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  1. Mileskb, Thanks for sharing the Vid link. Richie's explanation and use of Foot Edit Mode is the best I've seen!
  2. DavidParish, where did you buy your HELIX?
  3. The firmware version you installed was the mid September released version 1.04?
  4. To circumvent the 10' CableTone affect applied to the 1/4" output jack, use an XLR to 1/4" TS cable. Both outputs (the 1/4" jack and the XLR jack) may be used at the same time.
  5. There was also a subsequent firmware update to version 1.04 releasd in mid September. This last release corrected all the Green LED issues I had encountered after the transmitter reached full charge and the power was subsequently turned off.
  6. Also, if you want to circumvent Line 6's 10' CableTone (applied to 1/4" built in output jack), use an XLR to TS cable, as there is no CableTone applied to the XLR output!
  7. How about renaming this as "Amp Builder" or "Amp Composer".
  8. Sure two combo amps (Fender Mustangs or otherwise) could be used as powered cabs with the Helix. The real issue would be if to yours ears, the upgraded spkr does the job in the Mustang. I have both a Mustang IV v.2 and a Mustang III v.2. Before I would consider replacing their spkrs or immediately buy FRFR Yamaha DXR12s, or similar, I would try the 4 Cable Method with the Mustangs I already have with a Helix.
  9. MusicLaw

    FRFR Options

    Have you considered adding another matching Alto TS212 to run them in Dual Mono or Stereo, depending on how you're routing your Helix Audio path outs? You'd have a much fuller sound field, albeit with another item to load.
  10. Beginning with a great HotDog, Mustard can improve it! The wrong Mustard can ruin it. But no amount of Mustard can fix a lousy Hot Dog! ;)
  11. Have you run the Altos at high SPLs for sustained durations and encountered an tweeter issues?
  12. I read a good many of these sorts of Gain Staging issues confronting Helix Users, regardless of where they seem to occur in Helix's signal path(s). It certainly seems that a repositionable Helix Metering Block feature would resolve most of these quandries.
  13. Even when using the same powered FRFR spkr/monitor, audible differences can be significant depending on how the monitor is positioned, and acoustically couples to the floor, walls, ceiling, corner, stage, etc! Upright, sideways, pole mounted, each sound quite different. Many units have Contour controls for the bottom and top end freq. curves.
  14. If you installed the Eminence Beta-12LTA in your Mustang, how does it sound when using the amp standalone? How does it sound using the modified Mustang as a powered cab for your Helix? Do you feel the Mustang's electronics support the upper range the spkr provides? For example, when playing back an MP3 or iPod via the Mustang's AuxIn, the original Celestion sound is very rolled off from about 4kHz up. Does the Emknence Beta 12LTA restore a FRFR sound to a song playback?
  15. Does adjusting the Early Reflections parameter of Helix's stock Fender cab profile(s) improve the result?
  16. After reading this thread, several other posts and seeing a few YouTube vids about the somewhat overly reactive/sensitive behavior of the rotary knob parameter controls (when turned too far, too fast), it seems that a dampening control added to the responsiveness to these (either a user adjustable parameter or hard coded) would be a sensible feature enahncement.
  17. As the previous posts to this thread predate the 2.xx Helix firmware releases, have there been any updates, revisions, or improvements regarding the Fender based profiles?
  18. For those using the G10, there was a firmware 1.04 released last week that resolved an issue of some G10 Transmitters not going into sleep mode after reaching a full charge (solid Green LED status) when then left in the base with power to the base turned off. The details are in the Line 6 Relay sub Forum.
  19. It is particularly important to follow the recommended channel selection procedure for the G10 -- each and every time -- the unit is used! Even more so when multiple G10 units are to be used in an otherwise active Radio Frequency (RF) environment with other devices operating in the same frequency bands (WiFi, WAPs, Routers, Microwaves, Bluetooth, Laptops, etc.) and in relatively close proximity.
  20. The G10's Cable Tone 10' contour affects only the 1/4" output. The G10's XLR out has no Cable Tone applied. Both outs may be used simultaneously. Use an XLR to TS 1/4" cable to circumvent the Cable Tone contour. I've been using the G10 since late July without any audible signal degradation. It is a terrifically compact and convenient unit. I've even used two base units locked to the same channel with a single transmitter for split signal routing.
  21. MusicLaw

    Helix vs AX8

    Sounds like a terrific shoot out comparison for the 2017 Winter NAMM show!
  22. What are you listening to the Helix with? I'm new to the Forums and haven't read all your posts.
  23. Whatever awaits in the next updates, Line 6's Helix (& Editor) related release intervals have not seemed to be much longer than about every 2 months, or so. As Fall begins tomorrow, and the last release was late July, hopefully there's something to be released soon. It may just prompt me to buy in....
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