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  1. I too avoid FB! As much as possible. FB is way too reminiscent of the old AOL mentality of attempting to keep the mentality of the herd inside their own bubble. Moreover, FB's method exposes users to far too much collateral white noise distractions from FB's universe. The very fact FB requires a login to view is absurd. These L6 Forums, L6's site knowledgebase resources, and the Threads on TGP and MLP are far more informative and well categorized. The best of the best can often be a well compiled and thriving Wiki-like site like the HelixHelp site or the Line6 Wikia site (if it were updated).
  2. I like the name Line 6 chose for the Amp! ;) If Line 6 does a Cleaner (yet sonically complex) amp version, they can name it the "Negotiator!"
  3. Is there a new rev E version of the HELIX User Manual pdf? I found only 2.0's rev D on the HELIX Manuals dowload page. I'm picking up a brand new HELIX today, and would like to have the latest docs. I've already read the 2.10 stickys and the Release Notes.
  4. Another intriguing HELIX feature is Foot Edit mode. It doesn't get much discussion. Nonetheless it does seem to offer terrific hands-free HELIX control and editing without a computer.
  5. The recently introduced MIDX-20 device from is a powered Dual USB MIDI Host. I have not used the unit, but it does seem interesting and capable.
  6. There's a new minor HELIX firmware 2.10 expected any day. There is no indication if the Updater, Editor, and Installer might also be revised/upgraded/enhanced in this forthcoming minor update. If you have the option of holding off a day (or several) you may want to consider waiting.
  7. Don't waste your time, effort, and expense on soundproofing. Unless you spend a small fortune you won't effectively contain the SPL to your apartment. Simply turn the Gemini 2 -- way down. Otherwise, use Headphones, IEMs, or much smaller powered monitors that will sound full at low volumes. Something like the JBL LSR305 or smaller computer style monitors.
  8. I bought one for under $15. Works Great! See:
  9. Just received the new G10 Relay USB Charging cable from Amazon this morning and used it to top charge my G10 Transmitter from a USB battery pack. This has already proven to be a convenient alternative charging method, as there's no need to return the Transmitter to the Base unit which is located with the amps across the room. The cable is well constructed from durable cabling and has moulded strain reliefs at both ends. The G10 Transmitter seats very securely in the 1/4" female jack. After reaching full charge (Transmitter's LED Steady Green) unplugging the cable from the battery pack causes the Transmitter (still attached to the cable), to enter Sleep Mode 4 minutes later. Leaving the transmitter connected to the cable, also will make both items far less likely to be misplaced. The cable assembly measures 44".
  10. MusicLaw

    Future of Helix

    Welcome back home to So Cal. Anticipating an exciting week?
  11. MusicLaw

    Future of Helix

    Kemper newest Delays sound magnificent! They are very configurable, from subtle to extreme. Helix's Reverbs and Delays deserve improvements elevating them to perfection. DI depicted the forthcoming release as "minor," plus containing bug fixes. This may not be inclusive of revamping the Delays and Reverbs. It could be 2017 before we see significant improvements. TIme will tell....
  12. Chuskey, please do post back updates with what you discover and any resolution.
  13. Have you had any instances of problems, freezes, lockups, etc., without a Variax guitar being comnected?
  14. Thanks to all whom have replied. I'll can check with Sweetwater and L6 next week. Yes. Based on DI's recent posts a new firmware release may be forthcoming in the next week or so.
  15. Was your HELIX still sealed when you recieved it?
  16. That Sydney waterfront gig you recently posted about sounded like you had a blast! Look forward to hearing/viewing any clips you capture from your next gig. Glenn's patch audio clips on his site are remarkably well done! I keep listening to them through a variety of reference monitors, headphones, and IEMs to confirm I'm not imagining what I'm hearing. Of course, the acid test will be hearing them through the HELIX.
  17. Are current production HELIX units shipping with firmware 2.01 factory installed?
  18. Great to see your Center, Edge, Cone variations. If I decide on a HELIX and you're still seeking beta participants, I'll PM you.
  19. Glenn's patches are a significiant factor tempting me to pull the trigger on a HELIX.
  20. Were the problems you mentioned in your final paragraph still with your Variax guitar connected?
  21. Sweetwater began their "pre Black Friday deals" promotion yesterday. Check the banner on their site. No HELIX included.
  22. The vast majority of gear (> $100) I've bought from GC, I have ordered on the phone. Everything ships from their main Kansas City distribution center to my local GC store free of charge. If it doesn't check out, I don't take it and I get a refund processed to my credit card. The same goes for any gear that doesn't proove out during the 45 day satisfaction return period. The inventory in the GC stores is a mere fraction of what's available from the main distribution center. I also buy from Sweetwater, and Amazon mostly for incidentals.
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