, I find toppers invaluable. I have been using them for years on the top row only. I am a lead guitarist and a vocalist, and for up-tempo tunes where I have only a brief moment to glance at the Helix and make a switch I find them invaluable for upping my accurate switching hit rate. Never had them go crooked on me either although maybe you were gigging more frequently or using a different brand. Mine are just some inexpensive no-names.
  9. No, they are separate pieces of software. Go to the Downloads page. Make sure you leave the hardware dropdown set to the default, "Choose Hardware". Then select "Helix Native" from the software dropdown(middle) and then select your OS in the third dropdown.
  10. New prospective buyers have a lack of experience in dialing in a preset to their personal tastes. Combine this with the fact that you cannot control for what they will be monitoring with, and it makes it difficult to provide "universal" presets that really do a device justice. I suspect that if you took the Helix and loaded the Factory presets with the best of the preset packs being offered by third parties along with the top-rated presets from CustomTone you might still get a similar tepid response to the Factory presets. Part of the challenge in populating any new device with presets is somewhat the same for the creators of the device as it is for the users. It takes some time to get good at preset design. With competition and the speed of innovation accelerating the time to market for all manufacturers, the time available to surmount that learning curve is getting shorter all the time. We all got better at preset design with time. Creating great presets is inherently an evolutionary process, highly subjective, and acutely dependent on being listened to with the same type of monitoring setup they were created on. The ROI of devoting time and resources to that, as @silverhead alluded to, no doubt figures heavily into how much attention a company dedicates to preset design. Would it be great to have preset packs and the best of CustomTone make their way into the Factory presets. Maybe. But how do you go about compensating those preset designers and is it worth it? We have seen celebrity/pro designed presets on a range of devices, most notably the TC Electronics pedals, and I suppose they sell more devices but there is no doubt a point of diminishing returns. Lastly, some devices just seem to lend themselves to playing better with a wide range of monitor setups right out of the gate. The rub is that they may lack features, functionality, or even the ability to sound great, not just good, when a bit of experience and knowledge is applied to them. Btw, this evolutionary element to a modeler's presets also has a similar impact on amp and effect design. If a product is lucky enough to have the time to mature, the developers tend to get better and better at emulating various amps and effects. The problem is that in many instances, if you were to just swap out older versions of a block with a newer better one, it can easily and adversely impact presets constructed with the earlier version. That is why they tend to issue the amp or effect as a new variation rather than changing them under the covers; with the exception of those occasions where the block had a demonstrable defect to begin with.
  11. Another way I might approach this would be to use the DBR12 as a fourth stage monitor, set up on the side, space allowing, if there is not enough room in front. Then run the Helix direct to the board via XLR, and the Helix's 1/4 output to the DBR12. Run a monitor mix from the mixer of everything you need to hear except guitar. Set the master volume on the Helix to only control the 1/4 output. You can do this in global settings. That way you can control your guitar's volume output yourself to the DBR12 without impacting the FOH. Bonus, you don't have to share a monitor with the bass player anymore. Don't know if this would result in excessive latency between the board mix and the Helix direct going into the DBR12? Might be fine. For a completely different solution, compact monitors like the Hot Spot or the Behringers in the links below are very small, can be pole mounted, and provide perfectly adequate monitor mixes in tight spaces. I know bands who use them for all members for both space, weight, and price considerations, and love 'em. Behringer B105D 50W 5 inch Powered Monitor Speaker | Sweetwater Behringer Eurolive B205D 150W 5.25 inch Powered Monitor Speaker | Sweetwater I would be interested to see any suggestions others might have.
  12. Edit: The one thing that gives me pause is the fact that you say it isn't showing up in Native either despite the fact that you have double-checked the version(3.15). I can confirm it is there so forgive me for asking but are you absolutely sure you are looking for it under the 'Delay' mono or stereo category(not Reverb)? Short of your computer having some sort of a personal vendetta against any word referring to the sun's atmosphere I can't see why it would not be showing up in Native. I am running Windows though so I suppose it could be different in the MacOS version. Note: Heliosphere shows up 16th in the list under Delay --> Mono in Native 3.15 right after "Multi Pass". At least for me on Windows. Anyway if you still can't find it... Have you done the backup, factory reset, and backup restore? The most important factor being the factory reset. Are the other new effects and amp models from 3.15 showing up? Critical question. If so, maybe that effect did not make it into HX Edit with the Stomp. Seems highly unlikely but I have the Helix so I can only confirm it shows up on both that device and HX Edit 3.15. Can someone else with a Stomp please confirm the Heliosphere is showing up in HX Edit 3.15. A confirmation that it is showing up in Native on a Mac would be great too. If the factory reset and restore don't fix it, uninstall the Line6 software and download and reinstall HX Edit 3.15. If that doesn't work I would do the manual install with the Updater. You may want to wait for someone here to confirm that this is not a bug with HX Edit 3.15 and specifically the Stomp(just seems like we would have heard about it but it's early yet). Still before you do all this, I would triple check to make sure you have not just missed it in the list. Good luck!
  13. Where are you seeing HX Edit showing 3.15? Any chance you are seeing the firmware version instead? Are you are looking for the new effect "Heliosphere" in the correct category under Delay(mono or stereo)? It sounds to me like you upgraded the firmware but did not download and install the new HX Edit software or it did not take. Go to 'Help' --> 'About HX Edit' flash screen in HX Edit and confirm your version. My wager is that it does not show HX Edit 3.15 in the lower part of the screen but does show the 3.15 firmware in the upper part. If it doesn't, just download and install HX Edit 3.15. Btw, just to confirm, I do see it under mono and stereo, any chance you just missed it buried in the list? Quite a nice selection of delays we have by now, a lot to scan.
  14. If you have not already make sure you do a factory reset, per the update notes, before you restore your backup. To restore use HX Edit and under the File entry in the menu select 'Restore From Backup'. If the backup restore doesn't restore your footswitch arrangement, you can do it manually by going to global settings --> Footswitches --> 'Preset Mode Switches' = "Stomp/Snap".
  15. Just wanted to make it clear that I was accusing myself of being an armchair quarterback, not you. I agree, Line6 would probably be well served to formally document the manual Updater process as the standard alternative when the automated update process fails. And lastly, that bulleted list you put out on how to recover from a stalled update using the Updater has been a great thing for the Line6 community that has garnered you a lot of good will. A lot of people had put out similar instructions to you previously, but you managed to do it in a very concise manner that seemed to be very easy for folks to follow. I know I was one of the people that upvoted it and I think it should be pinned.
  16. Glad you mentioned the potential server issues on Line6's end. This thought occurs to me whenever I see update failures being reported within the first couple of days of an announced update. Servers are getting slammed. Don't know if it is the case but it is such a common cause for failures in other vendor's updates that have a large user base and one as enthusiastic as Line6's to get the latest. Other than phased rollouts to your user base in limited batches, for example by region (hate that), one of the best ways to guard against overloaded servers causing failed upgrades from the perspective of the developer writing the update, is to make sure that the only part of the process that requires connectivity is an initial download that is viewed as a single transaction. It either completes successfully within a certain preset amount of time and the update continues, or it exits and maybe kicks back a message such as "server busy, try again". If the download of the new editor/firmware is successful, only then does it proceed to the rest of the process completely offline (no more internet connectivity or acks from the server side required once the initial download is completed, only connectivity from the HX device to the computer). This is essentially how the manual Updater process operates, so good on Line6 for providing the alternative to the automatic update. Easy to speculate on things like this as an armchair quarterback. I have no insight into the automatic update processes' legacy code or various requirements to ensure a proper upgrade. If it is possible to do everything offline once the new editor and firmware are downloaded though, it might cut down on failed and stalled updates. No idea. I suspect the majority of failures are downstream on the users end though. One option if there are problems server-side, is over-allocating server resources on the back end. That can get expensive and connectivity issues with an ISP can still cause problems that have nothing to do with Line6. Services like Amazon's AWS can sometimes be more economical for providing connectivity and server resources that expand and contract automatically according to demand. For all I know Line6 is already using them. Whatever method they have chosen to manage the back end they have probably made a conscious decision balancing between not over-spending on server resources and total number of failed updates. I like that they also offer the automated process as I have been lucky with it working consistently for the most part and the ease of use of it appeals to me. After all the hard work I know they have put into it, it still has room to improve. Very cool though how it has evolved to include the backup and downloading and installing of HX Edit before proceeding to the firmware update. They keep this up and it will be booking gigs for your band soon with every update.
  17. I definitely would NOT set up the DBR12 to simultaneously have a direct feed from the Helix and an AUX mix from the mixer that included my guitar. This is very likely as you suspect to result in some phase cancellation and just general audio confusion. For a room such as you describe with only enough space for three monitor wedges at the front of the stage I would probably just run XLR out to the board and 1/4 direct from the Helix to the DBR12 in my backline and use it strictly as a guitar monitor. That way I get to manage the volume of my guitar monitor on stage rather than relying on a mix sent from the board. Turning up the Helix output to my monitor on stage that way doesn't affect the FOH mix. However since you share a wedge monitor up front with your bass player he needs to hear your guitar. That means you could completely stop feeding your guitar to the shared front wedge if your bass player is positioned such that he can hear your DBR12 in the backline adequately. Many a band has operated that way over the decades, often with only vocals in the wedges. 'Course that results in more volume onstage and can get a bit loud for your fans in the front row. If he can't hear enough of you on stage due to where he is positioned or because turning up is not an option, the alternative would be to leave some guitar fed from the board in your shared wedge monitor. Still keeping only your guitar direct from the Helix in your DBR12 in the backline. Not ideal perhaps but workable. It's only rock & roll and you do what you gotta do.
  18. Sorry you are encountering this. If every update is going poorly, these are the things I would most suspect as the source of the problem; @silverhead already covered some of this. A bad USB cable or one that does not play well with Helix. If you have not tried swapping out cables I would. A cable with poor data transmission is worse than one with no data transmission as it can appear to work initially by recognizing your device but ultimately fails during the update. Poor connectivity on the USB port you are using. Try others. Also, make sure you don't have anything except the USB cable plugged into your Helix or anything not strictly necessary plugged into the computer during your update. Some issue with the computer you are using such as driver conflicts, old Line6 software still installed, an SD card mounted, etc.. Uninstall the Line6 software before starting your update. Unmount any SD cards. Restart your computer. If it is failing every time you try to update I would just try another computer. Poor internet connectivity. The best/only fix for this is downloading the firmware and using the Updater's manual process instead of the automated HX Edit firmware update. Backup and then install the latest version of HX Edit first! Failure to have run the factory reset and backup restore on your previous upgrade. Don't know if this can cause issues with subsequent upgrades and I don't want to find out. Just part of the update notes I make sure to follow every time. Unreliable power in your location is a potential issue if it fluctuates enough during the update. The potential for user error somewhere during the process. This suggestion is purely speculative and likely erroneous, the upgrade process probably accounts for this, but consider starting the upgrade with a blank preset selected. Kind of the way if you were upgrading Windows to a new version you would not have every imaginable application loaded up and bogging down your computer or a corrupt application(preset) causing an issue.
  19. Just saw your question but @molul provided the correct response.
  20. Once you have adjusted the positions for the frequency bands per @craiganderton's info (+/- 12db vs. +/- 15db) I might focus on the two sliders/bands adjacent, left & right, on each side of the 1k band. They may overlap with the 1k band somewhat differently than the original pedal and might account for some of the difference from the original MXR pedal's response.
  21. Are you navigating to your backup files via the 'Restore From Backup' command under the 'File' entry in the HX Edit menu? If it is not working, assuming the backup file is not totally corrupt, you can try the 'Extract Files From Backup' command on your backup and at least rescue and restore the presets you most want to retain. Btw, your backup files should have a suffix of ".hxb". Also, are you getting any kind of error message when you try to restore the backup?
  22. Just wanted to note there is a 3.15 update to Native available now for download as well. The gift that keeps on giving, more innovation and yet another awesome update. Thanks Eric, Ben, and everyone else at Line6!
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