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  1. It will be interesting to see if GC issues a 20% off an entire order coupon this year. They did so the last two years.
  2. Good to see that Line 6 provided Auto and Manual receiver channel configuration options in the Spider V amps. I suppose they needed to so they could accommodate the other Relay units too.
  3. The Relay G10 Base XLR output is an Instrument Level output. This, according to Line 6's Relay product manager. Thus, you could use an XLR to 1/4" TS cable to accomplish the results. I have used the Relay G10 base as a Y Box and it works very well to run two amps at the same time! I have also discovered that it is possible to pair one G10 Transmitter with two separate G10 Receiver bases. SImply insert the G10 Transmitter into the first base unit, allow it to pair, and then remove the Transmitter. Repeat the process with the same transmitter in the other G10 base. When you remove the transmitter press its collar micro switch to confirm both base units acknowledge (their blinkng white halo lights go steady) that they have locked to the same transmitter's signal. Apparently, the automatic channel selection routine in each base has no way of knowing its first channel choice is the same as what the first base has selected. The result is that when you play, both bases receive the same signal (on the same channel). My guess would be that the receiver in the Spider V amps works the same way. You may want to try it to confirm if you get the chance before purchasing the amp. When you want to use multiple units and specifically avoid this double receiver method described above, it is imperative that any prior wireless units be active while you pair any subsequent units. Only this way will each see all the currently active channels. The G10 will select from 14 available channels. Hope this helps....
  4. The Yamaha DBR 10/12 series and Yamaha DXR 10/12 series sound fantastic! Plus, they're covered by Yamaha's 7 Year Warranty. And, through the end of the year there's a price reduction on many of the Yamaha models.
  5. Granetf, when did you first get your HELIX?
  6. "Just remember you can't put too much water in a Nuclear Reactor!"
  7. Line 6 now has Android software (Spider Remote) for the new Spider V amps, and Android software (Amplifi Remote, and Firehawk Remote) for those respective product families. What is missing is HELIX Remote! An Android software application for remote HELIX display and control, plus the ability to update HELIX'S firmware for Line 6's flagship product -- without requiring a PC nor Mac. Vote it Up!
  8. Whatever satisfies your Sonic Pallette. One man's Fast Food Sonic Recipe is another man's Gourmet Sound.
  9. Unfortunate that Line 6's Updater for the Helix does not support Android tablets (otherwise capable of USB OTG operations with other devices) nor legacy Windows XP Pro SP3 PCs.
  10. Frustrating to see so many of these incidents on this and othet Helix related forums, and yet for over 90 days since the last fimware release, Line 6 has neither issued an interim bug fix nor announced that this bug has been corrected and the fix will be included in the "soon" forthcoming firmware release.
  11. Rocco Crocco, Your EQ contours are for listening through which monitors?
  12. There's no Input Block parameter nor Global Settings parameter to alter the impedence of the 1/4" Aux In suitable for use with a passive guitar's pickup?
  13. Can a brand new out of the box Helix's firmware also be upgraded to the forthcoming 2.10 fw without intermediary fw upgrades?
  14. Outstanding write up! If there's not yet a Helix Tips and Tricks User Wiki this certainly qualifies as an outstanding first stride!
  15. If you confirm that the transmitter is fully seated in the charger base such that the transmitter is being charged -- the transmitter's Green LED will blink -- and then turn steady green when fully charged, that portion of the scenario is normal. When you insert the Transmitter into your guitar, also confirm that it remains full seated in the jack such that the small microswitch at the collar (base) of the 1/4 plug remains fully depressed by the jack of your guitar. If this is also okay, and the transmitter still suddenly changes to a Red LED, this would likely indicate a battery problem with the G10 Transmitter. Open a Support Ticket with Line 6 and they'll promptly get you one of the new units.
  16. Great for capturing spontaneous ideas while practicing, jamming, etc.
  17. Even listening to them demonstrated in the YouTube vids or the audio clips on Glenn's site they sound fantastic!
  18. My first G10 had an issue with the firmware not reliably turning off the Transmitter's Green LED after it had successfully reached a full charge and steady green LED, and the power to the base was then turned off. That unit was purchased in late July from Guitar Center, and was presumably current inventory at that time. I phoned Line 6 and they began a Support Ticket. Soon thereafter, we began testing the unit and comparing its anomolies against an alternative G10 Transmitter and two alternative G10 Base Receiver Chargers. Along the way, Line 6 updated and released two firmware updates. The second and current version 1.04 resolved all my issues. Ultimately, Line 6 provided an entirely new G10 package on RMA, as the USB port in my original base charger suffered from an intermittent connection problem. Line 6's Customer Support team has been fantastic and responsive!
  19. "If you do not reply to the ticket within 14 days, it will automatically be marked "Closed". If it closes, you can open the ticket again by replying to it within 90 days." Update your G10T transmitter's firmware to version 1.04!
  20. There are 14 channels available with the G10. See the updated G10 details on the Line 6 Relay Comparison Chart:
  21. Finally! Now there is a USB Charging cable for the G10 Transmitter! Relay G10T USB Charging Cable See:
  22. A 5 Year Warranty is a reassuring indication by a manufacturer that they are confident in the longevity of their product! Such a warranty precludes a customer having to incur repair costs should component failure occur within the coverage duration. Particularly for rotary joystick encoder contacts, other knob controls, footswitches, scribble strips, the main display, etc., the first Helix units are now reaching expiration of their 1 Year Warranty coverage. It will be interesting to see how many begin suffering component failure and what repair service fees and parts will cost.
  23. It is truly a shame that Line 6 has not provided Android support (for an Android Tablet with USB OTG (On The Go) capability) to accomplish updating the Helix.
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