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  1. This has got to be, by far, the most bizarrely creative HELIX bug I've heard about!!
  2. Factory SetList 2 > Preset 03B BackWahrds. This Factory Preset has a bypassed Vol Pedal Block as the first element in Path 1A. The Block is Controller Assigned! It's default position value of 100 appears in White and in Square Brackets above Knob 1. Simply selecting and watch this Preset, resulted in the value changing to 1%!? Unfortunately, this is an intermittent behavior. This all on a brand new Helix updated to 2.10 with no custom Presets save, defined, etc. I did change several of the Line Level Global Settings.
  3. Interesting find! Certainly inexpensive enough. Although this may make the physical connections, there is no indication of any voltage reduction to stepdown/ reduce the voltage from a typical barrel type pedal power supply's 9v (or higher) to that of a typical USB port's voltage of 5v, (1Ah-2.4Ah). Moroever, the brief product description states : "Can plug into any 5VDC source having a 5.5x2.1mm barrel plug...." If your power source has an adjustable power setting, reduce it's output voltage to as close to 5v as possible. Otherwise, you may overload the G10's base unit. Post back if it works! Hope fully it will.
  4. I saw this on a brand new Helix upgraded to 2.10 without any custom patches! It happened while looking at one of the factory presets.
  5. Here's the IdeaScale link to Vote Up! the Helix Footswitches to Navigate Amp and FX Models Thread DI likes it! His quote: "There's nothing precluding us from adding model select to Pedal Edit mode. Vote that sucka up!"
  6. Either of the existing displays in the main display (list or single line) would be fine. The scribble strips would show as many models as would fit per set of scribble strips available, similar as they now do in Foot Edit mode. The difference is that Foot Edit mode, offers up parameters as they appear also on "Pages" at the bottom of the main display, and those parameters also correlate to knob controllers. In such a new "Model" Selection (or Edit) Mode the footswitches labeled as Page Advance or Back should, be Model - and Model +.
  7. I recently read someone's post that they used the Treadle to audition through the IR choices. If the IRs are a Parameter of an IR Block this could be done.
  8. Now available to be voted up on IdeaScale.
  9. Can Helix's onboard footswitches be used to navigate through the available Amps, Preamps, Amp+Cab, and various FX Type models of a selected Block? Can the Footswitch Controller Assign feature do this? Is there any method other than rotating or toggling the Joystick? I would like to be able to audition each model type while playing guitar without having to stop and use my hands to rotate or toggle the joystick. I know that for a currently selected Block -- Foot Edit Mode -- displays that model's parameter values on the scribble strips, and pressing a parameter's footswitch selects it allowing adjustment via the Value - and Value + footswitches, or, by the Treadle (and that there are page fwd and rev, back, exit and save fsws). Ideally, I'd like to be able to create a new preset with path 1 containing, for example, 3 Blocks. One an Amp+Cab Block, one an Amp Block, and a Cab Block. Using the footswitches I'd like to audition each Block's Helix Models to hear each, one at a time while playing guitar. I would expect to be able to use the footswitches to Bypass the Blocks, as desired, to isolate just the Block(s) I wish to hear. Adding to the Path the same could be done with other FX type models for additional blocks. All without having to use hands on the Helix. Curently, I'm finding I need to reach out and toggle or rotate the joystick to navigate the Models, regardless, if I have the Model List displayed or only one Model at a time displayed above the value knobs near the bottom of the screen. I am not using the Helix with a computer nor the Editor (except for firmware updates, backups, restores, etc.) If this has been asked and answered, please direct me to that thread. Otherwise, I may post this to IdeaScale. Thanks.
  10. Pulling out the G10T transmitter just slightly (after reaching full charge) so that the collar switch is released, while keeping the transmitter inserted in the charger jack (with the power turned off) does avoid the faster battery drain of leaving the G10T fully inserted in the charger jack!
  11. Original post edited to clarify this is not solely (pun intended) about using your feet! Finger touching the footswitch buttons could be useful in many more Modes. And, very likely without any DSP overhead.
  12. Absolutely a valid method!
  13. As a new Helix owner I am enjoying Stomp Mode's capacitance touch sensitive buttons feature. I saw the February 2016 thread about the touch feature's capability to recognize multiple touches: It would seem that the touch feature would be useful in other modes as well, particularly as many YouTube videos show users using their hands and fingers with their Helix's positioned on their desks, adjacent to consoles, etc., all in lieu of the Editor. Is there any reason why the genius of the capacitive touch sensitive buttons has not also been enabled for the Foot Edit Mode? This would be a magnificent method to select the controllable parameter (in lieu of requiring a click of the fsw btn). Moreover, multi touches of the Value-, Value+, and touches of Back, <Page, Page> would be useful too! This would not be necessarily when using your feet! The touch feature could also be useful for Bank Mode, Preset Mode, and Snapshot Mode. A Global fsw Parameter setting allowing users to define which Modes they wish to touch enabled would provide ultimate user flexibility. I created an IdeaScale post. Vote It Up if you agree.
  14. Is there any reason why the genius of the capacitive touch sensitive buttons has not also been enabled for the Foot Edit Mode? Seems this would be a magnificent method to select the controllable parameter (in lieu of requiring a click of the fsw btn). Multi touches of the Value-, Value+, and touches of Back, <Page, Page> would be useful too!
  15. There is a handful of Line 6 people on TGP contributing meaningful content. If you reconfigure your TGP preferences to display 100 posts per page, each page provides many more posts with easy scrolling with reduced successive page loading.
  16. I have a brand new Helix that I just updated to firmware 2.10 a few days ago. No preexisting IRs, Presets, Setlists. Today while exploring the factory presets the volume pedal bug dropped the level to 1%. There is a bug affecting the volume pedal!
  17. Intriguing suggestion! As Helix's Operating System is proprietary to Line 6, and 4 years effort went into designing Helix, it would not be inconvceivable to discover that Line 6 may have planned for reapportioning Helix's memory resources. The current Eight Setlist banks of 128 entires each (8x128=1024 total) dramatically contrasts the much smaller IR capacity of 128 total slots. Perhaps a forthcoming firmware release may offer restructured possibilities for users requiring avgreater IR capacity option in lieu of 8 Setlists.
  18. With a Full Charge, once it then enters Sleep Mode, it is supposed to be rated for 200 hours.
  19. The same power drain is occurring with the new USB Charging cable. If a firmware release were able to overcome the physical fact that the Transmitter's Ring and Tip remain connected to the circuitry and the collar switch remains depressed (after reaching full charge status) this would be very handy. Have you tried backing out the transmitter just slightly (after reaching full charge) so that the collar switch is released, while keeping the transmitter inserted in the charger jack? Not sure if this will help as I have not tried it.
  20. Thanks for clearly describing this! I would think the Block Copy and Paste features be used? If this were available on a per Preset basis it would be an interesting alternative to copying and pasting a Return Block into each Preset where needed.
  21. Are there any tips to add to the above to get this to work smoothly? I have not tried yet on my new Helix.Aside from adjusting the output (playback) level on the ipod, would it be best to do so using a Return block? Or, would it make more sense to use Path 2 and configure the input block to use the 1/4" returns and the output block to use the 1/4" returns and adjust the volume via the output block?
  22. As I recalI there is an adhesive sticker on the bottom that may be concealing a screw. I've never opened any of the 3 G10 Receiver bases I had. Rather than attempting to open it and explore the damage, you may want to open a support ticket with Line 6 to have the unit replaced. This presumes you are beyond your vendor's return exchange duration. Line 6's warranty coverage is exceptional! Hopefully they will cover your scenario. Absent the receiver base being driven over or crushed, I'd like to imagine they would cover you for a mere drop if the exterior is not horribly disfigured. You'll only know once you open a supoort ticket.
  23. Excellent! Thanks for these tips! The Foot Edit Mode and Looper were two more compelling features and reasons why I chose the HELIX. I plan to use these precisely as you describe.
  24. +1 Before I spend a dime on IRs (or explore the rabbit hole of free IRs), I need to experience and learn HELIX's own capabilities and limitations as it sounds through my playback and monitoring systems. I have listened to lots of impressive Presets (many with custom IRs) out there on the market. These are through a web browser, YouTube, etc., and listened to on a tablet, earbuds, IEMs, headsets, or computer speakers. I yet to do so through my HELIX. Glenn DeLaune, Marco DeFranco, and others have some great sounds. Once fw 2.10's new amps become more well embraced and subsequent fw releases revamp IR management tasks and introduce more amps and improved FX, I hope to be ready to better evaluate if IRs are for me or if I prefer my own home cook'in.
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