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  1. Has anyone tried a Fender EXP-1 Expression and Volume pedal (designed for use with Fender's Mustang III/IV/V Amps) with the Helix? If so, what modification or configuration was involved, if any?
  2. Very Nice! And, suits the Holidays' soundscape!
  3. Shouldn't the Rebuild Presets process (after installing any new firmware version) properly take care of adding any new Block Parameters (for example, VDD's Headroom) to any existing Blocks used in Presets imported into the current version?
  4. Up to Eight (8) Snapshots may exist within a Preset. Snapshots are Helix's method to avoid noticable lethargy when switching amongst different configurations of the various Block Parameters comprising the Preset. Use one of the pre-made dialed in Presets as a template. Copy it to another Preset slot in one of your Helix Setlists. Rename it, if you wish. Do so for each song, if you desire. Each of these may be further edited, as you desire. This includes adding additional Blocks, Bypassing some of the already pre-made dialed in Block value parameters, etc. There are limitations to what a Preset can do. There are a maximum of up to Four Amps and Cabs if both Paths are used. See the User Guide PDF (2.0 Rev D is the latest) for the limitations. Hope this helps, until the experts post their replies....
  5. Excellent! And, thanks for posting the image showing your routing.
  6. HO: Thanks for clarifying! I'm not at my Helix at the moment and did not clearly explain that meaningful addtional step. I had the same "how do I use Helix's Looper" moment as chrisvermaak when I first tried to use it.
  7. The Looper actually works very easily, although it may not be blatantly obvious at first glance. Simply select the Looper Block and footswith containing the Round and Square icons. It starts recording immediately. As soon as you press that same button, the recording stops and the recorded loop begins playing. There is no Erase nor Clear button. Rather, simply press the same Record button, and the previous Loop gets replaced by the new recording. There are also footswitches, indicated by their scribble strips, for Play Once and to add Overdubs. I posted a feature suggestion a few days ago on IdeaScale to add Color Status Indicaors: Vote for it, if you agree.
  8. Not at my Helix at the moment, so please excuse if the answer to the following question would otherwise be somewhat obvious by trying it. The affect of a Gain Block, configured for a +3db boost, is easily bypassed, when the Gain Block is selected by the Joystick controller and then Helix's Main Bypass Button is pressed. Press again and the Gain Block is no longer bypassed and the affect of the Boost returns. No Footswitch nor Controller assignment nor Bypass Assignments are required. Only selecting the Block and pressing the Bypass Button. Does the Output Block respond the same? If the only parameter of the Output Block (that has been altered from it's default value) is the Level, for example, a +3db boost, and the Output Block were Selected by the Joystick control, would pressing Helix's main Bypass Button bypass the 3db boost essentially reverting the Output Block's Level to default?
  9. Not every Helix owner will have the technical skills or inclination to dig in under the hood of their Helix to address glitchy footswitches (or Joystick encoders, controllers knobs, etc.) that should not otherwise be failing (absent abuse or exposure to spillage) in their just over one year old flagship product. One would certainly hope that Line 6 will embrace repairing these at no charge rather than suffering public owner outcry as Helix units begin to age out of Line 6's One Year Helix Warranty.
  10. Well Worth quoting, with emphasis added
  11. Zooey, post your implementation to IdeaScale and add the Link here too, so we may begin Voting it Up!
  12. These are precisely the sort of Tips that are worthy of being briefly noted in the Helix User Guide! Or, in a Categorized Helix Tips & Tricks Guide (PDF, Wiki, or Line 6 Knowledgebase). Unfortunately, if only posted here in the Forums, threads get displaced as new threads are added.
  13. Did yours come from Sweetwater (or another vendor) that updated the firmware before shipping?
  14. Awesome!! Thanks for posting the steps.
  15. Thanks, Phil! I didn't know this could be controlled (other than direct editing when selected). Great tip! This Tip should be in the next vers. of the User Guide PDF! I was thinkng about Bypass Assign (not being available for the Output block).
  16. Well stated! I never intended to use my Helix for use while connected to a computer. Updating or backing up is an entirely different matter. For that, I'd love to be able to accomplish those housekeepig tasks via an Android Tablet. Either way, I favor Line 6 allocating their program develpment resources on Helix's stand alone features and functions.
  17. The only deficit of including a several db boost to the Output Block is that, as far as I know, there is no means to assign this to a footswitch to allow easy Bypass of the Level Boost. Using a Gain Block to add the few db boost allows you to easily assign a Bypass assign to a footswitch or Snapshot.
  18. Any of Helix's clean, chimey Amp profiles (models) should fit the bill. Add a bit of Reverb and possibly some Delay Vibrato or Trem, with perhaps a bit of Compression before the Amp Block and you should be good to go. Season to taste. Put the Looper Block in the first Block position to let it loop. Define an Amp Block after that and simply step through the Amp Models to check them out. There are several Fender models that you may like, the Divided Duo, Jazz Rivet, even the Soldano, the high gain amps you'll dismiss quickly.
  19. Probably a good idea. Another reason why I intend to use the Helix stand alone. Windows? Mac?
  20. Phil, your posts have alway been informative to read. It is so disappointing to see your poorly worded repulsive characterization. Not cool! I seriously doubt that either of you suffer from "Michael Vick syndrome". If recurrent product suggestions are so troubling, someone needs serious help, and to find a different release.
  21. In Helix's Global I/O Settings you may set the individual I/O to Line Level or Instrument Level, as you desire. If I recollect correctly (I'm not in front of the Helix at the moment), each FX Return Block has it's own Level adjustment parameter. This will be visible and accessable above the rightmost parameter knob when you select each FX Return Block.
  22. 12 O'Clock position of Helix's Main Vol Knob works really well with 12 o'clock position of Yamaha's DXR Monitors' Line Input Level knobs! Plenty of headroom and also easy to quite down to a whisper.
  23. Stereo through the Helix is Absolutely Glorious! Granted, if HELIX is directly feeding FOH, Stereo makes things more complicated. However, I didn't buy HELIX for FOH, and FOH didn't buy me my HELIX! ;)
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